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Aslam M Dec 2021
If you want Birds
In your Garden
Then deal with their **** too.
Aslam M Aug 2021
वह भाई वह

बारिश मे भीगने का
लुफ्त भी उठाना है
और भीगने का भी नहीं
वह भाई वह
  Jul 2021 Aslam M
Sarita Aditya Verma

The mind is infinite
The core of our inner being
The world it shows
Admirable and to truly believe
Like nobody knows
Need not know
Connected and righteous in its own rights
For the world to believe in you
The truth of being true to self
For the truth, does wrong to none

As the wild & wide ocean believes in self
Rumbles and roars
From the deepest part of its core
It never depletes
The sun, the moon and the wind
Eternally bound, the bond
The inner circle of life
Oceanic core infinite
Aslam M Jul 2021
Absence of Thoughts ….
Absence of Actions ……
Absence of Love …..
Absence of Hatred …
Absence of Appreciation ….
Absence of Happiness …
Absence of Everything ….
Aslam M Jul 2021
The Tea matters
More than the Cup.
  Jul 2021 Aslam M
Yousra Amatullah
With love, gratitude,
I travel,
Upon paths,
Infused wisdom, depth,
In order to meet,

In order to meet,
ذُوالْجَلاَلِ وَالإكْرَامِ
  Jul 2021 Aslam M
I hope the supple touch
          Of all the women I have ever loved
Cascades like rain
          Over every inch of this Earth’s terrain
Let the sunrise kiss from her crescent lips
          Chase away the nights gangly grip
Turning barren fields
          To blooming bastions
Of roots and seeds, nurtured into
          The smile underneath a weeping willow tree
Raise the bones of change
          From their dusty graves of grief
Discard your flesh and,
          Bare to me only what lies beneath
A woman's touch can ignite life back into blackened ash and dust.
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