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When we left off last time, you were learning to deal with your anxiety,                        
how have your breathing exercises helped?                                                                  

They make it easier and it goes away but -
((  sometimes at night when the dreams are what make up my reality,
sometimes it hurts to breathe and then I don't want to because
trying to live seems like so much work
for my lungs to hurt so much ))
- I think I need more practice.
<3 l8r
 6d Phil B
You're the past I craved for.
The present I adore.
The future I want.
I love you.
It s better than anything I ve written so... Here goes.
 6d Phil B
 6d Phil B
Loving you was like going to war;
I never came back the same.
Not to be too "EdGy" here, but still in the process of healing and overcoming having left a severely abusive relationship.
she realized she could write & that's where her troubles begin
write again, they said
it will be fun, they said
writing out fears she never knew
& yet they're becoming true
soon she'll realize how hard it is, to write about what you don't know
they told her knowledge was power and yes it is indeed
power over her mind, over her heart
this power is shutting her in the dark
write again, they whispered
try again, they cried
if only they knew the prison inside her that wouldn't let her try
 6d Phil B
beautiful things are created when people turn their pain into art
you are a beautiful thing
full of sadness and hurt
but i see through
to the white light hidden beneath
there is an angel hidden inside of you
concealed by a mask
cloaked in dark fog
but i see the beauty inside
i want to reach deep within and pull him out
but this is your journey
and he will appear when the time is right
so for now
i will wait by your side
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