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Cora 1d
it is the weirdest thought

(weirdest in how it was
more like calm certainty
than a triumphant cry)

to look inward and realize
i'm doing better, it's been months
i do not want to die
Cora Jun 17
when you sang with me
so loud and off-key to the sad songs
i loved you so much my heart could burst
what a fool, he who wouldn't love you too
what a privilege to be with you like this
thanks for being this soft with me
in this world where softness is a risky bet
Cora Jun 17
i want to turn to light
i want to travel the wide wide skies
i want to fall down on every face i love
with the last warm evening ray of sunshine
Cora Jun 14
there are stars
oh, twinkling stars in her eyes
gust of wind in her hair
and her laugh,
not just hers, but mine too,
since i brought it out
with some stupid joke,
her laugh washes over me
and makes me lose my breath
- the gentlest tsunami wave
i haven't seen her since then but it was nice to see her at all
Cora Jun 10
we all feel our sadness
is the most special sadness
felt by anyone in the world

statistically it's probably pretty basic
Cora Jun 10
i ask 'show me how you're broken'
expecting to be kicked out for my insolence
you show me how you're broken
i'm kicked in the guts

i always wish to fix
every little thing i see
but we're all messed up differently
and love is only one of the steps
in the lacking repair manual
Cora Jun 9
wish someone would overanalyze
the things i do and feel
(just once)
the way i do with everyone else
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