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Color me me orange flower moon
When you’re near and full
Watching my beauty
That’s when I’ll bloom
in the light of night.
Sun of dark,
I’m so in love with you.

Shell ✨🐚
Desert flowers bloom at night.
7d · 205
Quote 182🌷
When your last days are here
all you will carry is what will  carry you too.
Your conscience.

Shell ✨🐚
Feb 23 · 39
Bow of hope.
Be like a tree
Happy with sun and rain.
Sing different songs
together with the wind.
Sometimes happy sometimes sad.
Changing leaves
still beautiful
through all seasons.
Still blossoming every time.
Knowing that to grow tall
sun and rain is needed.
Always look up after a rainy day
and discover a  colored ribbon in the sky.
It’s the hope for sunny ways tomorrow.

Shell ✨🐚
There is always hope no matter how dark the darkness.
Feb 16 · 48
Dreamers gateway
Dream the dreams of dreamers
Where the sun sets in different ways.
Many gateways we have
go through
To be where we’re supposed
to stay.

Holy gateway to the heavens
Cherry blossom trees
blossom by the sea.
Close your eyes
and see.
Find your gateway in
your dream.

Shell ✨🐚
So many gateways in life, love and dreams,
Layer upon layer
Petals close embrace.
my lovers closing arms.
A rose fully open.
Waiting… to be plucked.
Red rose from lover’s Eden
Fover your gardener I’ll be.

Shell ✨🐚
One red rose.
Feb 9 · 108
Quote 181🌷
Every shade of blue exists
in every kind of man.

Shell ✨🐚
We all feel the same pain.
Feb 4 · 78
In stillness
We cry when being born
we die in stillness

Surrounded by stillness
Blurred vision, can’t see far.
I am in slow motion,
body and mind
Till I stand still.
Nothing is moving
The wind is on mute.
Not even a whisper.
I meet myself at my own horizon.
I feel me.
From high to low I go.

You are all you have.
Nothing more nothing less.
Black of night travels through time
to meet light of day.
Don’t lose yourself in infinity.

I’m still here.
The same inside.
Older outside.
In stillness all we have is our memories and conscience.
In warm or cold embrace.
You connect with universe and God.
In stillness.
It will carry you till your last day.
Find inner-peace in solitude
and you’ll die a peaceful man.

Quote 181🌷

We cry when being born
We die in stillness of our own.

Shell ✨🐚
Stillness is necessary in your life.
To meet yourself and fuel your core.
Feb 1 · 215
Quote 180🌷
Don’t judge the path your fellow man is walking
Especially when he is barefooted.
His feet are his.

Shell ✨🐚
Be soft hearted when looking at someone. You don’t know his story.
Jan 28 · 170
The cause
Trauma in the roots
Everything  closing in
Tears like rivers
In the end you’re drowning
It’s not you....
It’s what’s done to you.
Be open
For help.

Many are struggling with unsolved feelings.
Aggression is what we see.
When someone behaves a certain way, don’t judge. It often comes from pain deep within.
Jan 25 · 49
Veiled dusk
When sleepy sun
is kissing blue of ceiling
peeled mango colors appear
creating soft light.
Twilight eyes turns dreamy .
Welcoming God’s dark blanket.
Birds hurry home.
Lovers favorite time.

Beauty of twilight. Always unique.
Observe and be part of it.
Jan 21 · 117
Being true
They say, nothing lasts forever,
but I can assure you
My love for you
will last longer then their forever
because long after you’ll be gone
my love for you
will still stand true.

Shell ✨🐚
True love never dies, no matter what.
Stays in the heart.
Jan 20 · 179
Healing herb 🌿
From the seed of love
Only alluring blossoms
will follow.
Let your intentions be
fertile soil
plant the way
to infinite humanity.
Instead of ruins
everlasting flower gardens.


Shell ✨🐚
Only love for one another,
no matter race, color or religion,
Can save this world.
Jan 18 · 249
Quote 179🌷
If you don’t like the way I am
walk away.
I refuse being something I’m not
to make you feel good.

Shell ✨🐚
Always stay true to yourself. You are good as you are.
Jan 15 · 74
Lover’s silhouette
Through twilight’s fields
We walk this Earth.
Until we meet our beloved.
Kiss me gently,
before nightfall.

Shell ✨🐚
Life in twilight
Love in twilight
In twilight Silhouettes to see.
Jan 6 · 59
Red Cardinals
Velvet red wings in sleeping cold
Waiting to sing.
Harmony in lover’s warmth.
Spirits for those who see.
Lucky view.

Shell ✨🐚
Two Cardinals sitting on branches in the cold.
Singing together.
Blending gems of God’s creations,
creating Mother Nature’s painting.
Variety in so many ways
Different shapes and colors.
See life moving,
hear the sounds breathing.
Waters soft hymn’s
Whispers of the wind
leaves dancing.

Shell ✨🐚
See and appreciate Earth, this world and each other. Make it a wonderful World.
Stop the wars! Please.
Jan 4 · 48
Working hands in prayer
Broken bones, painful joints.
Pin downed art to be admired
For centuries, everlasting.
Gratitude for sacrifice of a brother.
a way to honor he who set his hands in prayer.
Since the beginning of time hands were put together
while men pray with bowing head .
Till today it’s the same way humans humbly ask in prayer.
All over the world
for centuries,
for  faith ,
love and  peace.
For strength and guidance.
To never lose hope when in despair.
That we have enough kindness inside to help people in pain and those who suffer.
To be soft inside and always see the good in others and never to judge one another.
That we are forgiven for the things we did wrong
to find peace inside.
That there will be world peace someday.
With bowing head
we still humbly pray today.
It all began with gratitude for sacrifice made by a brother.
It al started with love.

Shell ✨🐚
This is inspired by the famous drawing of “Praying Hands” by Abert durer and the story behind it.
Dec 2023 · 148
The clock is ticking towards midnight hour.
Towards end of just another year.

Soon last season will be over,
time to leave behind all that’s gone by
Just like fall’s fallen leaves.

Time for reflection can begin.

Keys are there for doors to open.

To unlock life’s hidden mysteries
but  also to close doors
to all that’s in the past,

time for forgiveness sets in.

Another chance is given
to make wrongs right.

 It’s time for a new begin.

Every season has it’s own charm.

Every year it’s own mystery.

Every day in life you have the chance
for new beginnings.

Every day can bring you light.

Wish you and your beloveds a blessed
and peaceful Year.

May there be World Peace too someday.


Shell ✨🐚
Happy and blessed 2024.
Dec 2023 · 59
Quote 178🌷
like the taste of wine.
It comes with the years.
Listen to the elderly.

Shell ✨🐚
Somethings you just can’t learn from a book.
I will pin it down
Beauty in sadness
Will make you cry
The sadness of beauty so divine
Blanket of love to cover ourselves
Poems ,
breathing jewels of the spirit.

Writing, everlasting.
Dec 2023 · 243
Magic of Christmas Eve.
When midnight is here
Christmas trees are coming to life.
All the angels are humming, watching universe lightening up while reindeer fly higher and high.
Eyes delight.
Heaven opens sending blessings to a world in need.
It’s the wonder of birth of our Savior.
All planets are silent.
Observing caribou like creatures without wings, flying.
And Christmas begins….
Close your eyes,
Pray and sing.

Shell ✨🐚
In this time it’s very hard to believe in the magic of Christmas.
Still let’s be positive and keep praying.
Dec 2023 · 240
Quote 177🌷
Life is a
string of second chances.
Everyone deserves a second chance.

Shell ✨🐚
Life is making mistakes and learn from that. To grow..
Dec 2023 · 68
True love, forever young.
Treasured dreams.
Disappearing behind fog of life.
Blurred vision
trying to see through curtain
of falling night.
Mystery promise made
Anticipation growing
Flourishing awaits

In lover’s close embrace
Dark of night turns in
light of day and
flowers smile.
Dreams came true last night.
Counting hours passing by
Anticipation for once again
a passionate night’s delight.

Time passes while
love stays young forever.

Shell ✨🐚
True love grows but doesn’t get old.
We grow old and our love ripens  but stays young forever.
Dec 2023 · 250
Quote 176🌷
It takes an empty cage
for the last bird’s song to echo.

Shell ✨🐚
Dec 2023 · 375
Love and Peace✨✨
Snow globe moon is here.
Christmas is near.
It’s that special time again.
Cold weather, coziness.
Cinnamon scent fills the air.
Lights everywhere……
Let it come trough.
Let it be Christmas in our hearts

Shell ✨🐚
Please stop the wars for the sake of our children.
Dec 2023 · 122
In life
Lucky is he who has
a warm bed  to sleep
Enough to eat, water to drink.
Water to bathe.
Luckier is he who has the blessing of health, friends and family.
Most lucky is he who has himself and faith within.

You are blessed.
Dec 2023 · 706
Hello my old friend
Today in early morning dew
My eyes were searching for my moon.
Much to my delight
I saw a little quarter light
still sleeping like a baby sickle
covered by a little see through cloud
dreaming of the sun still yet to come
to greet at dawn of day.
I smiled and said “ hello my old friend “.

Shell ✨🐚
Moon lover
Dec 2023 · 262
Quote 175🌷
By saying sorry you don’t change the past.
You change the future.
At least you try.

Shell ✨🐚
Someone close to me said, it isn’t worth saying sorry. What’s been said has been said.
It did hurt me hearing that.
Nov 2023 · 123
Winter cabin by the lake
Immaculate white velvet kisses.
Covering little wooden cabin
by the lake
in peaceful quiet,
not a sound.
Christmas trees in nature
standing perfectly still,
shivering in winter’s cold.
Waiting patiently for cozy nights to come along.
With a family sitting around the fire
drinking hot chocolate
singing Christmas songs.
It’s the memory of my childhood.
When my folks were still around.
The time for new memories is now,
feelings of deja vu on my minds

Shell ✨🐚
Christmas time is near.
Nov 2023 · 309
Searching hands
Bloodshed on living walls.
In the name of light of peace.
Searching hands in yellow clouds.
Reaching for the untouchable men behind the gate.
Not knowing what they are doing.
Where they are going.
Man versus man.
I meet you on the battle field.
Look at me .
I am you .
Both lost in this political game.
Let the bloodshed stop.
Let us go together to only light
To brotherhood.
Heal everything that’s broken.
No more darkness behind closed doors.

Where Peace on Earth awaits.

Shell ✨🐚
When will we see…..
Nov 2023 · 151
Quote 174🌷
Don’t look too long
too deep
in those eyes.
You wil meet yourself.

Shell     ✨🐚
Watch closely and look
Wow we are so much alike.
Nov 2023 · 716
riverlike streams of wisdom
leading to open sea.
White strings of hair telling a story.
Never been heard.
Lesson to be learned.
Falling and rising.
Swimming against the tide
and still surviving.

Shell ✨🐚
Wisdom comes with years
Nov 2023 · 472
Naked life.
Sad or happy, it’s there
In everyone’s story,
No exception.
Feelings, universal.
we are,
with our own melody.
When dying we all remember.
In our own way.

Shell ✨🐚
We think we are different
We are not
Even world leaders
We are the same!!!
Same flesh, blood and
Nov 2023 · 235
Quote 173🌷
Write poetry
Read poetry
and see
magnolias and butterflies
come to life.

Shell  ✨🐚
It’s a whole other world out there.
Nov 2023 · 450
Autumn of life
In evening of summer
a change appears.
Cooler breeze is coming my way.
Looking at trees I feel thankful just to be.
Colors so soft taking all sharpness away.
Making me want to hum a silent song.
Watermelon leaves next to olive green and beige all going to the golden gate.
In this transition time of trees and leaves
it’s good for humans to realize
that autumn season
is like autumn of years.
Coming to the eve of our lives.
Life in pastel colors, softens the mind.
Going towards hopefully golden times.
Live well.

We don’t know what lies ahead for us in life.
Many problems can come along with getting older. Therefore let us do our part. Live healthy.
Take good care of yourself.
Oct 2023 · 214
Quote 172🌷
A treasure must be treasured
The ones who you love
and love you
are the real
jewels of your life
so treasure them.

Many treasure the wrong things in life.
Oct 2023 · 767
Melody of water.
of fluid nature.
pacifying calls.
Peaceful humming
of forest rapids.
Mountain’s waterfalls
echoing on and on
Nature’s streaming song.

Shell ✨🐚
So many soothing sounds of nature’s waters
Big moon is watching
as we are in each other’s arms.
Shining light on weeping willow,
our romantic hide away arms.
I lay down, look at you.
Big Charon is jealous of your view.
There are no ferrymen here
to cross souls over Pluto’s underworld rivers
Only surrounding loving moonlight’s auras.
Making our nights special.
Natural candlelight shivering with moving branches
Weeping willow sheds green tears.

Shell ✨🐚
Charon is one of the many moons of Pluto.
Oct 2023 · 1.2k
Quote 171🌷
All the honey and milk of another country couldn’t give him the feeling that spring water of his home gave to him.

Shell ✨🐚
Oct 2023 · 1.7k
If I could, if I would.
If I could paint ongoing war
it would be a canvas grey.
If I could paint the children’s hurt,
the sadness in their eyes,
It would be a canvas black,
like eyes without a sight.

If I could paint the hatred
between mankind right now
the canvas would catch fire.
Like bombs and missiles
thrown at innocent homes,
killing everyone with all their desires.

But I would like to paint
the prayers cry for help.
From all who feel your pain,
helpless child in war.
It will be a painting with soft yellow light.
Like a flaming candle in the night.
Canvas black must bathe in this shining glow.
Every prayer like a little star
on a moonless night.
Shedding light on human pain
comforting all children’s sorrow.

And white dove still sits patiently.
Hoping for better times.
To fly and bring green leaves for everyone.
For every little child.

When will the time come for him.
Message he wants to bring
message of world peace.

Children, I pray for you.

Shell ✨🐚
Pray for those little ones in these traumatizing times.
Oct 2023 · 1.4k
Quote 170🌷
You can fool yourself
with almost anything
but…..falling in love.

Shell ✨🐚
Oct 2023 · 233
Cry in the dark.
What’s happening in the world today.
Wars everywhere.
People shooting people because of different faith,
greed for one little piece of land.
Missiles thrown at innocent women, children and men.

A child grew up on conflict ground.
Saw all family and friends dying.
Born was the devil in him.
Only rage in a traumatized mind.
A planted seed without love.
Devil he will become.
Don’t you see.
Killing each other to have peace leads to nothing but loss.
Loss of love and loved ones.
Revenge leading to nothing but pain and end of everything
nothing has been gained.
Keep feeding hate with hate.
Wars will know no end.

Don’t throw bombs at innocent ones.
Children are just children wherever they’re from
No matter on which side of the borders they are.
Don’t you see you only create hate with what you do.
There is no faith that says go hurt
**** a child or a helpless man.

You can’t stop the hate with hate.
You can stop hate with nothing but love.
Please for once learn from the past.
You don’t have a winner in war.
You think that you might have won.
But there is that child somewhere
with rage in the heart.
And everything starts all over again.

Shell ✨🐚
Please stop the wars. Stop the killings of innocent ones. It doesn’t make you a hero .
Oct 2023 · 464
Self worth
She picked a flower
and put it in her hair
She felt beautiful.
They laughed at her at school.
It didn’t matter.
She smiled and the flower smiled too.

Shell ✨🐚
Always know your self worth.
What others think of you is their problem.
Oct 2023 · 87
Sunflower’s head is down.
It’s raining today.
No sun to look at and glow.
Sunflower’s tears mixed with the rain.
Fell on the ground whispering a name.
Then out of nowhere a rainbow appeared.
Saw sadness on Earth
and called out a name.
Sun appeared like on command.
Sunflower lift up her head and started to shine.
Winked at the ribbon of colors up in the sky.

Yes after the rain ribbon of candy
delivered the Sun.
A promise of light after the dark.
Of better times when things are bad.
Just never forget to
call out His name.

Shell  ✨🐚
Always try to stay positive even when bad things happen. Believe.
Oct 2023 · 111
Missing your roots
Sitting alone
Thinking again and again
The images in my conscience can’t go away
I’m reminded every giving moment when I’m alone.
You gave me away
For what?
To thrive?
I don’t fit in in this society.
I’m from my land and my sea.
Miss my own people
I miss the old me.
I’m a stranger who doesn’t fit in.
I tried, God how I tried.
There is this long forgotten song
deep in me.
I’ve cried every night since you left me here.
I’m blood of your blood
How can’t you understand me.
Or feel what I feel.
Mother don’t you miss me?

Shell ✨🐚
It’s astonishing how adopted children always search for their biological parents, no matter how good they have it . In a way understandable too.
Sep 2023 · 320
Haiku- happiness
healthy body bliss
nature’s view I thrive on you
music feeds my core

What does one need to feel happy.
Health, nature, music.
This on the fundament of Faith.
When being healthy you can work and take care.
In nature you find peace of mind
With music you fly.
Sep 2023 · 292
From hurt to happiness
I am sad.
This balloon is all I have.
Cheering  me up while hurting.
Why parents act so mean.
I rather run away with my balloon
then let it go.

Dear pet
When no one is here
you are by my side
Looking at me as if understanding.
That I’m in need of touching love.
You lick my face.

The words flow out of my mind
On paper white,
screen’s delight.
In many ways
I’ve learned to find
peace of mind.
Look at me now
I am a happy human being.

Shell ✨🐚
Always stay positive. Try.
Sep 2023 · 156
Almost there.
Falling leaves
on the rhythm of the wind
you fly.
To a place unknown.
Rainy days,
it’s getting colder.
People haste.
Umbrellas are up.
Year is getting older.
Let’s go home.

Shell ✨🐚
Yes, december is almost here.
In no time another year passes.
So much happened all over the world.
We are the falling leaves.
Different living skies as long as we are.

Nothing more interesting then the sky.
Every time another picture passes by.
Promises it holds.
I’m mesmerized by this.
It makes me happy and often makes my day.

Sky, I can watch you for hours . Sitting and just observing how you constantly change your ways.
Interesting clouds, snow white to dark.
Reflection of life you are.
Covering the sun sometimes creating a sharp silver lining.
Blue, grey, pastel.

With global warming,
all consuming fire in the sky.
Fright and we flee to safer havens where
softer heavens are.

Ceiling of life
I can feel safe under you
but also afraid when you look threatening.
Such bright colors, especially when the sun rises or sets.
Dawn and twilight how precious.
Not two times the same.

At night I look for the moon.
Hope you’re watching too.
Let’s take care of our nature.
It’s precious.
We need nature more then it needs us.


Don’t take from nature if it doesn’t feed you.

Shell ✨🐚
Sep 2023 · 74
Autumn- haiku
falling leaves of fall
rainy days with faster pace
umbrellas season

Shell ✨🐚
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