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aSLAM M Oct 7
As long as you have that Mask On.
You can go as long as you want.
  Oct 1 aSLAM M
Jasmin Joy
She loves to be a family...
Her heart longs for it.
But fate doesn't allow her.
She had both mom and dad.
But they threw her away.
Bcoz she is a GIRL.
Tears fill her eyes as
She think of her parents.
She tried to end her life.
But the word 'Amma' stopped her.
Her heart beats for 'Amma'.
She breathes in for Amma's scent.
She yearns for Amma's touch.
But all her searches ends in darkness.
You are the reason for
She is being an orphan.
Why don't you take her home?
Why don't you give her
love,affection,food and shelter?
The word 'Amma' means 'Mother'
aSLAM M Sep 28
The persistent Quest for Logic
Does away all the Magic.
Sometimes we just need to accept things and stop questioning each and everything and enjoy our lives.
aSLAM M Sep 27
We love the Creator
      Not the Creation.
aSLAM M Sep 26
Woh Hawaa  Kya Chali
Ki Zulfai Bekhaar Gayai.

Samaa Bhi Thaam Gayi
Aaakhai Bhi Naam Hau Gayi.
  Sep 26 aSLAM M
Humaira Fatima
I started walking
towards my destiny.

No.... ,

I did not take the wrong turn.
I just took the only path
that I had not known
I was meant to walk.

Little did I know,
I was destined for love.

On my way
I was given a gift.

I just chiseled it,
Contoured it...
And it took the
Shape of you.

You, my dear,
are my Haven.
And your love
is the only path
I travel.
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