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A life lived under control
of someone else isn’t living.
Go where you want to go
Do what you want to do
Say what you want to say
Be what you want to be
Only then you can say
Yes this is truly me!!

Happy women’s day !!

Shell ✨🐚
See beauty where others don’t see beauty at all.
See happiness where others don’t see happiness at all.
When something less comes along they will realize it was beauty and happiness after all.

See beauty in the little things in life!
Be grateful for what you have, even if it isn’t much!
Let us be grateful
For everything that comes
our way.
For every little blessing  and all
kind of times.
Let’s take life as given
and try to stay kind.
Through rough times we grow
Through rough times we learn
We will fall and learn to stand tall.
Always say thank You
That’s all!!

It’s important to be grateful. With gratitude comes happiness and peace of mind
What’s more beautiful
then green lushes trees
And blue clean seas
Unpolluted fresh air
life without a care.
Where everybody shares.

Awareness of our environment, starting with taking care of ourselves and all human kind.
We ourselves are destroying this beautiful earth. We must love more , hate less!!
The brain
An archive of all moments in life.
The heart
An archive of long forgotten moments of love.
The mind
An archive of every treasured moment .
The spirit
Never an archive
Always in touch with the higher One!

You never  forget certain things, experiences, feelings and moments..
They are saved inside us .
When birds fly high
they reach the sky.
They sing their song
They make their call
To baby birds
letting know
they’re on their way
With food to  show
collect through  day
Making chirping sounds
to say
Mama bird is on her way
Letting know that food will fall.
After babies hungry call!!!

Shell ✨🐚
Beautiful sight, birds flying chirping through the air!! I sit and watch this everyday.  How they bring food to feed They build a nest in my front yard.
Bright  little star above
Stay with me forever
While I’m looking at you
in the night .
I know he is watching too!

Many people all over the world are looking at the night sky. Enjoying and often thinking the same.
It’s not the way you look.
It’s not the way you speak.
It’s not the way you move.
It’s the way you write
the things you say.
That captures me
To capture your soul
Hello Poetry!!

Shell ✨🐚
You feel someone’s soul in what and how they write!!
Every poem is a little piece of the soul!
Sitting in the dark.
Nowhere near ,a light
Eyes filled with tears
Falling silently
No sound to be heard
but the  pounding
Of a heart
In pain
For he will be going
All the music gone
No laughter
No song in the heart
For she will not know
The feeling
To be loved

Saying goodbye to the one you love
Want to make me a dress
With a piece of the sky
Yes that's right
Something heavenly blue
I like to try

Will it feel like silky blue satin
Will it have
cloudy white dots,
warm yellow beams or a
colorful   touch  

Guess it depends on the weather
How it turns out to be
this heavenly dress
exclusively for me

I know!
I'll  make it at midnight!
This blue dress of mine
To have
bright sparkling diamonds
as stars kissing the sky!
'O beautiful
midnight blue dress of mine.

Sometimes being in a light
so bright
is the same as
being in the dark.
Shell ✨🐚
Having to much of something doesn’t mean it’s satisfying.. It can leave you with an empty feeling.
Golden full
Circle of the night
Beautiful disk
So bright
Everything lights up
Whenever you appear
Make lovers whisper in the ear
loneliness disappears
Shine o shine
Your mystical light
Until  dark is over

Shell ✨🐚
Standing in the sun
Putting on dark glasses
To protect eyes from
the sun
and to conceal
the hurt that’s in the eyes
hard hidening.

Standing in the rain
You can’t see
the teardrops
falling softly on the  face
blending in
with falling rain
All because of pain

Hard to hide are
those trembling lips.
Full with sad emotions
One would think
They want a kiss.....
Now with mouth/ nose cap
What good camouflage
this is.

Covid made us cover half our face. When you put on sunglasses you can really hide your face behind this. No one can know what’s going on just by looking.
Endangered bird
Shy, beautiful with sweet song
Bright yellow color

Shell ✨🐚
Haiku of the yellow cardinal
Passing by the old oak tree
You see a carved heart there
from you and me
Little did we know back then
that with a carved heart
It would also end.

Puppy love, the innocence of being young
Symbol of all that’s good.

Little wonder of nature
Four little leaves in one
Every leave holds it own
Crutches of life under the sun
On peaceful living
With innerpeace of mind.
That it will be better tomorrow
Hope on life of  better kind.
In each other always
To live together as one,
Looking after each other
the key to become one
By which everything good begins,
Everyone together  
An era , a  new begin
     Good luck
To everybody
to each and every one
Who ever you are or where ever you’re from

Little Green clover of nature
A present  to life in all its ways
Beautiful symbol of mankind
Freedom in every way .☘️

Good luck symbol
Let the beautiful colors
of the world
be reflected in your life
and in your dreams .
Be happy in life
and dream big
in colors.

Shell ✨🐚
Always be positive!! Colors are a good reflection of the life you’re living
Don’t wander too far
Everything you’re searching for
Is inside you.

Shell ✨🐚
We make the world not the other way around.
Trillions  of stars.
Billions of  people
Millions of  trees
Thousand sheeps
For us to sleep
We had
Honderd  acquaintances
Ten  friends.
One good friend
One love.
Now just one Phone
With everyone in it!!!
Still one earth
Still one God
Still thousand sheeps to sleep.

Shell ✨🐚
Technology  changed everything!!!
For beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
How beautiful you are.
Dear child of mine.
Let me keep you close.
In my heart, always nearby.
with this invisible cord
between you and me.
For no one else to see.

Shell ✨🐚
Beautiful is the love between a parent and a child!! You are connected not only by genes but by  much more then that.
In my memory box I kept this special jewel.
It’s the memory of you dear friend.
Memories  forever locked up.
Safely hidden  for what once was.
Passed away but not forgotten.
Forever safe forever shining
Dear friend
You will always be this song
This precious jewel in my heart.

Shell ✨🐚
When a dear friend has passed away, you have a the precious memories locked up inside of you. Things you two only shared !
December month so fine
But not everyone has a happy mind
Being together is the key
That’s the way it’s supposed to be
Memories of you and me
Will stay in the heart forever
Don’t be sad
Your angel is with you
Burning forever together
Are our candles.

Being in love so deeply
so beautiful and intense.
Want to be taken away
by the different winds
To a place unknown
a place far away
Where no one knows
Where no one has to pretend
Where I can be in your arms
and gaze deeply in your eyes
A longing to belong to you
as never known before
To let me take you in my arms
And make you mine.

As long as there is life you can fall in love! For whatever reason for.
Deep in my eyes
there is hidden passion
Deep in my heart
there is hidden love
Deep in my mind
there is hidden thought
Deep in my soul
there is hidden pain
Deep in my spirit
there is God!!
Deep in me is....
a reflection of you

Shell ✨🐚
Deep within we are all the same
Delicate flower in the rain.
Don’t hang your head down
The rain is to gain
Essential for growth
and strength for your roots
As the sun will come
you’ll be flourishing too

Delicate flower in the sun
hold your head up before
light is gone.
Flourish  and bloom all day long,
showcase  your colors till sunset will dawn.

Delicate flower don’t you weep
Hang down your head
it’s time to sleep
When a new day begins
and sunrise  sets in
You’ll be blooming once more
And we’ll be happy again!

Shell ✨🐚
The beauty of flowers caresses not only the eyes but the soul too.
Humans are like flowers.
You can read it as a metaphor.
When the one you love
is losing the way,
forgetting everything that was.
Seeing everything in another way.
Doesn’t know anymore who you are.
Stranger all the way.
Want to scream mother this is me!! She looks at you but doesn’t see!!
Hurts to the bone
Whole world is falling apart
Losing   someone while they’re still here gives
So much pain in the heart.

~When memories are lost everything is lost~

Many are confronted with a love one with dementia! Very hard thing to deal with.
In the desert
there are many cacti
Only blooming  when day is done.
Beautiful flower paradise
waiting for the bats to come.
Bats acting like bees do in daylight
You can say they are nighttime bees.
Making sure that deserts cacti
will bloom forever,
creating nighttime’s flower sea.
This world has been made perfectly
for anyone who wants to see!!

Many don’t know that you have the most beautiful cacti flowers in the desert! They only bloom at night.
There are as many different people
As there are as many different souls.
Not two of them the same.
Still they all look so
very much  alike .
Especially from far,  
just like the stars.
All one
still one of a kind!

Shell ✨🐚
We all are unique in our own way still we are all one kind and yes we look the same!
When we’re asleep
And the nights are heavy with fog
that’s when our dreams are
awakening and another
dream day takes off.

It’s a whole other world
Where everything impossible
possible now
Where dreams are no dreams
but reality now
Where everything you wish for comes true  and everything
negative a positive somehow

When you wake up
with a smile on your face
You’ve been visiting dreamworld today.
Wondering why the hell did I wake up!!
Sometimes dreamworld is the better world to stay.
Especially nowadays!!!

Shell ✨🐚
We all like to daydream!  Dreaming at night brings you to your daydream!!
In my  dream garden
I will be waiting for you
With blossom and flirt

Shell ✨🐚
In the garden of your dreams
I’ll meet you there
Close your eyes and dream.
I’ll be waiting .

Shell ✨🐚
In your dreams everything is possible.
In your mind you can go everywhere you want to go, You can meet any soul.
There is this place
the source.....
of being
There is this light....
where we were born
where we return
when time  no longer
When all goes dark
and eyes no longer seeing.
While  Life floats away silently
and choir singing hummingly
The  Spirit flows
Into this light
Enlightening  the soul
so bright ......
while crossing over .

Shell ✨🐚
In honor of a friend! Stay strong!!!
Morning break
Sunrise,  a silent explosion of the sky.
Sunbeams to warm you
To give you strength
To be a sunbeam yourself
for someone each new day
So I pray!

Pray for goodness and strength so you can be good to others every day. Always be kind. Gratitude for each day to make a difference!
Over silent waters
The swan is sliding
Nothing seems to be moving
Not even the waters
Soft whispering sounds
as the wind caresses the trees
Full of elegance  she is moving
to meet her mate.
To mate for life.

Shell ✨🐚
Swans ,What a beautiful sight
What elegant birds!
Ode to nature
Do not just look....
see , feel
Do not just hear.....
listen, feel
Feel the other person
With your soul
Feel the emotions behind the
face under the surface
Feel the soul, the purpose,
the feelings of his being
You will discover
that you feel alike
Look him in the eye and...
see yourself,
It will make you cry.

Shell ✨🐚
We ar all alike no matter race, religion or whatever!!! Treat everyone as you yourself want to be treated!!
In silence
diamond drop shaped tears
Falling  down .
Sparkling the cheeks
The child sits down on the floor .
In the silence of the dark.
An  innocent  little one in pain.
For whatever for
Who will pay the price.
Many children all over the world are in pain!
Let’s lie down
under sun and open sky,
under moon , under the  stars!
With  the purest love of all
You’re my king and
I’m your queen
till end of time
Let’s be royal for a day
make a castle
And hide a way.
Live happily ever after
as in a fairytale.

Shell ✨🐚
You can always dream!!
Life isn’t a fairytale at all.
Keep dreaming.
Faith means
believing in something
you’ve never laid eyes on.
It’s an experience.
Unshakable!! Rock solid.
Something to hold on to.
Everybody should have faith
in something......
to get you through this life!
When the earth turns
and the places don’t move
But also
when an earthquake hits
and everything is falling apart.

Shell ✨🐚
We all need something to hold on to in good times and in bad times!!
Star formed light
Million years away
Still last.
Looking at you
in the night
Is looking at the past
Standing here
your future
waiting  for a falling you
To make a wish a dream
come true....

Shell ✨🐚
Before day and  dawn
Let me hold you one more time
Let me look into your eyes
come close to me
before we part
and say our last goodbye.

It’s always hard saying farewell
The mind knows
a thousand ways
to survive the waves
Coming like a tsunami  
To literally wash you away

The mind brings to mind
All the known mirages
As  seen by
desperate desert wanderers
walking in the heat
Showing the mind ways
Hope inducing images.
How not to drown

Never give up
Even while falling apart
He will show you tools
How to survive
How to rise up till you reach heaven.
All you need is faith!

Shell ✨🐚
Never lose hope always have faith
Like the sea meets the
Like the sea touches the shore
Always moving
and so much more.
We all have the same feelings. As long as we live feelings will be there, all kind changing day by day.
Behind closed doors we all are.
Can’t find the way out
Locked  inside.
Now is  the time
To  not fall apart
To start  praying
To find a new door
For a new beginning
For a fresh start.

Have faith, never lose hope!

Never lose hope no matter what!!
Everything in harmony
Scents to heaven
Yellow marigolds
Purple lavenders
White oleanders
Red roses
Blue violets
Rose lilies
Green ferns
And forget me nots...
Forget me not!!

Flower paradise!!
There is this intense light
Shining from within
Yes I carry you
I carry you within.
I took the love I feel for you
put it in a woodenbox
Locked it with a golden lock
Put a diamond stone on top
And buried it in my heart
Precious jewel in my heart
Shine and lighten up my heart.
Forever and always!
Forbidden things can preferable stay hidden.

Shell ✨🐚
Some kinds of love are forever hidden.
Unspoken, pure.
The sky was golden yellow
Air was black, unbearable hot
While we were running
towards help.
Running non stop.

Passing many trapped animals
Nothing we could do to help.
Felt like our life was over.
Felt very much like hell .

Fire flames as  high as trees
The thick smoke inhale was real.
Tears were running without knowing , fear and
desperation was the feel.

Honor to all the firefighters,
who risk  their lives
courageously .
To save house and hearth
And all the other living herd.

Forest fires a nightmare . Hell on earth!!
Happily ever after
Dragons flew while spitting fire
And unicorns were born
long ago in ancient stories
Life will go on
with love, pain and sorrow.
Not like in a  fairytale!!

Shell ✨🐚
Life is not a fairytale
I could send you
a thousand lamps
A thousand candles 🕯
A thousand stars ✨

I would like
to send you
a simple Prayer
To light up your life

Lamps have their lifetime
Candles will burn
Stars are lights from the past
But a prayer will always be answered
and stays in the heart
You are not alone
I’ll pray for you.
Wherever you are
Whoever you are.

Know that there is always someone who cares about you although it doesn’t feel like it. Never give up!!
Fragrance imbedded in my mind
Fragrance of a very special kind
Like parfume of the cherry blossoms
Rising up to heaven.
Walking through the streets
memories of you and me
connected with this fragrance
Bringing everything back to life
Pleasure, pain and delight.
All feelings
like imbedded fragrance
Stay forever in the mind.
How I loved your fragrance.

Fragrance can bring you back instantly to long forgotten places. Memories of love ones.
Ultimate freedom
Of body and soul
No one , nobody  controls
Be as free as you can be
In spirit and mind
Go where you want to go
Do what you want to do
Say what you want to say
Only then you will see
what you were meant to be
So be what you want to be
Only then you can say
Yes this  is truly me!
Shell ✨🐚
A life lived under control of someone else, isn’t living
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