Popleocan Dec 2018
I've always been a better fit,
As someone left inside a pit.
No rising hills of happiness,
With sparks of hope alight with bliss.

For inclines end at edging cliffs.
Beckoning my fall.
Sparks are starts to raging fires.
No skin unburnt at all.

I've always been a better fit,
As someone tossed inside a pit.
Hands on a shovel as i dig.
But never can I fall.
Popleocan Dec 2018
I'm a broken car.
It's too expensive to fix me.
Buy another.
Popleocan Nov 2018
I lay longingly in the mud,
Wishing you would kick me.
Stab my chest, slit my wrists
Then patch me up so simply.

Set a fire to my scalp.
Tie a noose and choke me out.
So maybe with all that hate.
I could learn to love myself.

Bleach and burn my **** skin.
Drown me but let me breathe again.
So I can feel all the pain.
Each and every little thing.

All I ever want to be.
Is as important as an enemy.

Hated, berated, beaten, destroyed.
Love is something rarely enjoyed.
But better it is to be someone despised.
Than someone seen by no one's eyes.

If you won't love me, if you won't care.
I'll not fall into despair.
I'll foster hate from you to me.
I'll become your enemy.
Popleocan Nov 2018
Who is right?
Me or my mind?
The voice that says live,
Or the one that says why?

Who is right?
Me? My mind?
Am I the reason i'm alone?
Or are others unkind?

Who is right?
My mind I must say.
My thoughts make up who i am today.
But also those thoughts,
They lead me astray.
Fostering failures and breeding decay.

Who is right?
Me or my mind?
What is difference?
Where is the line.

Who is right?
There's no way to know.
I should ask others.
But I'm all alone.

Who is right?
Me or my mind?
Regardless, the saddest,
Wins every time.
I can drive away even people who say they can't be pushed away. I must truly be the next level of worthless garbage to be this unwanted.
Popleocan Nov 2018
Like a bullet piercing my brain stem
Time runs as she teases me,
Untouched by my defunct senses.

I dedicate the best team in my mind.
They run about plotting and planning her capture.
Preparing to ******* her defences.

But i wake up, she's vanished,
There's no chasing what i've lost.
I guess i'll get her tommorow.
Aware that my chase never stops.
another day wasted
Popleocan Nov 2018
I may have won the battle.
That is all i can say.
If i don't feel okay.
And things don't go my way.
Take pride in leaving bed today.
I may have won the battle.
But laundry is left undone.
I did't try to run.
I woke up after the highest point
Of the sun.
I may have won the battle.
Just the smallest kind.
Where I battle with my heart,
My soul, my mind.

The battle no one sees.
Thats why they say I whine.
My battles are so small.
My enemy undying.

I may have won the battle
But i haven't won the war.
If i never do.
What was I fighting for?
Popleocan Nov 2018
Become a voice.
Without form, without name.
Quieter than silence.
Hot like flame.
Invade insecurities.
Solidify shame.
Take hold of their heart.
And you control their brain.

First, isolation.
We have to **** them alone.
With the rejection of friends.
Seclude them to home.
Tell them their flaws.
Let lonliness remind them.
Tears become waves
Water to drown in.

Build them a raft.
Keep them afloat.
Give them ambition.
Hopes for a boat.
Foster their focus, that dream alone.
No need for friends, family or home.

Their raft distorts waves.
Pushing other ships astray.
Now the final steps, to take life away.

No work is necessary.
The oceans rise and fall.
A wave and its crest.
Will destroy it all.

No ship invincible.
Now they float alone.
No kind of boat can carry them home.
To friends they abandoned.
To family left behind.
The many years at sea,
Turn their hearts unkind.

Now lay back.
Your voice becomes theirs.
No one can save them.
And now no one cares.

No knife
No bludgeon
No rifle
Nor axe.
As the killer, you can finally relax.

Watch as they struggle,
And plead.
Crying for help.
Injesting the sea.
Hearing your voice.
Losing their air.
"No one will help"
"No one will care"

As they now drown
Send them a boat.
Give them the choice of staying afloat.
If they accept it, don't worry its fine.
Their death will come, in some short time.

It takes one small wave.
So simple and quick.
Your voice in their head:
"Jump ship! Jump ship!"
That's all it takes,
To keep them aware.

"No one will help"
"No one will care"

Let the waves pass.
And perhaps the next tide.
It will have been your voice.
That lead them to die.

To **** any man.
You first **** their mind.
And they'll lose themselves.
Under the tide.
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