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 Nov 2021 Fynta Sidime
I'm falling in love
with your smile,
your lovely eyes,
your hugs.

I'm falling in love
with your touch,
your inner child,
your kindness.

I'm falling in love
with you and
every detail of you.
 Nov 2021 Fynta Sidime

You're more beautiful
And more outstanding and bright
Than you'll ever know.

You're worth more than you'll know. Just a reminder.
I'm an athlete.
I can throw and catch,
and run in the sun-
all shiny and bright.
And you just sleep, sleep, sleep.

Look at me, mama.
I'm a writer.
I do poetry and stories,
all pretty and pink,
and all you do is,
sleep, sleep, sleep.

Look at me, mama.
I can dance.
I'm lonely,
I'll move to France,
meet a woman, and get married.
Look at the ants crawl through
the spilled red juice on
the grass, nature everywhere,
as you sleep, sleep, sleep. 

Look mama,
Look at me, mama!
I have children now,
all good and wise,
you're a grandma.
Why don't you wake up?

Please look at me, mama.
Open your eyes.
I'm lonely and afraid.
I'm old now, and cold,
and you still,
sleep, sleep, sleep...
This came to me in a dream.
An arrow flying through the sky
does it hit it's mark, as it passes by

just like a shooting star
such grace and beauty

who was the archer
did he shoot for pleasure, or duty

But never will we know
for the body is so slow

compared to the speed
of a fast-moving arrow
I know it's one of them
one of them has the knife
3 have been lost 5 remain
a cold blooded killer is on the loose
with no outside help
we're all as good as dead

At least that's what I tell myself
I was woken in the night
she shook me awake
"we found something" she says
I see him with the knife
it's covered in blood

"I didn't do it I swear"
he begs saying he had nothing to do with it
then we take the knife
and give him what he gave us
we go back to sleep
to search for help in the morning

I wake up to see blood on my hands
I feel something cold under my pillow
I reach and see the knife
I clean it and put it where it used to be
was he even the murderer?

Someone's missing I think
he's missing
know there are only three
it's her or him
but who?

I hear a snap
he's dead
it was her!
it's just you and me
she says
an evil smile appears on her face
the last thing I see
I was bored. And I had recently played among us. My add brain randomly connected thoughts and formed an idea. In less than a second, I had something to do.
You provide
The illusion
Of shelter

But without
A solid foundation

I can only
Stand this
For so long.

Be a sunflower.
Turn towards someone.
Help them.
Guide them.
Nurture them.
Your warm radiating energy will do.
Hug them.
For they need it.
I'm a bit fragmented
Warded up
With layers
A whisper of
"Don't get too close"
I'm a little too-easily broken
None too strong
All I need
Is a little warmth
And maybe I'll begin to grow
If only
I could trust
That someone else
Will handle me gently
If only this shell
Weren't made of glass
I might not shatter
Under the weight
Of all the "maybes"
Dripping into my ears
But every atom
Has a breaking point
You simply need to know
From what height
It must be dropped
Not my best work, I'm not my best self. Today I just feel... Sad?... overwhelmed?...Worthless? I cannot find the word, but I know I feel broken and I feel there is no one to glue me back together.
I try to find you in the rainforest, but cannot chase you in these infinite gigantic woods,
Though I see you in the white dress with that pretty smile, but you disappear till I reach you,
Every inch of this rainforest chants your name, you influence the weather and the colour of the hue,
I was blinded by the clouds and knowing the mistakes I made, I myself shall correct them too,
One day I'll storm, rains will wash away the fallen leaves, and I myself shall destroy the roots,
I wish I could keep the good memories, the fruits and the flowers, but I won't keep even the smell of you.
This one raw and for the sake of posting, may not be written that well so pardon me.
 Jan 2021 Fynta Sidime
As the sun sets
The leaf sits up
Asking boldly
For the last light
This vulnerable leaf
Opens its heart
Instinctively surrendering
To love
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