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Jun 2019
Let's talk about YOU.
I am your favourite
And I love this.
I'm heaven to none,
But thanks
For making me your Sun.
We were children,
We were fools,
But thanks for that boat ride
Which made even that duck blush red
And hide.
You are indeed special
For you ruined my psych
But thanks
For now I know
What the other side of ******* looks like.
You motivate me
You both push and pull me
To make sure I alway rise infinite,
So thank you for those wings right.
You are like that sky after rain
Coz you are both grey and colour.
You're what the love child
Of rachel,monica and phoebe
Would look like.
So thank you
I am a bee
And it will always
Be YOU before me.
Naveen Tiwari
Written by
Naveen Tiwari  M/India
   Bogdan Dragos
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