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One’s silence
Is often spoken about, by others

Silence is peaceful
Often misunderstood by the clamorous

The silence told
Often brings discomfort to the hearer

Silence is manifold
Manifests itself to the bearers
If you are not blessed with the
best voice, take up poetry.
Aslam M 4d
What a fool I was
Searching for Water
In the Hot Hot Desert
Whereas had all along
A Magical Water Bottle
With Unlimited Supply
Aslam M 6d
Sand Castles Built by
Blood , Tears and Sweat
cannot be broken easily.

Many have tried in the Past.
Many will in the Future.
The Castle may have cracks
Intact it will Remain.

For those who attempt
to destroy my Castle.
Seek some other Castles
built by treachery, cheating and fraud.

Attempt by you  
Will be futile for sure.

Sand Castles Built by
Blood , Tears and Sweat
cannot be broken easily.
Family Business built by Hard work , Sincerity  and Pain cannot be destroyed by External or Internal Personals.  In the last 5 Decades many have tried and have remained unsuccessful and will be also in the future.
Aslam M Oct 7
I Believe
I want to Believe

Sometimes, you gotta' let go of your oar
And succumb to the waves of life.

I have been feeling so anxious lately. I try to be the best version of myself I can be. But I always fail to do so. And the only person to blame is me. Yet, I blame other people for my faults because I am too ashamed to admit my wrongdoings.
Aslam M Oct 1
Stuck  in this Never Ending Traffic
Seconds becomes Minutes.
Minutes becomes Hours.
Horns being blown randomly
Pollution Everywhere.
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