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Jan 2019 · 319
Kiohtel Jan 2019
The day I was born to you
I was held with such care
You loved your dear daughter
Her perfect visage
Your expectations
Your future
Your fulfillment

I wanted to show you the world
I never asked for your vision
You loved your daughter
Her perfect visage
And rejected me
My expectations
My future
My fulfillment
Dec 2018 · 113
Kiohtel Dec 2018
Hi, Ma'am?
I am new here.
Do you know what happened?

Hello? Sir?
I don't have a phone
Can you please give me directions?

Hey, kid!
Can you hear me?
How do I go back?

Somebody, anybody?
I don't want this
Please help me out

You, there?
I think I messed up
I'm scared

Oh, God!
Think I left my wallet and ID
In my coffin
Mar 2018 · 157
Stay a while
Kiohtel Mar 2018
People walking and out
I bite my tongue not to shout
I did not ask ..for them to come
I didn't ask them be done

Took me longer ..than it should have
I yearned harder ..than I could have
They're gone before ..I find the bleed
I would take the pain ..but it's not to be

I know I'm glad ..that I met you
But I'm so sad ..that I met you
I cannot find ..the words to say
While I do this to ..myself again

You're alone in crowds ..just like I am
I find myself ..lost in your mind
You make me laugh, you make me smile
For a change, I hope you ..stay a while
I cherish all my friends, however long they stay <3
Feb 2018 · 145
Kiohtel Feb 2018 you ever feel?
Like you ended up..
..In the wrong Universe
wrong Galaxy..
..wrong Planet
wrong City..
..wrong Home
wrong Work..
..wrong Family
wrong Life..
..wrong Body
wrong shoes..
..wrong thoughts
wrong Soul..
..Like you Are
so Wrong.. lost
If only.. could imagine
What it would be like.. feel Right?
Is anyone ok, really? We either know everything and are miserable or we create lies to make it seem better..and the cycle repeats..
Jan 2018 · 263
Kiohtel Jan 2018
My home is like a fragile dream
A map scattered in my mind
How could it be a part of me
When there, I can find no sign?

I know there exists the beauty I seek
For it teases and leaves me yearning
For it, my heart has learned to speak
The tongues I would be let down in

I watch my days and years pass
Waiting for better ones to come
Now I'm looking back at the grass
And the sand and the shining sun

Am I not strong or am I too worn
Who is around to tell..?
God is a question I'm counting on
To send me answers at hell

Dare I wish for love to feel?
It comes and goes like waves
And leaves behind some parts to heal
Not quite the things I craved

Chemicals flowing in my body
Menace my emotional raft
Create memories with nobody
And overwhelm me till I laugh

However the truth I accept it now
I was born deviant and wrong
You can't combine the sky and ground
With things that don't belong

I don't mind the lies I'm told
You'll find my inner face alit
From the heat I take when truth unfolds
As long as I have someone to play with
This is the journey of a person trying to find companionship in anything possible... In their own mind, their experiences, the past and present, their memories, their self, their God, in love and friendships, in drugs and in nature. It concludes that the inner real self of the person feels much stronger as long as they have a companion even if they are lie
Jul 2017 · 150
Young Tree
Kiohtel Jul 2017
He's always Morphing,
Thoughts in his mind

He's ever Seeking,
The chance to get by

I see a tortured soul
You were a sapling at most
I believe your branches will reach
Someday it will all be green

He's really been Fighting,
Fears buried deep

He's Combining,
Love and deceit

I know you're a tortured soul
You were a sapling at most
I believe your branches will reach
Transform the concrete to green

Some days he's Smiling,
To beautiful things

I catch him Doubting,
For the moments we breath

I know you're a tortured soul
You were a sapling at most
I need your branches to breach
These walls are meant to be green
For heart so beautiful, you need a moment to fathom..
Jul 2017 · 255
Kiohtel Jul 2017
Her face I see
On my unworthy screen
Her heart I perceive
Is a storm and a breeze

Her voice I hear
Enchanting and sweet
Her guts I feel
Inspiring me

Her spark I see
With my dazzled eye
Her words I read
Wearing a stupid smile
This is my first poem in a long time and my first poem here.. Its about an interesting and unique person who encouraged me to write again. Happy Birthday to you, Non <3

— The End —