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Naveen Tiwari Nov 2018
Her standpoint reminds me of my mother.
A warrior, a worker and a teacher
She Could put all girls to shame
But she has another aim.

Her focus reminds me of my father.
Driven by passion,a man of action
She Could put Wonder Woman to shame
But she has another aim.

Her smile reminds me of myself
A part , I lost somewhere
I miss it, I want it.
Thank you
Coz of you I found it.

Her beauty reminds me of no one.
Unparalleled to anyone.
A creature of another world
Not made from earth's mud.

I miss you, I want you.
Thank God.
I Found you.
Dave Legalisa Jul 2018
your name
is an ice cream
that melts
every afternoon
of summer.
everytime i hear it
i jump in delight
imagining its letters
floating before my eyes.
your name seems sweet
and tender and cool
that my tongue
learned to love.
Echoes Of A Mind Mar 2016
I don't want to live
'Cause I'll only remember
Which I want to forget
Which before
Could keep me happy
On a bad day
Now only hurts
And reminds me
That feelings are a burden
But luckily for me
I can no longer
Feel anything...

What before was worry
Have now become stress
I'm all broken down
Not getting any rest
My dreams are affected
By the memories
So that even the sweetest dream
Suddenly turns into
A nightmare...

I want to delete
All these memories
I want to go back
Before they were made
I want to prevent them from
Ever being created
I'll start with the earliest
It all began
With a pack of my favorite chips
And a,
Back then,
Unknown person...

— The End —