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Nick Stiltner Mar 19
Seas of swaying green reduced to gray city skylines (the triumphant results of our modern enlightenment)
Slicked oil waters pulse from the refineries, defeated heads held down against the cold winds walk the streets.
Malaise grips the populace,
our attention at every turn deftly averted to the trivial.
Welcome one, welcome all, to the Anthropocene.

Smoke stacks bellowing, pockets full of printed greenbacks thickening,
the overwhelming scents of greed and gluttony bleed into everything.
Throw your trash to the streets, stomp the last embers and smear ash on the wall,
Look around and you will see humanities closing scenes.
Welcome one, welcome all, to the Anthropocene.

It seems in the end truth has left us,
hope has evacuated,
it’s speakers replaced with puppets
That dance and masquerade on taught strings.
Come in my friends, take your seats in the audience,
The show has already begun!
The lights are dimming and the pieces well set,
Welcome one, welcoming all, to the Anthropocene.

Continents ablaze, reduced to decayed black.
The streets of your home flooded,
Mother Nature holding on by a trembling thread,
And in all of our brightest intellect,
We do not reknit the thread.
Instead of reversing our own mistakes, instead of adjusting our sails to the changing winds,
we hold the scissors to that trembling string and begin to cut with a smile.
Manicured life,
Monocultured lawns perfectly maintained through the drought, appearances kept up through the drowning monsoon winds.

Welcome, my dearest friends, to the end of our days, whether you agree to them or not,
Welcome to the first conscious mass extinction, brought to you by the height of human innovation
Welcome, my brothers and sisters, to the Anthropocene.
Mystic904 Sep 2017
There, come the sounds of shrieks and shriek
And here, comes a newly prepared tweet

For how long will we remain silent,
Goes another ambulance with a loud siren

The missiles are again ready to ****,
Loaded with a thousand kills, a bill?

There's goes another missile with the millionth ****
Here we are, ready to take another pill

God, be the judge of the tyrants
Neither are we going anywhere still
Jennifer Weiss Jun 2015
Wherever you're at
this very minute
God has a special assignment for you,
and I'm wondering
are you
in it?
Are you even aware?
Are you moving forward?
Would you even dare?

It took me some time,
and I'm still getting there.
But I'm reaching for it every moment,
and I refuse to be scared.
If you take a moment
to let
God be God,
He will show you how
what He has to give
is better than all things
you could ever want.
there's no room for doubt.

— The End —