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The fond tenderness in her porcelain hands,
She lays so delicate rubbing her soft thumb in my palm,
Pulling on my affectionate attraction which I not yet understand.
Have we always held our delicate electric love?
Or has the new dawn of chivalry released this dove?
Is this simply a delectable infatuation?
Or a sincere connection?
Not confused, just lost in you in these bittersweet moments,
You say you do not have a single string attached to me,
Alas, for I am your dedicated puppet my dear.
There is no land nor sea I wouldn’t traverse to only draw near,
For you see, it is only my nature,
To love such a stranger.
It’s so hard to chase you down.
Like trying to catch the rain.
I’m running out of breath with each drop.
Please stop.
You keep slipping away in the palm of my hand.
Gone in a blink of an eye.
Lost in the air like a grain of sand.
I accidentally swallowed a seed that planted in my heart,
It grew another part.
The infection was too real.
No words for all that you make me feel.
But I’ll try like hell.
So hard when I’m chasing down rainbows to find my gold.
I’ve never chased down a girl so beautiful.
A lot of fish in the sea,
But you're the only one for me.
I’ll follow you across any ocean,
Traverse any landform,
Til my quest to catch the wind shall end.
My heart skips a beat when you sing,
Vocal chords sounding like waking to a dove on your doorstep.
Sweet melodies taste sweeter than any other angel.
Singing in a way that can silence a room.
How can you be so elegant but true?
I envy your perfect porcelain skin.
I admire every detail within.
You’re eyes have never been clearer,
They are the doors to your soul,
Windows of your heart,
And pupils like black holes,
Devouring my heart and mind, taking control.
They are the hue of the effulgent sunset sky,
Representing all that is nice.
You are a desert mirage.
A hope, a dream, something so free.
You move carried by the wind with a rock in your hip.
So light and airy, I think you might just slip,
And hopefully you will fall for me.
Hair that spills off the top of your crown like a waterfall,
Silky and smooth through your fingers.
I don’t want to lose you through my fingers too.
So like the wind, I’ll keep chasing after you.
I look to venture on an adventure of sorts,
One not perishable I do wish,
A kind of quest that takes stage on the high seas,
On one of those days that lingers from leave,
My brothers, my kin, let’s run away from here,
And return as mighty kings of the ocean,
Masters of our own paths,
This sail cannot guide me, I shall steer myself, you will see!
Bring me the horizon of the oncoming coast,
To boast in my ship and soak in the rays,
Sharks lay waiting all around me,
But I do not fear,
For I am the King of the sea.
A short playful poem
You left me, without a second chance.
You walked away, without a second glance.
It's only human, to make mistakes.
Yet I still wonder, why my heart feels these aches.
It's only human, to feel this way.
Yet every night I still pray.
For you to take back all the words you say.
I am only human, sorry I couldn't meet your expectations.
You reached in my soul and took everything,
The most painful operation.
What you saw was wrong, was not one thing.
It was every **** thing I did.
Were you always acting like a little kid?
I'm glad you're gone, but I feel betrayed.
You laughed when I was down, you had life made.
I don't know where to go from here.
I'm always living in fear.
I used to hold you so dear,
But now my heart is flooded in tears.
You can't understand what its like to be me,
You don't know how pain can even be,
Missing you is something I can't do,
Sweetie I'd rather die then continue loving you...
I hate feeling like this.
Our love used to be so bliss.
From each touch to kiss,
I will always have a feeling to miss you.
I am only human.
A farewell hug from her,
Felt like the sunset’s whisper.
But that was yesterday.
And like the sun, I know she will return today.
Amazing how much a gesture can say.
We are the moon and sun,
Opposites moving in attraction to one another.
We say what’s needed without saying a word.
This love is a dance, and we are the music.
The drumming of our heartbeats,
The strumming of our heartstrings,
It’s all beautiful to my ear.
Stop worrying darling, we can dance in this love without a care,
Float in this boat without a steer,
Wherever we are going, I know we will get there.
Don’t worry about the direction of the wind on our sail,
We can get there even with a breathless air.
I’d love to see the destination with you,
But the pilgrimage is priceless.
The words off your breath, is a harmony of  instruments,
You are my favorite song,
And if you continue to sound,
I promise we will dance all forever long.
A girl like a wildflower in the way that
You picked her and brought her home
But your mother still insisted
That you wash your hands.
A girl like a forest fire in the way that
She is uncontrollable, without direction
And you know you should
Avoid the inevitable destruction.
A girl like the moon in the way that
She is too far for you to stretch out
And reach her with your hands.
A girl like a love letter in the way that
She was something to smile about
On the days where you were
A prospective bridge-jumper.
A girl like a galaxy in the way that
She was full of wonders
But there were far too many
To fully explore.
A girl like a cigarette in the way that
no matter how bad you knew she was
For you, you just
Couldn't quit her.
Don't go, check under my bed.
The monsters are only afraid of you.
Don't go yet. Look into my head.
Where the worst of them live.
The monsters are inside of me.
Can you see them and all the things they do?
They are inside my head, torturing each memory.
At night, I dream that one day I could fly.
That I can escape my head and live in the sky.
The nightmares take over and I fall.
Every night, I am going nowhere.
Maybe if I stay a little longer.
Maybe if I stopped giving a care.
Maybe I can change this strange world of mine.
Gravity pulls me down.
Right when I think I can fly,
I fall to my death.
Who knew it was so easy to die.
But how can I die, when I'm already dead inside?
There's no thought, there's no brain.
Yet again, have I gone insane?
The monsters have taken over my head.
My own thoughts, used to be mine.
So, check under my bed one last time.
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