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here begins real love—
longing for you to love God
more than you love me
"We love, because He first loved us."
~ 1 John 4:19

 Jan 29 Shewrites

My mind to frolic, with words of Frost
Slides between and then is lost

Drifting ‘round to fellows long
My thirst is deep; desires strong

Filled with all that Maya says
Flits in and out my meddling head

And ah, when Pablo speaks of love
My heart's aflutter with pure white doves

Around the beat, who else but Poe
A deep dark place I've come to know

I stop to ponder the words worth
As if I've nursed them from their birth

I settle to hear the rambling brook
Where Gwendolyn baits my eager hook

Then ‘long comes Oscar, running wild
I listen like an eager child

When Langston paints his colored hues
His canvas fills my point of view

Not just the finest spinning me
To this state of flux and reverie

For verses drift from near and far
Forever reaching for the stars

Feeding on the gentle night
I languish in the word's delight

Finding rhyme from ‘neath the skin
The place where passion's settled in

To fill my cup, appease my soul
Till hunger's sated, fat and whole

The empty space behind my eyes
Is filled with life's sweet lullabies

And when at last, I lay to rest
I'm filled with cadence of the best

 Nov 2018 Shewrites
I am the dandelion.

I was a useless ****.

Now I am a fluffy force.


I sail on the wind.

I begin again.
Wasn’t sure if I should share this because of the “*******” part.
I’m a girl, btw :D
I've found like most things I've
come to know, I'm just
A shadow of my
As always don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments below. In the end, It will all fit together
Just because I'm pretty
Doesn't mean I deserve it
Just because im drunk
Doesn't mean I asked for it
Just because your attracted
Doesn't mean you can have
Just because The clothes I wear show my body
Doesn't mean you have access
Just because I'm a girl
Doesn't mean I'm less than
I'm not a toy
I'm not a object
I'm someone's daughter
Someone's sister
Someone's friend
I'm a person
With feelings
I'm someone
Let me tell you
About the man I've been dating
He's gentle
He's sweet
He's kind
He learned exactly
How I like my blankets
For when he tucks me in
And he kisses my forehead
When he leaves.
The man
That I've been dating
Isn't afraid to touch me
When we're out in public
He has no problem
Holding my hand
Or locking me in an embrace
Or kissing me despite strangers
Being around.
The man
That I've been dating
Always gives me
The most understanding look
When I'm talking
About a bad day
Or when I'm telling him
About my traumatic past
Or even when
We're discussing random topics.
The man
That I've been dating
Went out of his way
To bring me syrup
When I ran out for my waffles.
The man
That I've been dating
Has cried
Trying to get me
To see how beautiful I am
Because he so strongly believes it.
The man
That I've been dating
Has the most amazing laugh
And my world gets a little brighter
When he's in it
And he makes me feel
Like I'm enough for him
He sometimes even
Makes me feel
Like I'm too good for him...
Something that
I'm not used to.

The man
That I've been dating
Gives me movie kisses
And the most perfect hugs
Like our bodies fit together
And were made for one another

I never knew
Any relationship
Could be like this
Until I met
The man
That I've been dating
 Jul 2018 Shewrites
Firefly days
 Jul 2018 Shewrites
I miss the days when I was five
'cause everything was simple
everything looks fine.
I miss soaking on rain,
I miss rolling on mud.
I miss climbing on a tree,
and jumping from its branch.
I miss running with a cape,
and fighting with a sword.
I miss watching popeye,
I miss kid's story books.
I miss all of that and —
being careless of the pain,
there's nothing to be sad.
These are memories
from my 'catching firefly' days.
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