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Andrew Gomez Aug 14
Now that I have your attention, I could really use your help.
I have this friend who needs this motivation daily.
He is always falling to his own sub-conscious.
That voice in his head is not who that man is.
When you see him, please tell me.
I haven't seen him in a long time.
That shine in his eye...
Has dissipated.
Andrew Gomez Aug 14
I can feel your hands around my soul
I fell to my knees knowing that I'm not good for you
Help me rise where I can be the man you once saw in me
Water me so you can help me grow
Plant the soil in my life and watch me from a distance
I will find my way back to you again as if I was never gone
Just wait and see what I have in store for you
You have nothing to lose but life itself
I want to be there for you all the way but I'm afraid of slipping
Once I fall, I want you to flip it over and trim me all the way down
That so when I grow, I won't be overbearing down to the roots
Andrew Gomez Apr 13
“When did it happen last?”
~The last time I looked into her eyes…
It felt like getting stuck in a trap.
I miss the hugs and her saying my name.
“Did you hear me?”
~that’s all I could think about right now”
“What? Yeah I did. Sorry, I was thinking of someone.”
~her voice is what I crave at the moment.
Andrew Gomez Jan 6
I remember when I used to be tough.
I didn't give a **** about anything.
People made fun of me.
I just shrugged it off.
When I met you it all changed.
Our lips exchanged hurtful and beautiful things.
It mattered to me what you said.
It hurt.
It was pleasant.
I went from not giving a ****, to planting seeds.
Andrew Gomez Jan 6
Wipe these tears away from my cheek.
The softness from your hands make me wither.
I know they have been on someone else.
But the touch of them is all I want right now.
I think I love you again
Andrew Gomez Dec 2021
The right notes are not so complicated.
The difficult notes take practice.
The high notes take more strength.
The low notes takes more relaxing.
The higher the scale the greater the note.
Be the treble that counts the beats.
Control the tempo of the notes(life) and you will be rewarded.
Andrew Gomez Dec 2021
I want to tell you that I like you but I'm afraid of rejection.
I'm afraid that when I look in your eyes I won't see my reflection.
I want to try and hold your hand but I feel it would be denied.
I was so close to grabbing it one day when we hung out.
But then I strung it out.
Now it feels as if were only friends.
Destined to be nothing more and nothing less.
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