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Oct 2020 · 1.4k
Dancing flames 🔥
FullmoonFlower Oct 2020
Our flames dances in the dark
by morning they’ll be one
melted together
dancing for eternity
Our love is on fire
Lighting up passion
for the closeness we desire
by the morning let’s stay in
and wait for the sun to set
so our flames can reconnect
swaying under the stars
Oct 2020 · 1.2k
FullmoonFlower Oct 2020
Better with you
I’m no good without
I didn’t need a savior
I was in need of you
the love that you carry
so pure and honest

Don’t be scared
because of the tears in my eyes
I’ve just finally arrived
even if I seem confused
I know this is my destination
I’m just so much better with you
Oct 2020 · 123
FullmoonFlower Oct 2020
Better with you
I’m no good without
I didn’t need a savior
I was in need of you
the love that you carry
so pure and honest

Don’t be scared
because of the tears in my eyes
I’ve just finally arrived
even if I seem confused
I know this is my destination
I’m just so much better with you
Oct 2020 · 157
show & tell
FullmoonFlower Oct 2020
Tell me how much you love me
but say it with your lips on my skin

Tell me how much you care
but say it with your tender touch

Tell me how much you want me
but say it with your passionate grip
Sep 2020 · 208
Home is where the heart is
FullmoonFlower Sep 2020
woke up
in your embrace
with the sun yet to show

spend the day
on lips filled with lust
our hearts filled with love

feel asleep
with your scent around me
home has never felt this good

home is where the heart is
I’m finally home
and that’s wherever you are
Aug 2020 · 187
FullmoonFlower Aug 2020
Hands surfing on your skin
waves are welcomed at the shore
slowly and calmly coming to please you
leaving you soft and warm
hands are surfing on your skin
rushing over you
so you won’t dry out
absorbing my touch
leaving marks all over you
I’ll always come back
just like the waves
like any other day at the beach
my hands will be surfing on your skin
Aug 2020 · 118
Found wonderland
FullmoonFlower Aug 2020
I used to daydream
every time I had a break
I was back in wonderland
where I would find my happy ending
finally be happy
feel home, like I belonged
but lately I’ve been empty
waiting for you to knock on my door
and wondered where
my wonderland went
but when you come home
I’m back
and this time
it’s real
Aug 2020 · 125
Best place on earth
FullmoonFlower Aug 2020
In the darkest of the day
under the night sky
that’s where I find my peace
where I feel safest
not in the daylight
with an abundance of color
just give me a quiet space
when the sun has set
under the stars
and if you are there as well
I don’t see why the sun should ever
wake up again
Jul 2020 · 341
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
You're golden,
you always will be
to me.

You're shining,
always sparkling
to me.

You're splendid,
always impressive
to me.
Jul 2020 · 150
his hands
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
He keeps her
safe by day
and warm by night
his hands travels
on her bare skin
one hand on her neck
the other holding her face
planting butterflies
before their lips collide
Jul 2020 · 107
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
You are like a rainbow
Bringing color into this life
making me smile again

it has been dark for so long
the rain has been pouring
it didn't look like it was ever going to stop

then you showed
never thought I would see
such a beautiful rainbow, like you
Jul 2020 · 72
looking back
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
I'm listening to the songs
I screamed to
to get you out of my head
turning up the volume
so I don't get reminded
of all the pain you caused
blur you out
drown you in sad lyrics
like you drowned me in your
empty promises
Jul 2020 · 94
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
We're waiting
times ticking
counting down
to the exact time
when we will be
in each others arms

We're waiting
for the time
when we don't
need to count seconds
but for the time
when we will feel nonstop
I'll be waiting at the airport
Jul 2020 · 92
A story about a leaf
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
You're the breeze that made me
let go
let go of my home
my comfort zone
and oh how i'm dancing
in your embrace
I'll follow you
wherever you go
I'll keep following you
until this season is over
Jul 2020 · 160
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
He tasted like forever
because I never wanted to
let go of his lips
Jul 2020 · 396
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
The leaves are falling
just like I’m falling for you

slowly and beautifully
as the leaves lands safely on the ground

i’m falling slowly for you
landing safely on my feet

dancing elegant in the wind
before touching the ground

we took our time
letting our hearts intertwine

and our leaves landed
on the same field of flowers
Jul 2020 · 205
Love in our veins
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
The sun sets as we get closer
cuddled up in an embrace
we got nothing but love in our veins
with eyes full of lust - we touched
now as the stars align
you and I
lay in these sheets tonight
Jul 2020 · 126
Do you dare?
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
Your breathing on my skin
your lips on my hips
if tomorrow never comes
don’t stop
your hands in my hair
I’m gasping for air
****** me if you dare
in this bed that we share
even though we are lying
it feels like we’re flying
Jul 2020 · 635
only you
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
I want you
only you
so I turn my mind off
to feel you better
In a time and place
where only you and I exists
letting love be felt
through the way we move
so let’s turn our minds off
and just feel
Jul 2020 · 145
We found home
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
I realised
that I never really experienced
real love
until I met you and
gave you my heart
everything before you
was merely an illusion
I know now that love
is more than words
it’s vibrations and electricity
it has a scent of home
tickles me with hope
and is colorful as a dream
my heart has been screaming
for yours
and is now finally at peace
because we are now
Jul 2020 · 102
Eternal bliss
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
Listening to your breathing
makes me calm
even if you go faster
I feel safe in your embrace
as the stars light up
our bodies tonight
all I see and feel
is you
an eternal bliss
Jul 2020 · 112
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
It feels like we’ve been
side by side
our whole life
and now we are finally
walking home
holding hands
as the sun sets
Jul 2020 · 347
Night kissing
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
Love is
waking up at night
kissing you
just to see you smile
in your sleep
Jul 2020 · 296
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
Falling in love with you
was like nature welcoming spring

slowly the weather got warmer
just as our feelings for one another

slowly days looked brighter
just as our smiles

slowly flowers started blooming  
turning the world into paradise
just like our hearts intertwined
Jul 2020 · 79
No. last
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
I know I can be whole
without you.
But, I want to feel whole
with you.
Jul 2020 · 383
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
I like to whisper
whisper in your ear
because I know you’ll listen
more carefully
pay full attention
to my words
when I whisper
how much you mean
to me.
Jul 2020 · 225
Good morning
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
Raindrops knocking
on my window
as I’m feeling your breath
on my bare skin

Fireplace crackling
sending out fireflies
as you are leaving
your tender kisses
all over my body
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
Like when my
red silk dress slips off
you melted my
sadness away
now I’m naked
before your eyes
Jul 2020 · 95
FullmoonFlower Jul 2020
Let’s get lost tonight,
and taste how forever feels like.

Let’s get lost in eyes,
and never look for a way out.

Let’s dip in the pool of desire,
and wearing only lips.

Let’s hold each other,
so our hearts can meet.
Jun 2020 · 96
My star
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
You ask
why I only focus on one star
every night
I don’t need all the others
because I found my favorite star
It appears every night
it shines so bright
and I wonder how
you don’t see it yourself?
You’re my star
and I’ll forever be
the one to look after you
Jun 2020 · 148
lighting through lips
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
Your kisses are like
A thunderstorm
When I least expect it
You overwhelm me
With the strongest love
In form of my favourite lips
   Taking my breath away
   By pulling my lips to yours
In any shape or form
You invade my space
I can’t hold you back
And why would I?
I feel safest with you
Even when there is
A thunderstorm
Jun 2020 · 281
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
I'm a tease
I don't really mean to
I just can't help it
when I'm with you
even with bad timing
when we can't touch

I'm a tease
but only for you
Jun 2020 · 79
no one quite like you
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
As we lay in bed
it scares me just how much
I love you
how your charm
shines so bright through
your smile
and how a giggle
so pure
awakens my soul
Jun 2020 · 89
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
our pillows are filled with
hopes and dreams
our sheets tells stories
of how close we are
and how we never forget
the good morning kiss
Jun 2020 · 391
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
Like I am standing
in the pouring rain
I am soaked
in your love
Jun 2020 · 114
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
I glanced at you
it felt selfish
I didn't wanted to stare
so instead I glanced
I couldn't help but smile
because I can't believe
that you're mine
Jun 2020 · 117
morning kisses
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
I love to wake up
to the sound of your
racing heartbeat
feeling your soft lips
leaving tender kisses
all over my body
slowly waking me up
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
Let’s play a game
truth & dare
and let me tell you that
truth hurts
but I dare to say
I love you
Jun 2020 · 238
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
My soul is dancing
in your garden
where raindrops
looks like
shooting stars
and snow tastes like
cotton candy
Jun 2020 · 52
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
Shattered into pieces
spread out across the floor
like a ****** ****** scene
you did this in cold blood
finished your job, then left
like nothing happened
like I didn’t mean anything
no one can solve this case
yet even see what went down
because no one can see
my shattered heart
Jun 2020 · 146
social distancing
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
We didn't seek this
yet we got it
we didn't thought we needed
each other like this
yet here we are standing
side by side
if only I could touch you
Jun 2020 · 115
What about yourself?
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
You want to send out positive vibes.
Yet you are destroying every good thing
in your own life
Jun 2020 · 148
I love you more
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
I love you more,
than I feel like I should.
than I feel is allowed,
for someone like me.
Jun 2020 · 93
staring eyes
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
I found someone.
I’ve always wondered
how people could look into
each others eyes,
for hours and hours,
but now I know
cause I found someone
I can’t take my eyes of,
with a soul so beautiful.
Jun 2020 · 98
listen first
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
When I talk
and you can't understand
don’t speak
just listen
listen to my words
about pain
my feelings
remember they’re not yours
just mine
only a few knows
the same pain
so when I tell you
open up
just listen
and if you know what I talk about
and only then
are you allowed to speak
Jun 2020 · 111
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
He has a soft touch
with his words
they come alive
and touch me
giving me goosebumps
magical in a good way
but still filled with
a sense of being stroked by
something from outer space
is it good or
is it bad?

I can't tell
but I won't keep him
from touching my soul
with his words
Jun 2020 · 85
FullmoonFlower Jun 2020
When the music stops
and the lights go out
everything turns quiet
then It’s you I want to be with
safe in your embrace
close to your calm heartbeat
touch my lips with yours
and let our hearts intertwine
so there will be light
in this darkness
May 2020 · 215
Love isn’t expensive
FullmoonFlower May 2020
Love can be supermarket flowers.
That you bought,
just because you thought of her.
While you were looking for milk.
May 2020 · 184
our world
FullmoonFlower May 2020
Slow music,
that we don’t acknowledge.

Gentle touches,
the only thing we wear.

Passionate kisses,
so we become one.
May 2020 · 112
touched by the moon
FullmoonFlower May 2020
Words cannot explain
yet I’m out of them
my many
I love you’s
does not explain
how deep you are
rooted in my soul
you’re like the moon
when I can’t
touch you
see you
I miss you
the moon is always
out of reach though
yet it touches my heart
just like you do
so I can’t explain
my love for you
but I’ll show you the moon
and let it touch you too
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