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Yonwato Dec 2019
A kiss
A cold kiss,
A kiss that drains the soul and leaves you empty,
A kiss of doom that requires no chemistry
A kiss with an unwanted partner, one we all avoid.
A kiss that stops time; your time
The inevitable kiss of death that breaks the heart
One that brings a sour mood and tears, one that hurts your loved ones.
A kiss we'll all get eventually.
Brace up for The kiss for it can't be missed.
We all tend to race against death but it'll always catch up with us. Some chose not to believe in it but we can never escape it. We just have to prepare for it, it's inevitable.
Yonwato Jul 2019
The anger in me, one I choose to show no one.
The anger in me, which no one could ever understand.
I could let it out, but that would be a disaster,
I bottle it up, but that's another type of disaster.
What do I do to make it stop?
Oh! I know,
I'll just keep it under the mask of my smile.
I somehow couldn't complete this how I wanted
  Jul 2019 Yonwato
This sadness
does not define me

        \ \ \

    am I
Yonwato Jul 2018
Love is attraction, not obsession.
Love is attention, not ignorance.
Love is emotional, not physical.
Love is understanding, not assumption.
Love is encouragement, not pressurizing.

Love teaches, love doesn't force.
Love guides, love doesn't push.
Love is a gift, but not always material.
When you say you love someone, make sure it's pure.
An impure love is dangerous and could damage someone's life.
Never base love on money or material things because that's just a terrible and selfish sense of responsibility.
I feel so terrible when someone offers me a gift because I feel like that person is trying to buy my love. I know this feeling is a wrong one but that is how I have been conditioned to think since I was a kid. My dad always but us gifts but he never really gave me the attention I needed. Take care of your kids the right way so they won't end up like me.
  Jun 2018 Yonwato
There's more to suicide than what we think it is.
It's not just unanswered questions,
sometimes, it's unasked ones.
For all those out there who self harm, please don't do it. Please don't do it, for me. For your family, for your friends, for all those who care, for yourself. You're not alone in this, trust me❤
For all those out there who are battling self harm, I'm so proud of you, keep going. I love
you, and I'm always here for you if you need me❤
For all those out there who help people that self harm, you're doing a great job. You're beautiful and you're going amazing❤
For all those out there who know people that self harm, please help them out. Tell them they're brave. Tell them they're not alone. Tell them you care. Tell them you love them. Give them your hand, they need it❤

Yonwato Feb 2018
A material as soft and silky as a velvet
with a sweet scent like lavender
bringing me the creamy sight
staining the coffee brown,
enclosed in a fleshy bracket.

My daily dose of brewed coffee,
sourced from the depth of nature,
from the origin of my being.

Let me sip from your honeypot
and savor the sweetness of life,
My African Woman.
Yonwato Feb 2018
We live in a world
Where the wrong things have become right,
We live in a world,
Where our happiness depend on the rules,
We live in a world where our lives are written in pixels.

Where did we lose it,
Our purpose in life?
Where did we lose it,
Our freedom to live?

Take me back to the time,
When all we had was life.
Take me back to the time,
When family was key.

For in this time I live,
I have no freedom.
In this time I live,
I have no family.

All I have now is pixels,
Colorful and attractive,  
Dictating my life style,  
While I forget how to live.
Our lifestyle gradually avoids the most important things in life, we run around with our phones and forget to care for family, we are so engrossed in our daily pattern that has been laid down by authorities and we have forgotten who we are. We now depend on machines to live our lives for us.
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