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Nov 2014
Don't go, check under my bed.
The monsters are only afraid of you.
Don't go yet. Look into my head.
Where the worst of them live.
The monsters are inside of me.
Can you see them and all the things they do?
They are inside my head, torturing each memory.
At night, I dream that one day I could fly.
That I can escape my head and live in the sky.
The nightmares take over and I fall.
Every night, I am going nowhere.
Maybe if I stay a little longer.
Maybe if I stopped giving a care.
Maybe I can change this strange world of mine.
Gravity pulls me down.
Right when I think I can fly,
I fall to my death.
Who knew it was so easy to die.
But how can I die, when I'm already dead inside?
There's no thought, there's no brain.
Yet again, have I gone insane?
The monsters have taken over my head.
My own thoughts, used to be mine.
So, check under my bed one last time.
The Fabulous Kate
Written by
The Fabulous Kate  NY
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