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Ricky Oct 2018
There’s a man at my job.
He’s always angry,
like the world owes him something.

He breathes out just to breath back in again.

And then he holds it.

Doesn’t he know he’s choking himself?

You can’t die from choking yourself,
But you will surely suffer.

Some people laugh, because the actual thought of someone choking themselves is kinda funny.

He doesn’t want to talk to people.
Now he’s choking himself in silence.

All this choking isn’t good for your body.
You could die sooner.

Maybe he doesn’t care because he doesn’t feel like he’s living anyway.

Or maybe he gave his life away.

To work.
To his mistakes.
To his past.
The only liable limitation is yourself.
In order to fly you gotta give up the **** that’s weighing you down.
It’s your choice.
Ricky Oct 2018

There are two main emotions, love and fear.
Love is understanding, and it gives us courage.
Fear comes from the lack of understanding, and it makes us nervous/afraid.

I learned that I used to seek love from people by wanting to control the way they perceive me. I wanted them to know that I could relate to, or understand them more than I may actually do.
But, if I kept doing that, that would be foolish, no one understands another entirely, only through similar experiences, but never exact. It’s not fair to the individual.
The goal isn’t just to connect with what’s similar, but also (maybe even more so) to connect with what’s different.
People fear difference, because they don’t know what it may bring. That could be a result of society’s teachings for centuries.
Racism wouldn’t exist if we as humans loved difference. Apparently we feel safe with what is familiar. Why “Curiosity killed the cat?” Why not “Curiosity isn’t a sin, but should be proceeded with caution.”
Those who seek due to curiosity are open minded. Those who follow the ways of the world or rules are more judgmental once they spot something out of the ordinary.
This is where insecurity comes from, because of this programming that if we are not the same, we should not belong.
Saying “love yourself” almost limits you, that’s like saying the rest of the world is like this, but focus and ‘accept’ what you are.
We shouldn’t just teach people to love themselves, what if that can be a side effect from teaching people how to love difference in others.
We should say that every single individual has the power to contribute to improvement, expanding knowledge, and a way of living from the power that their own individuality brings.
It’s not how we are similar. It’s how we are different.
You are what you love, not what loves you.
Ricky Oct 2018
I see this guy at work sometimes.
He looks drained.

Eye lids halfway down.
Neck dropped.
Walking so slow, as if he wants slow down time.

To his left there are kids playing with cups, he looks at them and smiles. I guess that brought back memories of feelings of freedom.

To me freedom is having no fear.
I don’t want to fear paying bills on time, I don’t want to fear trying to create an image people would accept. I don’t want to fear the reality that maybe my life isn’t going the way I’d hoped.

I want freedom from all that.

But “realists” love to say that’s just how life goes.

In African American History class, my teacher told me that Harriet Tubman only saved about 60 slaves, and most of them were family, but there’s a quote from her that says ‘I could have saved thousands - if only I’d been able to convince them they were slaves.’ And that got me thinking. Back then some of those slaves probably thought that that’s just how life goes too. “That’s how things are supposed to be”

Well **** that not me.
I’ma challenge “reality.”
Maybe that’s not my reality because maybe reality can just be your own perception of it.
Mixed in with a little hard work.

So I’ll change what I listen to, I’ll change what and who I’m around because “sweet love and sunshine, if it’s all in the air, then it’s all on your mind.”
Live Ya Life.
Only one chance to get it right.

— The End —