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Tyro Aug 2019
She is love and
She is forever
Tyro Aug 2019
It’s time to free your memory from my mind
Now your memory will not haunt anymore

It’s time free my heart beats from you
And now it is capable of beat without you
Tyro Aug 2019
She was twinkling star
In my dark night sky
Adding glory to my darkness
Just by her single spark
Tyro Aug 2019
She was star in my dark night
Making  my life more beautiful
Tyro Jul 2019
From Losing the first war of love
To  never fought a war of love
Tyro Jul 2019
Your  drop  of  love  will
even make  barren
Heart fertile
  Jul 2019 Tyro
Sonu Tyro
Not everyone can fell everyone's pain,
Heart only fells the heart's pain,
Something happens to my heart,
When you are in pain or get hurt.

Your tear is like a  deep ocean,
when tear drops from your eye,
I feel like i am drowning,
In a deep ocean of painful tear,

My eyes smiles, when you smile,
My heart cries,when you cry,
For me your tear is like hell,
your smile gives me pleasure of  heaven.

your smile is weaker than your tear,
your smile can't hide your tear,
Not everyone can see pain behind smile,
the one who loves you truly can see.

If anyone ask me "what is hell"
I will tell about your tears,
If anyone ask me "what is heaven"
i will tell about your smile.

I know you more,
than you know about yourself,
I think about you more,
than you think about yourself,
I love you more ,
than you love yourself.
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