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7.0k · Dec 2018
Masin Dec 2018
"Sometimes home isn't 4 walls,
It's 2 eyes and a heartbeat."
I didn't wirte this, I just love the notion of it. Can't wait till I find my 2 eyes and a heartbeat.
4.3k · Jan 2019
Photography Pt.2
Masin Jan 2019
I remember the first time,
I picked up this camera
Wasn't so sure
Could it be a sure thing?
Like you being by my side
My first thought
Was to run to that spot we found
Way back ago, when finding views
Is all we loved to do
My mind and vision
My lens, my camera
Can't go a day without.
4.0k · Dec 2018
Masin Dec 2018
Feel the affectionate bliss
Realistic, hard to miss

The sound of the shuttler released
Capturing all I see
The sound of the wind when it breathes
Confront to cherish, before I leave

Hands frail but immense w/ ability
To turn each frame into memories
1.8k · Dec 2018
2 Badfish
Masin Dec 2018
She looked at the moon with me all night
The sounds of crashing tides
  We talked, in til I finally kissed her
She played that song, so sublime
Didn’t think I could click,
With you that quick
We sung every lyric on point

“baby your a big blue whale”

Even though our love is thru
Im grateful that the universe
Came thru and did me a solid
By meeting you.
1.5k · Dec 2018
Masin Dec 2018
The city doesn't feel the same
Without you, its too quiet
1.2k · Jan 2019
Masin Jan 2019
I could stare at you all day and say nothing
Its rare, I didn't even realize I was smiling that hard.
You'd notice and
Stare back, sticking your tongue out.
Goodbyes are hard
But I'll keep this smile
Day round, cause I feel the love
All around me
1.1k · Jan 2019
Ferris Wheel
Masin Jan 2019
Flowing like wind
I inhale you deep in,
My lungs
Chest beating like drums
The world is rotating
and your spinning around
Like a Ferris wheel inbound
In a way, you got me feeling relief
Must have been the smile u planted on me
Spending all my time,
In your vibrant patterns
Waves crashing and dying
Don't get me wrong
Its beautiful.
984 · Dec 2018
Love Is Immortal
Masin Dec 2018
Love is immortal
we're always going to be
one, you and I

From the moment we first clicked
We were bound as one

Try to forget,
It happens to all of us
Hate me if you wish
Love is pure
It shapes us
As a heart in human form

Love is Immortal
It goes on
920 · Dec 2018
Masin Dec 2018
I don't have everything!
But when I pick up my camera

I am free

Hours and hours could pass by
My legs and hands could ache

But I am still free

Hopping fences
Climbing buildings
Running from security guards

All in all
To catch a moment

Worth it
I am free when I pick up my camera
856 · Dec 2018
Linda Mujer
Masin Dec 2018
You are a queen
Keen to the eye
Rose from sunshine
Nobody can keep you,
From ever growing
Embrace and drink
Let the water thicken your roots
Linda Mujer, I wanna see you bloom
852 · Dec 2018
An Old Poem
Masin Dec 2018
Hey you, heart
I notice that different beat

“Yeah, are you scared”

I am, but it feels great

“It’s ok, I got you”

Ok, I’m all in

Hey gaby! (flaking) Could I,
Get some barbecue sauce

About an ex girl. You were my badfish.
776 · Dec 2018
Masin Dec 2018
Look up to the sky
My heart is wide

Ill give you my camera
I want see what attracts your eye
750 · Dec 2018
Masin Dec 2018
My scars are like a map,
Of who I am
They are the only thing
That reminds me very well
In detail of how I got them
Like tattoos never planned
Some are funny
Some were just stupid
Some were lessons
But all of them had a thing,
In common, they all ******* hurt:)
Only love
743 · Dec 2018
R a i n
Masin Dec 2018
I fell,
Hit my head on the pavement
Rain has a pleasant fragrant
My thoughts blossomed in shout
On the floor with my tongue out
The rain flow is heavy
Colliding on my cheek
I admire how it feels
625 · Jan 2019
Lunar Phase
Masin Jan 2019
The world rotated Enough
Jus so I could find You
Your my full new moon
545 · Feb 2019
Masin Feb 2019
I think of you
The day is fresh
Little pockets in this new day
Got me hoping and praying
That you are always safe
Cause I know how fast you like to go
When your running late
In your tiny Scion
Everyday I pray and I hope
I don't know why I do
It's been that way since...

I met you.
465 · Dec 2018
La La
Masin Dec 2018
My heart is both pure and utter
My mind is lucid and aware
Infatuated when I’m in the city
She knows my heart
445 · Feb 2019
Woke up
Masin Feb 2019
Had a dream that I won a million bucks
And then
Woke up feeling like a million bucks
407 · Dec 2018
If I have to, I would!
Masin Dec 2018
I would like you to witness
The beauty,
That I see in you
I'd give you my eyes
If I have to.
398 · Apr 2019
Masin Apr 2019
I came thru,
The finest moments are
Existing in your presence
Wander off in your aura
Keep you in mind when the day light fades
Dream of you when my eyes are getting lower
Savor you like a moment
finesse the night, my hands touching your waist
Make it last

Endless like earths rotations
Of rays of sunshine
Silhouette moonlights,
That outlines your figure

You the realest I've seen
Short and impeccably feisty
I love it when you act mean
keep you around me

I appreciate, your time, your love, your kindness
392 · Dec 2018
Masin Dec 2018
The touch of your lips are firey
You took my hand and now I'm gone
Don't need to know why when you're beside me.

— The End —