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Masin Apr 10
I came thru,
The finest moments are
Existing in your presence
Wander off in your aura
Keep you in mind when the day light fades
Dream of you when my eyes are getting lower
Savor you like a moment
finesse the night, my hands touching your waist
Make it last

Endless like earths rotations
Of rays of sunshine
Silhouette moonlights,
That outlines your figure

You the realest I've seen
Short and impeccably feisty
I love it when you act mean
keep you around me

I appreciate, your time, your love, your kindness
Masin Feb 20
I'm heavy weights in my mind
I just want to float like the clouds
In the middle of the city,
Im easy to find
I want you and me. To be
If I had you still.
Life could be a thrill
Leaning more to the left
Thinking of you,
Can take away my breath

"Come meet me in the middle,
right there where you always be
Somewhere in between,
you and I will always be."
Completely inspired by the song, Trippy by Anderson ,Paak
Masin Feb 11
Had a dream that I won a million bucks
And then
Woke up feeling like a million bucks
Masin Feb 2
I think of you
The day is fresh
Little pockets in this new day
Got me hoping and praying
That you are always safe
Cause I know how fast you like to go
When your running late
In your tiny Scion
Everyday I pray and I hope
I don't know why I do
It's been that way since...

I met you.
Masin Jan 30
I could stare at you all day and say nothing
Its rare, I didn't even realize I was smiling that hard.
You'd notice and
Stare back, sticking your tongue out.
Goodbyes are hard
But I'll keep this smile
Day round, cause I feel the love
All around me
Masin Jan 20
I remember the first time,
I picked up this camera
Wasn't so sure
Could it be a sure thing?
Like you being by my side
My first thought
Was to run to that spot we found
Way back ago, when finding views
Is all we loved to do
My mind and vision
My lens, my camera
Can't go a day without.
Masin Jan 15
The world rotated Enough
Jus so I could find You
Your my full new moon
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