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Gypsy Mar 2015
In my darkest dreams have I ever wept
Until the tears rained blood into the soil of the earth
And roses bloomed like wildfire ripping across plains in a sea of thorns
Of red
Im time I found the temptation
Growing stronger in me with every breath
I listened for the call
The fox and the crow we became
His cunning matched by his own oppression
In death, returned my soul confession
It was time for me to take what belonged to me
To make it my own
In my darkest dreams have I ever wept
Into the waking morn', my obsession.
Gypsy Dec 2014
In darkness I found myself
Empty through the veins
To my finger tips
I became
Inseparable from the pain
The leeches that drew
The words from my flesh
My flesh from my bones
The bones I crack open
To feel alive
To feel ashamed
I'm on my knees and I no longer feel a thing
Feel you
I long for you
I cling to you
But you can't even hear me anymore
But until the earth has taken me
Until my rotting marrow
Seeps into the bellow of the lamb
I will call for you
For you
I love you so much and Hiding that is driving me insane
Gypsy Dec 2014
In my bones there is fire
It seeps from my marrow
It radiates
It burns me from the inside out demanding to be heard
To be felt
To be known
I shut my eyes and push back the pain
The sorrow
I allow myself to become hollow
And pure
But I am unclean
I am filth
I am rage
There is a fire
And it burns
And as I rip the flesh from my bones
I can hear it whisper
It is pure
Gypsy Dec 2014
The smoke seeping from your lungs
Into mine
Like the venom in my blood
Reminding me of the cold in his breath
The nails down someone else's back
Then back to you
Back to me
I carve your name over and over
Until the words become air
In my lungs
In your head
In my head
I find myself trapped in this cage
In this life
In this love
In you
In me
I am lost
In the smoke within your breath
Gypsy Nov 2014
For a thousand lives, only one was needed
Every lie I told, and infection treated
We run together, we run apart
We fight the madness of mind and heart
I cling to you for one last breath
I wish for life, I wish for death
And with this promise you have spoken
And every promise I have broken
I forgive myself with reason
Only time can cleanse this treason
For you, a thousand lives I give
For you, a thousand lies I live
A letter to myself.
Gypsy Oct 2014
The desperation in your voice
Quivered like the arrow
In your grasp
Hunting for the answers
Only time can tell
You searched a thousand faces
Looking for the one to keep you whole
Make you one
Lead you out of every breaking
Heart to hold
Hard to hold
I can't feel you anymore
But I still find myself
Searching through a thousand faces
Begging you to be
This is more of a collection of lyrics than a general poem or prose.
Gypsy Oct 2014
The bitter end
The taste of velvet
Slipping down my weary throat
I hold my head towards familiar faces
All their eyes
The cloth slips around my neck
The wool scratches at me
Like the claws of a midnight shadow
Creeping 'cross the cradle
For a whisper
For death
I close my eyes
The earth beneath me shatters
Like glass the door breaks loose
My body breaks
My soul releases from this cage
This broken,
Rotten cage.
But their eyes were still blue.
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