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  Jun 2016 Tommy Jackson
By marrying me, my wife proved
That she, had a lot of guts
If it wasn’t her, then someone else for sure
That I’d be driving nuts
  Jun 2016 Tommy Jackson

. my

. hand

. on

. your

. chest;

. warm

If an angel from heaven above
came to rest by my weary side
and said that she would  
grant me one final wish
I would wish
that we had
an eternity

and then some...

As from the earth the light Balloon
Asks nothing but release—
Ascension that for which it was,
Its soaring Residence.
The spirit looks upon the Dust
That fastened it so long
With indignation,
As a Bird
Defrauded of its song.
how many times do you sit alone in your room whispering to yourself
"he doesn't love me"
over and over again
and when are you going to give up
and realize you've
been right all along.
  Jun 2016 Tommy Jackson
Curse me
with your beauty
with your eyes
make me feel something
even if it is "cursed"

curse me
with your movements
with your hands
make me want something
even if i cant have it

curse me
with your mouth
your words
tell me something
even if it's untrue

curse me
with your existence
with your being
make me love something
even if love never lasts

curse me
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