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Just remember when you want me.
It'll be too late.
I will have moved on.
I got tired of waiting.
When you didn't want me,
The universe had my back.
It sent me someone who did.
You smile drew me in because it was your conception.
You lips tasted like deception.
You deceived my eyes while pouring out lies.
I saw the sky but didn't know you painted it.
I wish I could reverse time and release this curse.
A nightmare that I live everyday.
Expecting you.
At times like this I wish I could fill this void.
But during times like this all I can do is think of you.
You were once my binding for my heart.
You kept everything structured.
Once you pulled the pin, everything just fell.
Back into this abyss that feeds on my pain.
It's like feeding myself poison little by little.
Expecting to build an immunity to it.
Just to turn around and find out I'm dying faster than normal.
I can't remember that last time that I actually genuinely smiled.
Believe it or not I'm actually running out of fake smiles.
I've tried shopping around for them but I couldn't find any.
I looked up how to be happy again on my browser and you popped up.
I cleared my cache and cookies in hopes of it being a joke but you were still there.
Next to the word happy.
Andrew Gomez Oct 8
Let her voice ring in your head.
Remember she loves to sing.
If it annoys you, it shouldn't.
Thats her when she's trying to get things off her mind.
When she tells you that she's not good enough for you, remind her why you love her.
Cherish her kisses. Her hugs. Her love.
Be there 'til the end of it all.
Turquoise, Sunflower Yellow and Lavender are her colors.
Those colors make a beautiful painting.
Sunflowers, Roses and Tulips make a beautiful bokay.
Just be there for her when she falls in darkness.
Be her light when all she sees is shadows.
Andrew Gomez Oct 7
Her silhouette is outlined on her heart.
Paint your words to caress her.
Massage your positivity into her brain.
Save the caterpillar so you can show her the butterfly you get when she talks to you.
Love her like the sun.
Radiate that heat for her.
Andrew Gomez Oct 4
In my universe it doesn't matter how many galaxies there are.
It doesn't matter how many stars I have.
You are my cosmos.
You are my galaxy.
You are my star.
I would travel billions of light years just to reach you.
Just so I can feel your heat radiate on my skin.
Andrew Gomez Oct 3
To think about you is like a tattoo.
You forget you have memories.
You forget you have tattoos.
Eventually the memories fade.
Just like tattoos.
It's up to you if you want to touch them up.
Bring color back to them.
Do you.
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