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Felix Sipido Jan 2019
Picture this.
The two of us, on the middle of the dancefloor.
A slow is being played as we get closer to each other
And put our hands
On one another’s hips.

As the music goes through us,
A light alcohol buzz in our heads;
We slowly dance
My eyes locked in yours.
I lean in and kiss
Your lips.

Symbiosis, unity, harmony.
Thoughts stop in my head
But at the same time
My whole life flashes by
Realising I’ve lived up to this point
To be with you.

Overwhelmed by your love
I manage to utter
These simple words
That have never felt more true
“I love you”.
Felix Sipido Jan 2019
A tree-filled forest
Peppered with flower fields;
At the foot of the mountains I stand;
Holding your hand.

And as our gazes slowly turn from the horizon to each other’s eyes
I can hear the birds singing their love chants.
I can feel the butterflies in and outside my stomach.
I can smell the love odour of Spring in the air.
I hear the squirrels fight over one another
And see the melting snow forming streams.

As we lay down in the green high grass,
And as I rest my head on your chest,
I can only hope this moment will never end.

I get up and turn around,
My lips finding yours.
Is this what they call heaven on earth?
A young boy with the prettiest man of the world,
Never to be separated.
Felix Sipido Oct 2018
Using mere words to describe what I feel is difficult,
Yet satisfying.
I always knew I was different,
But ‘tis now perhaps time to accept it.
I cherish the memories of the time we spent together;
As they make my future look even brighter.

On a sad day
Or on a lonely night,
I write.
I write to understand my feelings
And to remember that no matter what,
I will love you.
As I go through the infinite landscapes of lush forests
And flowered fields,
Of rising mountains and never-ending streams,
I realise how much I want to live, love and die
Knowing that you are, and will always be by my side.
Felix Sipido Oct 2018
The idea of holding you in my arms
Makes me shiver.
The thought of calling you mine
Makes me smile.
The prospect of sharing your life
Makes me want to hold you closer to me
And never let go.
Felix Sipido Oct 2018
How much I crave your touch.
How much I crave your smile.
How much I crave the way,
You make me lose myself.
How much I want to fall asleep in your arms,
Feeling safe and happy, knowing nothing bad can happen.

How much I hate to know you are far away.
How much I hate to know I can’t call you mine.
How much I crave you,
And how much I miss you.

Oh, the irony!
Has fate decided to curse me to a life of eternal solitude,
Longing for the solitary company of my brethren?
Or has Aphrodite made great plans for me,
Where I could finally love you fully,
With no boundaries;
And where you could love me,
Without having to worry about the rest.
Why does it feel like I’ve been forsaken,
Left to rot in an alley;
Why should my love be considered not one,
But two taboos?

Why, why, why?
What is wrong with me?
Why can I not see
How much you love me?
And why do I feel so lonely
When I just have to keep looking?
How long will I have to wait for the day
Where I can dive into your emerald eyes
And finally, call you mine.
Where you will stay by my side,
And call me yours,
For the rest of our lives.
live, love and die.
Felix Sipido Oct 2018
‘Tis but the cycle of life, timeless.
The river left its bed;
‘Tis but the cycle of life, bewildered.
Times of end and renewal have come;
Unstoppable and merciless is the Reaper
Crushing all that stands in its path;
For it’s the marching of time and the cycle of life
For the strong perish and the weak survive.

An ephemeral occurrence in a vast cycle;
A concept one could never fully grasp;
My redemption! A punishment, a cleansing for my sins.
As it strikes, the world around me crumbles;
As I go through Hell and Heaven, oceans and mountains, stars and planets;
I see It.
A Forgotten Deity, a Harbinger of Chaos, a Creator of life.
What it is, I do not know;
What it does, I do not know;
In a crow-white space, I feel It all around me
Its voice echoing from a distant past,
Its words vibrating through my mind and being,
And hitting me as a relic of another space
A revelation: It’s all mine, for I am the end and rebirth of this world.
A poem I wrote inspired by W.B. Yeats' "Second coming". Tell me what you think of it!
Felix Sipido Oct 2018
As I close my eyes
The last thing I see
Is you.

And as I drift away
To Morpheus's realm;
I see you with me
Our minds intertwining
And our souls fusing.

Come with me
Let's escape
Until one day
We can live
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