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  Jul 2019 Sonu Tyro
Hungry Eyes.
Thirsty Lips.
Empty Soul.
I need you now
more than Ever.
  Jul 2019 Sonu Tyro
Fire of heart
Never turned in words
I never told her that
That i love her
My love for her
Was hidden deep down
In my heart
I thought she will
Understand my love one day
But that day never came
  Jul 2019 Sonu Tyro
Hell is far
Beautiful than you
  Jul 2019 Sonu Tyro
One day,
I wouldn't be hurt.
One day,
I'll get over you.
One day,
I'll find somebody new.
One day,
I'll be happy.

One day..
Maybe just not today
  Jul 2019 Sonu Tyro
I know
It is not enough
to love you deeply
Your terms are very harsh.
I know
It is not enough.
To kiss you daily
My lips are very hungry.
I know
It is not enough.
To pray alone
My soul is empty waiting.
But angels never cry..
For love .

For Love....
You need two souls .
Two shadows.
Two hands .
Two lips.
To Kiss...
But angels never cry
For this.

For life. ...
You need two humans.
Two smiles.
Two hearts.
Two eyes
To miss..
But angels never cry.
For this.

They want your soul
They want your smile..
They want you life
For ever ..
But angels
never cry for love.
  Jun 2019 Sonu Tyro
When she was gone
Lust ended and love began
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