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Lady Bird Dec 2019
personality can be a life taker
full of weight; a heart stalker
a manipulator; a mirror breaker
hold on to the pieces
smooth and sharp
love from others around you
can glue the shards back
yet cracks my still show
no one is perfect for the
light of life still will glow
stay positive; have faith
don’t let go...
Lady Bird Sep 2018
a powerful
radiant soul
a promising positive
treasured heartbeat
a thrilling pleasure
indulging in beauty
you are…Be(you)tiful
I Was Given This Prompt: Be(you)tiful
Lady Bird Sep 2018
a sip of coffee
a puffed out cigarette
a nonchalant nod
with a goodbye
Write In 14 Words Only Using This Quote Prompt --
" There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person" ~~Fred Rogers
Lady Bird Sep 2018
slowly cracking not
yet lost its control
the heat it keeps rising
with no hesitance of just
warming yet its flames
of distrust craves the burn
of the wild fire’s temper
I Was Giving The Prompt "FIRE" In  32 Words Exactly
Lady Bird Sep 2018
a puzzled face so flushed and bent
thinking over it hard and so effected
with a broken heart saying goodbye
to the broken soul that gave up
yet no one really knows why
Lady Bird Sep 2018
drips of joy
some of pain
peel me you'll
find restrain
liked or disliked
I‘m all the same
aroma and sight
so guess my name


don't take these
words by surprise
you might shed tears
from your eyes
many have complained
that I'm a nuisance yet
who I am is who I am and
can't help how I was named
open your eyes cant you see
an "ONION" thats just me...
Lady Bird Sep 2018
each fallen letter
scattered the tabletop
sliding their shadows behind
from the darkness into light
A through Z
the alphabet yearns for
their wording placement
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