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Jun 2019 · 180
Naveen Tiwari Jun 2019
How do you enter an exit ?
How do you explain sun, the warmth that moon gives ?
How do you explain the beauty of life to a dying person?
How do you explain your flaws to someone who is perfect ?
How do you explain the miracle to someone who herself is the one
Jun 2019 · 1.9k
Naveen Tiwari Jun 2019
A writer writes to hide his pain.
And a reader reads to find someone who feels the same.
Jun 2019 · 138
Naveen Tiwari Jun 2019
I still remember that
Day when I first saw you.
It's strange that
I remember you
But I've forgotten your face,
I remember your words
But I've forgotten your voice.
I also remember that day
When I first noticed
Your most beautiful part,
Your eyes.
It's strange
Because they are not,
It's your soul.
And how can I forget
That day
The greatest of all
When you spoke
For the first time
Not to my left
Not my right
But to me.
I even remember that day
When I hit you with a rose,
I cried
Coz I did not realise
It had thorns
Which could scar you for life.
If they write a book
About my life,
You would be the
I'll bookmark
Just for myself.
Jun 2019 · 110
Naveen Tiwari Jun 2019
Stories from science classes taught us that Sun attracts the Moon and Moon attracts the Sun.
Now beauty of their relationship is that though one of them wants the other a lot more than the other,the attraction between them is still an equal constant.
It was a beautiful lesson untill I learnt
that to never meet is their fate.
Now this is one true tragedy.
Jun 2019 · 97
Naveen Tiwari Jun 2019
Love always and
Always love once again.
Love that partner who lied to you,
Love that uncle who touched you,
Love the one's who broke your heart,
And love your enemies as well
Because hatred will teach them a lesson
But only love will complete you again.
So love honestly
And openly.
Love your family,
Your lover,
Your friends,
And even your neighbour's dog.
Love sunsets as much as you love sunrises,
Love reality just like your fantasies,
Love really hard and after you're all done
Love a little more
Because this world needs more love
So love for the love of god,
But please don't forget
To first love yourself.
Jun 2019 · 96
Naveen Tiwari Jun 2019
I want to confess that I don't like
Crowd. I hate crowd and parties
And all social events
As those are the times when
I feel the loneliest.
I want to confess that
I have this childhood fear
That I'll have an ordinary life,.
That my dreams are too big for myself,
I won't experience miracle moments,
I won't become someone people look upto,
And I'll end up as just another face.
I want to confess that sometimes
I miss my grandmother's stories
Where by the end,
the protagonist boy always got
What he wanted, just because
He did not lose his morals.
But the last time I asked her,
she felt embarassed as
She couldn't remember those anymore
And I'll never hear them again.
I want to confess,
That I still have memories of those days
When you used to play dead and I panicked.
A life without you still has no purpose.
And I want to confess that I cry and I laugh,
I cry when I'm watching movies,
I cry when I feel hurt,
I cry a lot,
But I laugh in situations I'm not supposed to.
Jun 2019 · 94
Naveen Tiwari Jun 2019
Let's talk about YOU.
I am your favourite
And I love this.
I'm heaven to none,
But thanks
For making me your Sun.
We were children,
We were fools,
But thanks for that boat ride
Which made even that duck blush red
And hide.
You are indeed special
For you ruined my psych
But thanks
For now I know
What the other side of ******* looks like.
You motivate me
You both push and pull me
To make sure I alway rise infinite,
So thank you for those wings right.
You are like that sky after rain
Coz you are both grey and colour.
You're what the love child
Of rachel,monica and phoebe
Would look like.
So thank you
I am a bee
And it will always
Be YOU before me.
Jun 2019 · 91
Naveen Tiwari Jun 2019
We talked for hours,
And we did not blink,
We were in the middle of nowhere,
On a boat we were sure would not sink was a dream.

There was  moon above us,
And heaven in front of me.
We shared our dreams and she winked,
Then for the first time our lips met was a dream.

On curves like mountain range,
I was lost in clouds,
Moon asked sun not to disturb us
And even a storm could not apart us,
Our bodies were this tight,
Mar 2019 · 889
Naveen Tiwari Mar 2019
I am not good enough for you
I know that
Why do you know that too ?

You hide behind your glasses
I know that
I am not what you see
Do you know that too?

You're pretty
You know that
I like you for you
I hope you know that too!

You wish, I was better
I know that
I Could be, for you
I wish , you knew that too!

I know
I am not good enough for you
But why do you know that too!
Mar 2019 · 7.1k
Naveen Tiwari Mar 2019
She's better than the rest. One of the best.
She is smart. VERY SMART!!
Her laughter is pure, like of a small kid.
She makes a strange face when studying like burden of whole world is on her shoulders.
She sings,she plays,
she does dancing , she does everything.
She's a great friend.
All these things make her better than the rest
but what makes her unique?
It is that penguin walk of her when she is walking back from college but her hands stay still.
It's her revenge plotting looks when she is trying to concentrate and look into microscope.
It's her meeky voice in front of teachers which usually bursts on random occasions.
She would talk to you like she's an old friend.
Everyone likes her.
She just wants to be a firefly but she is indeed the sun.
A girl in my class.
Dec 2018 · 1.1k
Naveen Tiwari Dec 2018
A girl loved a boy
But it was tiring.
He was there sometimes
But then he went hiding.

His mood was like weather
She never knew what to expect.
He was so complicted
She did not know how to connect.

Once she felt he was one step closer
But then She found herself two steps away.
Whatever she went forward with,
She always returned with dismay.

Seeing him happy with other girls,
Made her envy and dim.
She cursed god,
For why she was not the one for him.

He is like a puzzle,
She is dying to solve.
And she wouldn't stop
Even if it requires her to evolve.

He's a prince
But she's not a princess.
Time is very less,
And she's an equal mess.
Nov 2018 · 2.3k
That Girl
Naveen Tiwari Nov 2018
There was this girl.

Everytime she took his name,
his heart skipped a beat.
His eyes glittered,
And a wave felt on his feet.

When their eyes met,
Everything else got covered by a mist.
He looked deep into those black eyes,
with his heart In his fist.

Her voice so sweet,
It sounded like a melody.
Lost in that sound,
He was deaf to everybody.

But then one day,  she left.

He did not know where she went
Or when she will return.
That day he lost his girl,
And now his heart burn.

He searched for her everywhere.
But she was not there.
Everytime he heard her voice
He wondered, if going away was her own choice?

He decided to let her go,
Even though now his world was slow.
She will forever be missed,
But he was happy if this was what she wished

He could not be her lover,
But he had her memories.
He did not feel her lips,
But she fulfilled his lifetime of fantasies
Nov 2018 · 398
Mystery Girl
Naveen Tiwari Nov 2018
Those glasses try their best,  
but they can't hide.
Shining on surface
And brimming with life.
A deep, dark ocean
And an untold story.
An act in front of the world
But inside a mystery.

I'm neither a sailor nor a seeker
Why is that darkness so appealing,
Ocean so attracting.
A key is missing, a key is missing,
Otherwise why is that beautiful heart
Not properly thumping.
Nov 2018 · 295
Naveen Tiwari Nov 2018
Her standpoint reminds me of my mother.
A warrior, a worker and a teacher
She Could put all girls to shame
But she has another aim.

Her focus reminds me of my father.
Driven by passion,a man of action
She Could put Wonder Woman to shame
But she has another aim.

Her smile reminds me of myself
A part , I lost somewhere
I miss it, I want it.
Thank you
Coz of you I found it.

Her beauty reminds me of no one.
Unparalleled to anyone.
A creature of another world
Not made from earth's mud.

I miss you, I want you.
Thank God.
I Found you.

— The End —