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Alicia Oct 2019
Wilted leaves rotting,
A young girl consumed by despair.

The shallow water making its last journey to the sea,
The sun setting over the last valley.

Wipe your tears little girl.
Don't you know the water will flow again
and the sun will rise above your innocent soul once more.

Dry your eyes little girl,
you are nature.
The leaves and flowers will blossom again
Tomorrow is forever a new day.

Alicia Oct 2018
You arrived. I was soaking wet, wrapped in my white towel; straight out the shower.
I let you in. Greeted with a phone call, nothing more.
You were arguing, brash words and scornful sneers filled my home.
Was it my fault?
‘Hi.’ Nothing more, nothing less.
I gave you a kiss, hoping it would be the remedy for your sorrows.

You told me what went wrong, I tried to understand.
My words, like arms engulfing you under my shelter, trying to keep you safe.
I want to protect you, never hurt you.
I listened and listened, I understood.

You didn’t want to let me in,
This fortress, you have built so high,
Not daring to let anyone inside.
I tried to penetrate, you built it higher.

You left. I was still wet, wrapped in my white towel; not long out of the shower.
I let you out, faced with the nape of your neck, nothing more.
We were arguing, no words or sneers filled my home any longer.
It wasn’t my fault.
‘Goodbye, I love you.’ Nothing more, nothing less.
I shut the door, I wasn’t the remedy for your sorrows.

Alicia Dec 2017
Curses come home to roost.
Lies are never left buried

Share with me your whiskey dreams
destroy your artificial walls,
Take off your masks,

The parade is over.

Alicia Dec 2017
Your love is a burning desire
In which I yearn for
It betters me,
And with every step I learn

To love more than I ever have
It's never a gamble
With you I'm in euphoria
You keep me humble.

I finally see the silver linings
The solemn, grey clouds become white,
With you, the past becomes concrete
To never be relived.

I'm finally content
This covenant never to be broken
The promise between us
Is forever eternal.

Alicia Nov 2016
My love for you grows:
never wavered
never doubtful.
It grows with an energy so tiring,
that even sometimes,
my love you for is

never sure.

Alicia Sep 2015
I was naive ;
you knew that yet you took advantage of me. 

You promised me sweet whispers but gave me bitter sneers.
You took my first everything but left me without answers.
You filled me with hope;
And left me with despair.  

Alicia Aug 2015
I've become so full of emotions,
I don't think I can remember how to turn them off anymore.

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