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 2d Elle
 2d Elle
Perplexed with intoxication
Visualize not mentalization
Saturated overcame this destination
 Aug 16 Elle
The Siren
 Aug 16 Elle
A soft song
Carries on through
The dead of winter

On this cold night
Nothing but a sigh
Of a soft and gentle voice

Not a soul can be seen
On a blank canvas of fresh white snow

Only her gentle melody
Lures me
And I follow her song

Within this blank canvas
The frozen soft breeze is mesmerizing

Still, her beautiful song
Pulls at my feet
Captivating me

A winter of desolation
Was never lonely by her side
 Aug 16 Elle
i wanna know
is this all in my head?
is it all misread?
please tell me im wrong
tell me you feel this
 Aug 16 Elle
Tobacco and timidity
Silence and serenity
Whiskey and sublimity

—Forgotten pain

A straight-back chair
A cool breeze
A warm summer night
 Aug 16 Elle
Mamta Wathare
You can raise your voice
As loudly as you please
I will only let my silence speak
My silence is louder than your noise
 Aug 16 Elle
is wondering how the world works
does not know what to do
is abandoned in the universe full of meaningless
blames herself
is beautiful
A beautiful, frightened mess
is desperately searching for love and a purpose in life
we are all in this together. I don't know what I am saying though
 Aug 16 Elle
Flashes of steel and
Whispers of sound
Tramping of footsteps on
Rain- muddied ground

Pounding of heartbeats
And gasping of breath
Small sounds of life under
Shadow of death
 Aug 7 Elle
 Aug 7 Elle
and me,
we are,
unified souls,
simply, united,
an unbreakable set,
underway, sailing,
like ship and sea,
this two-way street,
and me,
we are,
us. [one].
XVI. Committed
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