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He entranced my mind
So clever was his wit
I would gladly bind
Myself ever to it
Unfortunately his mouth
Was full of
It took just a short while
To see he wasn't for me
Yet, still I think about him
The boy who ignited my brain
Oh, the chance I didn't take
Saved me a lot of pain
 Dec 2017 Alicia
 Dec 2017 Alicia
The wind that stops blowing,
after gusted up days,
is wind not worth growing,
it was air in a phase.
 Dec 2017 Alicia
Jenna Chapman
Here's to the little girls asking "When will I be good enough?"
Here's to the girls that are "fat", to the girls who staever themselves for the "perfect body."
Because society has clouded are judgement on what prettiness is.
You don't need to be skinny to be pretty.
You don't need to be told when you're good enough.
There is no such thing as the "perfect body" because everyone is imperfect.
You need to know that what society tells you is not the truth.
The photos in magazines are taken by professionals and no selfie will compare to that.
Flaws are beautiful.
A day without make up is amazing.
You need to know that every one is imperfections definition.
In life there are two types of people.
Wolves and sheep.
Join the wolves because they deny society the right to tell them what is beautiful and what's ugly.
Society does cruel things to the mind, don't be fooled.
My words are my words and I write them for a reason. You're imperfect yet beautiful. Remember hat. You don't need to believe it. Just remember it.
 Feb 2015 Alicia
A Gaping Hole
 Feb 2015 Alicia
The pierce on his left earlobe wasn't something that anyone would just notice. After all it was purposely concealed by his brown locks. She asked him why he had it.

"It was a thing of the past." he said.

"Does it still hurts?"

"The bleeding had stopped. The wound was long gone. It took some time to heal. Still, there was a gaping hole that's left."

Somehow she knew that it wasn't just the piercing he was talking about.
for the one who was left.
 Jan 2015 Alicia
I love you
 Jan 2015 Alicia
I love you.
I love the way the morning air feels inside my lungs and how cool the breeze is.
Morning air smells like a new start.

I love you.
I love the way water tastes after a long day on the beach. It's like drinking life after the sun demanded to hold whatever you could offer him without keeling over.

I love you.
I love the way the sky makes me feel. It reminds me that I am beautiful and something amazing. How blessed am I to witness something so vast and grand as the sky?!
I want to be everything the sky is.
But I cannot.

I can love you.
So I will and I will keep loving you.
I won't close any window in your life to try and perserve a sense of morning air.
Because the sun will only rise higher in your life, and I will have to choose to either be your water or to demand more from you than you are able to give.
And even if you stop loving me, I will show you a love as vast and as grand
as the sky.

I love you.
"I love you."
 Jan 2015 Alicia
 Jan 2015 Alicia

you took a half of me that i didn't know i'd ever notice was missing the second you looked in my eyes and said my name like you'd always known you'd become my greatest tragedy, because you already read from the script


i was drawn in by your devil-may-care grin and blinded by an immediate want to be wanted

i fell in love with the way you forgot to be who you thought people expected you to be when you were with me

and when you were with me ( i could almost swear you loved me, too )


maybe my confusion grew on the midnights you'd call me and ask me to come lay with you- just lay with you, like i was the only thing that scared away your demons

or maybe it came about when you pressed tears into my skin on a day that was supposed to be about me but ended up being about you and, honestly, i didn't even care what the day started for

either way,

i would've let every day be about you.


you never apologized and, if i have forgiven you for anything else because you make me weak,

i will find a way to never forgive you for that


i can assure you no woman will ever learn to cherish you like i did

i'll let you live hypothetically, though-

even if one did, i promise you she'd never be able to care about you like i would have if you'd have let me


you birthed the meaning of two words for me in those winter months, words my father prayed i'd never have understood

i can sing songs of unrequited affection better than any skylark

and i'm learning to tack melody to a sonnet about healing better than any plant who's lost their sun


i wish i didn't miss you this much

""Missing" is a part of moving on." - Unknown

Got rid of any lingering feelings about it. About him. I'm content and I've been content, but people keep expecting me to feel so, there. I felt. I've dusted my hands of it. I want to be done. It's been time to close this chapter.
 Jan 2015 Alicia
i can hear
the neighbors next door
falling in love,
while we lay here together
falling apart.
 Jan 2015 Alicia
Leo Cunio
Don't cry,
Don't eat,
Don't lie,
Don't die,
Be pretty,
Be natural,
Be social,
Be quiet,
Be yourself...

*But Not Like That.
Society Kills.
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