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Himdi ako naghintay
nang pagkahaba-habang panahon
upang sa huli ay wala akong ibang gawin
kundi ang maghintay muli

hindi ako narito
upang tumambay lang nang sandali
dahil sa una pa lang ay
balak ko nang manatili

hindi ako umibig upang maging masaya

kung ang pagmamahal sayo ay
pagsaksak sa aking sarili,
walang bahala kong itututok
ang kutsilyo nang dali-dali

ganoon kita mamahalin

kaya bago mo hingin ang
aking kamay,
sana'y sigurado kang mananatili
ang 'yong paghawak
You shine like nobody else does.
You give light to a life full of darkness.

You shine in a crowded world.
You are the sunshine who makes me smile.
thank you
At one moment, i just saw myself smiling like there is no tomorrow.

Finally, you came into my life and you changed it into a beautiful one.

Little did i know, that it will be possible for me to find happiness within you.

Finally, you're part of my life and i know everything will be okay when i'm with you.

Unexpectedly, i didn't know that someone will make me the happiest like you do.

Finally, you answered the prayer that i always asking for.
Thank you, my favorite gemstone.
  Mar 2018 Keithlyne
Deep Sangani
When you said,
"You're the strongest person I've ever known"
I didn't understand.

When you said,
"You can go through a lot and still smile"
I didn't understand

And when you said,
"You can feel pain and agony and still stand up"
I didn't understand.

So you held my heart
and twisted it.

You threw away
all I loved,
broke them into pieces,
and never managed to pick them up.

You broke silence
with blood.
that I now convert to

like you said,
I smiled through it all.
I didn't want to disappoint you.
I don't blame you.
Keithlyne Mar 2018
I wanna end this day, letting go my feelings for you,
I wanna start the new day with a free heart and mind.

I wanna end this day listening to the song i dedicate for you,
I wanna start the new day with a happy song for myself.

I wanna end this day remembering the things that reminds me of you,

I wanna start the new day forgetting that i loved you.

I will because i can, I can't because i don't want.

I will end this day leaving the memories of you
because i can start the new day creating good memories
without you.
I hope i can.
Keithlyne Mar 2018
Tears came out with hatred within the heart & mind,
Rants i kept for a long time came out in my mouth.

The tears that i hide through a smile that you always see,
finally fell down from my emotional eyes.
The rants that explains the feelings that i kept,
you finally heard with heart out.

The tears symbolises the rants that i feel,
the rants that explains the reasons behind my tears.

In reality, tears & r will be useless when YOU is not in the picture.
Without YOU, tears &rants will not be visible but thank God,
YOU came.
Because of YOU the smile on my face
became reasonable and valuable.
Because of you.
  Mar 2018 Keithlyne
He seems all tough
With his messy hair
And hard deceiving eyes
Lit cigarette, bottle in hand
Pure trouble at sight
He is a dark mystery
One I've always wanted
To figure out
But his heart is a shield
He won't let me go near
In the end, he may just be
Another soul, afraid to feel
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