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Nov 2020 · 235
Luna Nov 2020
they tell you
"if you love someone let them go"
and they say it like it's easy
Nov 2020 · 165
Luna Nov 2020
it's funny how
one sour bite
can turn the whole apple
Feb 2020 · 200
Luna Feb 2020
why do you even try?
you know they're not gonna talk to you
why would anyone want to talk to you
you're weird
you're gross
you're meant to be alone
Feb 2020 · 184
Luna Feb 2020
im yours
always yours
forever yours
yours and only yours
your little toy
to use as you wish
use me and throw me away
im yours
Feb 2020 · 171
Luna Feb 2020
how long will it take to forget me
a year
a month
a week
a day
how long until im faceless
stuck in old memories you
forgot were there
how long until
my name means nothing
Feb 2020 · 171
Luna Feb 2020
today has been a
a day like many others
a day of tears
and depressive thoughts
and trying to remember how to
tie a noose
cause you learned
once when
you were twelve
but never went through
today has certainly been a day
a horrible, agonizing day
but a day nonetheless
and tomorrow will be a day too
and tomorrow’s tomorrow
and all the tomorrows after that.
Feb 2020 · 186
Luna Feb 2020
I cant help
but wonder
if I could have
done something
to help you
to stop you
to free you
Feb 2020 · 128
Luna Feb 2020
Hounds of hell
lap at pools of blood and ichor
trickling from my
open neck
Feb 2020 · 120
Luna Feb 2020
they don't look at you but
you can tell they're disappointed when you sit down
their shoulders fall
and they grow quiet
nobody wants you here
Feb 2020 · 117
Luna Feb 2020
you try so hard to be friendly
you try so hard to be nice
you try so hard and they spit in your
and tell you you're
Nov 2019 · 1.1k
Luna Nov 2019
Wrap my throat with barbed wire
clip my tongue and yank it out
sew my lips and make me
Oct 2019 · 430
Luna Oct 2019
I wish i were strong enough
to weather the bad
so i could appreciate the good
but every drop of rain is like acid
and I'm dissolving beneath your feet
Sep 2019 · 221
be yourself
Luna Sep 2019
tell me what you want
and ill be it
... myself, you say?
i dont know who she is
Sep 2019 · 190
Luna Sep 2019
home is
between your arms
my head pressing into your chest
my thumb slowly rubbing your palm
home is
your scent wrapping me in
soft blankets of love
home is
when im with you
Sep 2019 · 219
Luna Sep 2019
a chalice
gold as Midas's touch and encrusted with
rubies of blood
cold to the touch yet it burns your fingertips
when you graze the delicately emblazoned surface
pick it up
swirl it
watch the viscous liquid twirl around
like a ballerina on a summer stage
it glistens in the light
love's sweet kiss tingles on your lips
and desire's red wine seeps into your soul
lust's thick fog clouds your eyes, lightens your head
and your heart screams for her
only her
Sep 2019 · 445
nothing special
Luna Sep 2019
it appears i am
incredibly average
at everything i do
Sep 2019 · 174
corpse hug
Luna Sep 2019
limp in your arms
like im dead already
you squeeze me tight
sobs racking your body
tears staining my clothes
i feel nothing
i thought i was the sad one?
Sep 2019 · 171
Luna Sep 2019
call me pretty
lie through your teeth
call me beautiful
smile with your mouth
call me gorgeous
hold me where it hurts
call me what you like
we both know what's true
Aug 2019 · 283
dont want paradise anymore
Luna Aug 2019
take me
use me
leave me to rot
its what i want
Aug 2019 · 153
Luna Aug 2019
shut your mouth!!
nobody wants to hear you speak
Aug 2019 · 174
Luna Aug 2019
like a buzzard she
feasts upon the fallen
tearing scraps of skin from
their cold, cold bodies
she stares you in the eye with
blood dripping from her open maw and
dares to say she didnt do it
Aug 2019 · 316
Luna Aug 2019
try as i may i can
never forget the way your
eyes look when the sun
makes them glimmer like
silver fish in a pond
Aug 2019 · 328
Blue jean
Luna Aug 2019
Blue jean sky
hangs over the park
The one i love next to me her
Arm resting behind me my
Head on her chest our
Legs tangled together like
Knotted strings
Blue jean grows darker
Our love grows brighter
She’s wrapped around me
Swaying to the beat of the music
My jacket around her shoulders
Red looks good on her
She sings along
I close my eyes
Is this bliss?
Aug 2019 · 427
Luna Aug 2019
i accept chaos
whirling swirling chaos
all around us
we live in constant
the world is uncontrollable
so im content letting it happen
Aug 2019 · 147
Luna Aug 2019
everything is beautiful
through the lens of love
but take off those glasses
for nothing is what you make it
when you’re in love
One guy i used to have a crush on was a **** and i didnt realize it until i fell out of love ****
Aug 2019 · 541
Luna Aug 2019
I grieve
For the girl lost
I celebrate
the girl found.
Aug 2019 · 1.4k
hurts me
Luna Aug 2019
The look in your eyes
hurts more
than the blade
on my hip
Aug 2019 · 575
Luna Aug 2019
Existing is just
prolonging my

so why keep
Aug 2019 · 145
Honey clouds
Luna Aug 2019
Golden clouds of honey
Coat my throat
Filling my heart
With warm, sticky wonder
Aug 2019 · 527
Luna Aug 2019
I dream
My eyes seeing nothing
But your face that isnt there
Aug 2019 · 144
Luna Aug 2019
I am jealous
of the sun
who gets to kiss your sleeping face
every morning
I am jealous
of your hair
who gets to cradle your face
in it's wavy hands
I am jealous
of your cats
who get to cuddle you
whenever they please
I am jealous
I wish to love you
But I'm stuck imagining
your face next to mine
your soft breath dusting my cheek
warm, comfortable silence
sewn together
with threads
of love
Aug 2019 · 121
Luna Aug 2019
It’s one of
those nights
another night
another sob
another rip in my skin
another dream
another hand around
my neck another squeeze another
scar on my hip
another bandaid
another tissue
with blood and snot and

another night.
another day.
Aug 2019 · 20.1k
what’s truly beautiful?
Luna Aug 2019
you say my writing is
but you forget that you’re
the one
inspiring it
Aug 2019 · 306
Luna Aug 2019
You take my breath away
then give me some of your own
Aug 2019 · 242
Luna Aug 2019
when i cant see
you’re the light
that guides me home
Aug 2019 · 133
Luna Aug 2019
There are bees in my head
And clouds in my throat
I can’t think
and I can’t speak
But my blood is filled with honey
And my eyes are wide like grapes
My hands shake like dragonflies
And my heart races like a rabbit
Thumping thumping
Running from you, to you
Only you
Could make me feel this way
Like my feet are backwards
And my arms are ripping at their seams
Like my cheekbones are flying
Like my collarbone is crying
Like everything is wrong
And yet so, so right
Aug 2019 · 161
Luna Aug 2019
I wonder how many times I've said your name
while laying in bed at night
Calling until you answer
even if it's just in my head
Aug 2019 · 488
Luna Aug 2019
do you care
so much

what did i do
to deserve

are you

why do you
make me feel
the way
i do

what is it
about you

what is it
about me

why do you
stick around

why don't you
hate me

why can't you
leave me be

why can't you
just abandon me

why do you stay

am i really that worth it

do you really think that of me


why do you love me?
Aug 2019 · 363
Luna Aug 2019
I want to be
wrapped in your arms
head resting on your chest
the soft pound of your heartbeat
lulling me to sleep
Aug 2019 · 215
Luna Aug 2019
I wish I could tell you
everything that's going on
in my mind but
I'm not even sure
I know
Aug 2019 · 141
can't hold it back
Luna Aug 2019
I can feel you staring at me
but I can't think about it
if I do I'll start to smile
Jul 2019 · 115
Luna Jul 2019
The sun burns my back
as the pavement burns my feet
shoeless and sockless
running down the street
I refuse to put them on
though my soles are bright and red
Shove **** between my toes?
I'd much rather be dead.
thats all there is to say on the matter
Jul 2019 · 301
apathetic emotion
Luna Jul 2019
How is it
that I feel so
and yet
nothing at
my life is an oxymoron
Jul 2019 · 117
Luna Jul 2019
It will all be okay
that's what I tell you, at least
but you don't believe me
I don't blame you
I don't believe me either
Jul 2019 · 958
on my mind
Luna Jul 2019
and suddenly
every love song
was about
Jul 2019 · 198
easy way out
Luna Jul 2019
"I love you."
I whisper as I set my alarm
"I love you."
I whisper as I write down goodbye
"I love you."
I whisper as I creep down the stairs
"I love you."
I whisper as I open up the bottles
"I love you."
I whisper as I empty them into my hand
"I love you."
"I love you."
"I love you."
Almost did, but didn't go through with it lol
Jul 2019 · 539
is it pollution or love?
Luna Jul 2019
I can see more stars in your eyes
than I've seen in the sky
I don't know whether
that says more
about you
or the sky
Jul 2019 · 188
Luna Jul 2019
I wish
I could just
kiss you
those who
homophobia's a *****
Jun 2019 · 284
Luna Jun 2019
watch the
autumn leaves
break off in
the wind and
spiral down
in a grace
ful twirl be
fore landing
on the cold
Jun 2019 · 137
three am
Luna Jun 2019
it's still dark out
but i'm awake
sitting crosslegged on my bed
tears painting my cheeks
freeing love i couldn't hold
i cradle the elephant you gave me in my arms
rubbing it's head with my thumb
dim lamp light reflects in it's eyes
and lone tears drip onto it's fur
i wish you were here
so i could hold you here instead
but its three am
and you're sound asleep
i'm waiting for the sun to rise
its actually four am but three am sounds more poetic right now ****
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