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Jul 2021 · 834
Juju Jul 2021
We built a home
made of lies,
A room
filled with secrets,
The walls
witnessed our highs,
And sighs
That silenced the crickets.

- Juju
Mar 2021 · 946
November Fall
Juju Mar 2021
It was on November,
when you stopped writing me poems,
giving me notes
and singing me songs.

It was on November,
when your hugs
felt a bit lighter.
When before,
They used to be so much tighter.

It was on that month
when the fall began.
When the ghosts of the past,
came hunting us back
In the form of someone.

And I watched as you fell,
on the graves
of an old love.
Leaving me in pieces.

I buried you in peace,
Not a single tear I shed.
Because you said,
it would be a shame
to cry for a man so lame.

So I never did,
I never cried.
Now, the ghosts no longer comes back.
And the only ones that never cease
on hunting me,
Were our memories.

- Juju
Mar 2021 · 168
Dead Inside
Juju Mar 2021
It was ironic,
how you visit my grave
and cry your heart out
just because I'm dead.

When years ago,
I used to be dying in front of you.
And all you did,
was **** me once more
till I'm physically dead

- Juju
Mar 2021 · 275
Juju Mar 2021
Home is a peaceful place,
not a war zone.
It's supposed to make you feel safe,
not make you feel alone.

- Juju
Mar 2021 · 177
Juju Mar 2021
I watched in horror,
as he slipped a ring on her finger
and kissed her hand right after.

But it was my fault.
I made myself believe,
in a love that never once existed.
In a way that could satisfy me.

But who am I?
I was just a friend,
He spent the most memories with.

- Juju
Feb 2021 · 236
Juju Feb 2021
is an invitation
for you to travel back.
And regret,
Is your one-way
ticket to the past.
Feb 2021 · 251
Juju Feb 2021
The more we break up,
the more I build myself.
The more you leave me,
the more I learn to be alone.

The more you come back,
the more I walk away.
The closer you step forward,
the more I step backward.

The more we come back to each other,
the farther I get,
the more distant I get,
the less interest I give,
the colder the heart becomes,
the more the love fades away.

- Juju
Feb 2021 · 153
Juju Feb 2021
Someday, you'll be able to discover a box full of my unsent letters for you.
Each of them written carefully
Not just everyday
But every minute and every second
I missed you.
Sounds corny but that's the realilty
I cannot deny.

Someday you'll get to read all of it, for the first and the last time.
And during that moment, you'd think of me ******* my own self for your own sake.
For the sake of love.
You'll imagine me naked in front of you.
You'll imagine me making love with you again.
And by that time, you'd feel what I've felt.
The euphoria,
the bliss,
the confusion,
the melancholia,
the heartaches.
Then you'd assume I'm still the same me from before.
But you'd be mistaken.
Because like a snake, I change my skin every now and then.
Leaving them behind the lovers I had.
Leaving them behind every guy I met, and fell inlove with.
Leaving them behind, in the past.
Yours was different tho.
Because that old skin of mine,
I didn't leave with you and the past,
I buried it.
Hid it 6 feet below the ground.
I hid it for you to never see.
To never find.
Because I know the moment you'd read all of my unsent letters,
you'd feel a sense of guilt. You'll regret.
And I know you'll search for me.
You'll try to find me.
And yes you will find me.
But I'll never want to see you again
coming and running back with the hope of going back to the old 'us'.
Because that's never gonna happen
I won't let it happen.
Not anymore.

So when we'll meet again.
When we'll see each other again.
You'll meet the different version of me.
And you'd say, "you're no longer the same woman I loved".
Because I'm no longer the same version of me.
From before.
And for the very last time, you'd try to find that old version of me, that old skin.
You'd search for it.
But you'll never ever see it.
And we'll never be together
Ever again.

- Juju
Jan 2021 · 94
Juju Jan 2021
The waves of life always keeps me away from your shore
And as I try and resist its force,
I always find myself being carried on to a different island
Opposite to that of yours

Maybe this is the universe talking to me
And this is its way of telling me
That you're really not meant for me
And that we're really not meant to be

But darling
If the universe says,
I'm meant for someone else
Can you still be that someone else?

- Juju
Jan 2021 · 116
Juju Jan 2021
Words cut,
Words heal.
Words ease the numb,
Words make you feel.
But at times,
they could be sharp and deadly like steel.
For they could also ****
Juju Jan 2021
It's just funny how
The people who promised
to never make us feel left behind
Left us behind
Jan 2021 · 254
Juju Jan 2021
Our seed of love
has finally bore its fruit.
We were both liars
who wanted the truth.

Jan 2021 · 1.7k
Juju Jan 2021
I found perfection
In every flaws you possessed
In every faults
And every little mistakes you did

I found peace
Within your chaos
In your storm
And a passageway
Of love
In the cracks of your broken heart

- Juju
Jan 2021 · 151
Juju Jan 2021
We let go of words
as if they don't mean anything.
As if they won't hurt anyone.
As if they won't matter at all.
And most of the time,
we forget how powerful regrets can be.
And regret begins the moment
we've finally let the words slip from our tongue,
and realize we can't take them back anymore.

- Juju
#regrets #poems
Jan 2021 · 124
Juju Jan 2021
Are like treasures
They're not meant for those
Who doesn't know how to keep them
Jan 2021 · 4.6k
Juju Jan 2021
It was the month of the year,
The day of the month,
And the time of the day.

When secrets are spilled,
And stories are told.
She told me her secrets,
And every stories she was told.

I told her mine,
But then she whispered and said,
"Let me tell you a secret.
I'm not good at keeping one."

- Juju

— The End —