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Jul 2018
Love is attraction, not obsession.
Love is attention, not ignorance.
Love is emotional, not physical.
Love is understanding, not assumption.
Love is encouragement, not pressurizing.

Love teaches, love doesn't force.
Love guides, love doesn't push.
Love is a gift, but not always material.
When you say you love someone, make sure it's pure.
An impure love is dangerous and could damage someone's life.
Never base love on money or material things because that's just a terrible and selfish sense of responsibility.
I feel so terrible when someone offers me a gift because I feel like that person is trying to buy my love. I know this feeling is a wrong one but that is how I have been conditioned to think since I was a kid. My dad always but us gifts but he never really gave me the attention I needed. Take care of your kids the right way so they won't end up like me.
Written by
Yonwato  23/M/Lagos, Nigeria
(23/M/Lagos, Nigeria)   
   ShayShay23 and ---
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