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924 · Dec 2020
When the day meets the night
and the sun greets the moon
Something magical happens
It's over too soon

A moment of silence
A colorful sky
The sun closes eyes
and says it's goodbyes

The moon takes over
and watches the birth
of another beautiful nightfall
falling over this earth!

Isn't it a wonderful world?

~ Shell 🐚✨
915 · Jan 30
Precious clouds
Gods pillows
How beautiful they are!
Precious clouds in the sky
Different shades of white
Different forms
puffy  popcornlike pillows
Crowning the sky
Soft cotton wool sheets
Inviting you
to lay down and never leave
Beloved like a princess
Closer  to heaven
Closer to God.

As a child you always watch the clouds
They have something magical. You can see whatever you like them to be
776 · Jan 25
Lovers field
Walking  through a field of flowers
Where time stands still.
Where there is no yesterday nor tomorrow
A silent promise to fulfill.
Where there is no pain nor sorrow.
A soothing feel is all you
The hope to meet  you  here and always
Where peace begins and love   prevails.

Shell ✨🐚
Garden of love, a field were time stand stills.
Feeling innerpeace in the presence of love!
634 · Mar 1
Robot like
We are human beings
With feelings.
Look around
Not enough empathy
Each day we look more like robots.
We are so clever, only brains.

Shell ✨🐚
With advanced technology we ourselves have less  empathy, less interest in people near us.
552 · Jan 9
Bright moon
Golden full
Circle of the night
Beautiful disk
So bright
Everything lights up
Whenever you appear
Make lovers whisper in the ear
loneliness disappears
Shine o shine
Your mystical light
Until  dark is over

Shell ✨🐚
552 · Feb 18
Self love ❤️
You can only give
what you yourself have.
To give love
Love yourself first.
To be kind
Be kind to yourself first.
To mean something to anyone
Treasure yourself first!!!
This makes you a happy person.

Shell ✨🐚
you can’t give what you yourself don’t have.
528 · Feb 26
Always say thanks!
Let us be grateful
For everything that comes
our way.
For every little blessing  and all
kind of times.
Let’s take life as given
and try to stay kind.
Through rough times we grow
Through rough times we learn
We will fall and learn to stand tall.
Always say thank You
That’s all!!

It’s important to be grateful. With gratitude comes happiness and peace of mind
522 · Jan 26
Elegancy 🦢
Over silent waters
The swan is sliding
Nothing seems to be moving
Not even the waters
Soft whispering sounds
as the wind caresses the trees
Full of elegance  she is moving
to meet her mate.
To mate for life.

Shell ✨🐚
Swans ,What a beautiful sight
What elegant birds!
Ode to nature
499 · Mar 30
Deeply in love
Being in love so deeply
so beautiful and intense.
Want to be taken away
by the different winds
To a place unknown
a place far away
Where no one knows
Where no one has to pretend
Where I can be in your arms
and gaze deeply in your eyes
A longing to belong to you
as never known before
To let me take you in my arms
And make you mine.

As long as there is life you can fall in love! For whatever reason for.
477 · Feb 13
Feet on soft white sheets
Eyes open wide
couldn’t see
it was a cloud
taken me
Up into the sky
To my Heavenly lover to be.

Must have been God
Sending for me
This pillowsoft cloud
For my lover to receive!

Lover of mine
I come to you
Send by the Gods
In a white cloud of sheets
eyes open wide ..
Ready for you
My love
to receive
You in me.

Every form of love is beautiful.
Happy Valentines day to all of you.
476 · Apr 5
Quote 12🌷
My love for you is lke a pearl inside a shell.
Safe.  shiny and pure.

Shell ✨🐚
476 · 7d
Shy moon 🌙✨
The moon watched her every night.
She looked up and searched with her eyes.
He  was sure she was looking at him.
Even could hear her talking .
Talking in such a sweet voice
Told him she was lonely
if he had seen her love
That’s when he knew
He was falling in love
Falling in love with  big sad eyes.
Shy moon
hid behind the clouds.

Shell ✨🐚
The magic of the moon
436 · Jan 13
Do not just look....
see , feel
Do not just hear.....
listen, feel
Feel the other person
With your soul
Feel the emotions behind the
face under the surface
Feel the soul, the purpose,
the feelings of his being
You will discover
that you feel alike
Look him in the eye and...
see yourself,
It will make you cry.

Shell ✨🐚
We ar all alike no matter race, religion or whatever!!! Treat everyone as you yourself want to be treated!!
415 · Jan 19
Expensive jewels
In silence
diamond drop shaped tears
Falling  down .
Sparkling the cheeks
The child sits down on the floor .
In the silence of the dark.
An  innocent  little one in pain.
For whatever for
Who will pay the price.
Many children all over the world are in pain!
413 · Jan 24
Beautiful soul
It’s not the way you look.
It’s not the way you speak.
It’s not the way you move.
It’s the way you write
the things you say.
That captures me
To capture your soul
Hello Poetry!!

Shell ✨🐚
You feel someone’s soul in what and how they write!!
Every poem is a little piece of the soul!
403 · Jan 9
Hidden pain
Eyes like black pools
Filled with sadness
In the depth
A little fire burning
Hidden passion of a broken soul
An ink tear
Juice from a blue heart
For he has forgotten her
Left in a solitaire dance

Ultimate sadness
382 · Dec 2020
December month
December month so fine
But not everyone has a happy mind
Being together is the key
That’s the way it’s supposed to be
Memories of you and me
Will stay in the heart forever
Don’t be sad
Your angel is with you
Burning forever together
Are our candles.

377 · Jan 16
Snowbird in the snow
Snowbird in the snow
Two unique creations

Part 1

White  owl white and pure
Sits and watches .....
falling snow. Quietly.
Snowflakes created uniquely
White, light and heavenly.
Falling down in winter frequently
It was then.....
Snowowl was born silently

Beautifully unique,
don’t know what to say.....
Both Precious creations
Natures art all the way


Spread your wings
white bird and fly
high into the night and thrive
fly up while snowflakes are  falling down , falling down, falling down!
sky’s own created diamonds .

Majestic bird of wonder
Created so devine
Wings like from  an angel
White as snow so fine

Part 3

When you look up into
and  watch skies  falling diamonds.
While Snowowl  flying winter high
You’ll see a precious painting,
on this  blue canvas called the sky
And God our holy painter .

Nature is like art, no is art!!!
360 · Jan 4
Kiss from the moon
I’ve been kissed in the night
by the moon
Everything so  light.
What a delight!!
Changes are following
Changes of  tides
During day time I am blue.
The kiss was tender ,It’s true.
It’s the key for my existence
For me to be!
I am the sea!!

Shell ✨🐚
350 · Feb 3
a sun is  rising
Coming above the horizon
Somewhere a day is dawning
Waiting for the night
The  moon will soon come out,
breaking through when day is done.
Somewhere  in the world
Every second of all time
a sky is  golden shining
a sun or a moon somewhere .

Shell ✨🐚
Golden sky so beautiful.
Appreciation for our beautiful nature that is everywhere.
345 · Jan 3
Inner voice
When all is quiet
That’s when you hear
the whisper from inside.

Shell ✨🐚
338 · Jan 7
My love for you
is like a pearl
inside a shell
Safe, shiny and pure.

Shell ✨🐚
Love lives in the heart. You don’t have to talk about it.
328 · Feb 9
Like the wind whispers everywhere
Caressing everything while passing
Such is the essence of this life
enlightening of heart and soul
to come to  peace of mind.

Shell ✨🐚
323 · Dec 2020
Seasons 4
Seasons of the weather
Seasons every year
Like the wind blows
in four directions
Different seasons will appear

Seasons of the heart  however
Are seasons of the mind
They come without a warning no direction of any kind

They come and go whenever
Leaving you behind
Behind with different feelings
Such are seasons of the mind

Always listen to your calling
Giving meaning to it all
Then peacefulness will follow
Giving Innerpeace of mind

most  precious season
of them all.

Shell ✨🐚
318 · Mar 19
Just blue
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Out of the blue I met you.
Out of the blue I fell for you.

You looked deep into my eyes,
I almost died
Couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms
I felt my heart pounding
Aching for you
If we don’t meet soon
I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Out of the blue you went away .
It’s not out of the blue that I’m blue.
The sky and violets are still blue too.

Shell ✨🐚
Being blue just out of the blue....
so it seems.
313 · Dec 2020
Falling star ⭐️
Star formed light
Million years away
Still last.
Looking at you
in the night
Is looking at the past
Standing here
your future
waiting  for a falling you
To make a wish a dream
come true....

Shell ✨🐚
312 · Dec 2020
The eyes
The eyes
Lock of the mind

With eyes open wide
you  can’t
feel the mind.
When eyes are closed
the mind will open!!

308 · Feb 9
Carved heart
Passing by the old oak tree
You see a carved heart there
from you and me
Little did we know back then
that with a carved heart
It would also end.

Puppy love, the innocence of being young
299 · Jan 22
Useful attraction
Beauty of nature
Everything in harmony
The blossom can’t wait
to become a flower
To show her colors
To attract the bees 🐝

Beauty of nature, everything in harmony as was meant to be.
293 · Feb 20
Waiting room
Touching image

Sitting  in the waiting room
Half covered faces
With eyes that say so much
Six feet in between places
Everyone together
Still alone on their own
Waiting get a swab.

Shell ✨🐚
Reality nowadays in the waiting rooms
292 · Mar 26
Let’s lie down
under sun and open sky,
under moon , under the  stars!
With  the purest love of all
You’re my king and
I’m your queen
till end of time
Let’s be royal for a day
make a castle
And hide a way.
Live happily ever after
as in a fairytale.

Shell ✨🐚
You can always dream!!
Life isn’t a fairytale at all.
Keep dreaming.
288 · Feb 10
Romeos  never come too late
to rescue your Juliets
Juliets don’t wait in vain.
Life is too precious.

Shell ✨🐚
Priorities in life!! The years are passing by much faster then you think!!
Always try to do your best. Be happy.
288 · Mar 3
Living and experiencing life
depends for a great deal on
where you are born
where you are from
Some people sadly ,
always have
to look at life through
a veil of tears.

Things like poverty, education not only depends on you but also on where you were born!!! So let’s not judge on another
286 · Feb 2
Opposites attract
Desert sand -winterland
Opposites attract

Golden sand
longing for silver rain.
under an orange  sun.
Yellow moon in black blue sky
Can’t wait to cool down
at night time.

Winterland bold and cold
beautiful white snow
Longs for yellow sunbeams
Soft pale sun in white grey sky
Can’t wait to warm up
at day time

You need two opposites to create a neutral. There must be some balance for harmony.
277 · Jan 15
There are many secrets
out there
The  world is
your treasure box
Go and find
your jewels.

Shell ✨🐚
Despite everything the world is a beautiful place. Just look around.
He created everything beautiful!!
Try to be happy and grateful.
It doesn’t cost anything to look and enjoy all the beautiful things that are out there
273 · Jan 27
Dream love ❤️
In the garden of your dreams
I’ll meet you there
Close your eyes and dream.
I’ll be waiting .

Shell ✨🐚
In your dreams everything is possible.
In your mind you can go everywhere you want to go, You can meet any soul.
269 · Jan 12
Simple things
I don’t need diamonds
I don’t need wealth
Just pick me a flower
for me to smell
Show me the moon
to caress my eyes
Play me a song
to sing in my heart
Give me your love
to elevate my soul
Then I’ll be happy
wherever we go.

Shell ✨🐚
You don’t need much to be happy in your heart
261 · Jan 17
Quotes of the mind
~The mind is like an ocean
Sometimes calm
sometimes turbulent
But always infinitely deep.

~The mind is the place
where everything
comes to life
while  the world sleeps
where  you weep.

Shell ✨🐚
Feelings within
258 · Feb 17
Jewel like
Each one of us a jewel
Beautiful  and worthy  
Together in this jewel box
Together we can shine so much.

Shell ✨🐚
We are all earth citizens!!!
257 · Jan 4
Let us be like flowers in the sun
Always turning to the light
Always sharing
What a beautiful sight!
Shell ✨🐚
246 · Feb 1
Valentines rose🌹
A rose will always be a rose
Sweet red rose
Beautiful little wonder
of nature
You represent love between
two people
That’s how everything great get started .
You caress my eyes
You elevate my soul
Symbol of love no wonder
Rose, you will always be a rose.

Love between people, not just couples but generally. That’s what life is all about. Love gives hope, peace and happiness.
239 · Feb 28
Life- haiku
Life, like the universe itself
Full of darkness, full of light
Always moving.

Shell ✨🐚
Life a reflection of the universe
238 · Feb 19
Everywhere you go
I go
I follow you till
end of time
till end of earth
Till end of night
After day
I’ll wait for you
See you soon
I am your moon.

Shell ✨🐚
It’s a wonderful thing that it seems like the moon is following you.
235 · Feb 8
Worthy earth
The world in all her beauty
Still humans forget their duty
To look after this precious earth.
Respect and cherish
What He created with so much worth..
So devine and heavenly
Treat our earth with dignity.

Shell ✨🐚
We have to cherish our planet.
234 · Apr 3
Quote 10🌷
Stay true to your inner child
The only one you’ll die with.

Shell ✨🐚
231 · Mar 11
Spring painting
Turquoise sky ,
some white clouds
fresh green landscape
soft pale sun
Pastel blooming trees
moving leaves
Birds sitting quietly

Shell ✨🐚
231 · Feb 3
World peace
Way to peace
(second part)

It all comes down to this
One life to live
One heart,
but infinite love to give
Let’s be like the rivers
infinite waters
flowing towards the seas
Infinite love
All  merging
To get to world peace.

I hope that their will come a day that there will be no more wars, no poverty
Equal opportunity for all
220 · Jan 13
Bright light
Sometimes being in a light
so bright
is the same as
being in the dark.
Shell ✨🐚
Having to much of something doesn’t mean it’s satisfying.. It can leave you with an empty feeling.
216 · Feb 3
Don’t wander too far
Everything you’re searching for
Is inside you.

Shell ✨🐚
We make the world not the other way around.
215 · Jan 4
World peace
The best way to Peace.
Give food from hand to hand
Give love from heart to heart
Give aid from land to land
Embrace each others differences..

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