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Aslam M 1d
Wanted to do Everything …..
Ended up doing Nothing…..
Aslam M 4d
Many Paths…
Same Destination…
Quickly we all move.  
And always  fight
In Order to prove
That we are Right.
Aslam M Jun 1
I always wanted that Chair.
Got the Table Instead.
  May 29 Aslam M
Frances Raeburn
There’s a voice
deep inside all of us
we can’t name it
although we blame it
for telling us
our everyday
  May 28 Aslam M
Lost in the passage of despair and confusion,
Tangled up in the horrors of the past
Caught in a web of endless stupor,
The unseen whirls of sombre silence,
Her silhouette blended again in dimness,
  May 27 Aslam M
I try to fit in
It crushed me
I live for others and not for me
It destroyed me

I burned myself
To ashes

Out of the ashes
I rebuild myself
Aslam M May 26
Never Ending Heavy Storm.
Hope it would End One Day…
Remained where I was …
Others Ran Away.
The Storm Remained.
They Survived.
I died.
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