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492 · Jul 19
The Woods
Elle Jul 19
Wind rustled leaves
Are the only sound
In the canopied dark
Concealing memories
Of dizzying nights
Spent wild in the woods
285 · Jul 22
Elle Jul 22
Insects at dusk
Fidget in the corn
I stare across the ears
At the stillness.
- The momentary peace -
Composure, marred only
By the thump of my heart
245 · Jul 2
Elle Jul 2
The magpies peck between
Rocks and hard places
Indecision nurtured
And grown in the cresses
With heavy weights at their wings
They flew
Aching hearts and heavy heads
Circling their catch 22
204 · Aug 16
Elle Aug 16
evident; obvious; apparent; plain
the life that we desire
clean and streamlined
no strings attached
create your reality by your subconscious
anything that you want in life
hidden knowledge - of the answers to life
readily perceived by the naked eye
              lest we forget
                    related searches
pertaining to conscious
I wrote this about 10 years ago in an experimental poetry course - I'd type a word into Google and use the search results to create a poem. Please note - all lines have been taken from multiple sources on about 10 years ago.

"Steal from 1 source its plagiarism. Steal from multiple and it's creative genius."
175 · Jul 9
Elle Jul 9
Humming silent calmness
The gentle breeze over empty fields
Birds biting their tongues
Stillness in turmoil

Hateful deafening calm
Breath screaming into the wind
Feet covered by the dust coated earth
Uncomfortable by the peace
My mind finds any excuse to be uncomfortable these days.
165 · Aug 1
Elle Aug 1
Alone, I walk with you
Your breath on my ear
The breeze at my back.
My tongue, stripped of eloquence
Hears only you
As I try to force words
Into existence
The rooks are in the trees
Their hyena laughs
Whisper in my mind
Waiting to throw me out
Silent to the world
I hear only you.
99 · Jun 29
Elle Jun 29
This silly little poem
          Gives flight to silly wings
                        I soar into the distance
A chain trailing at my feet
They tied me to the lighthouse
                  It's beam searching the footwall
My pen begins to waiver
The bird begins to fall
Near the rocks I'll stay
Crowing to the abyss
          Calling with my heart
And hear the echo fly offbeat
And so my poem waits
Without a place to go
Patiently I'm caged
Until the raven
                 breaks down walls.
95 · Jul 18
Elle Jul 18
Sometimes I touch upon
The rippled waves
And fresh salt smell
Careless and free
I swim
In the blue lagoons
Listening to the hum
Of a busy earth
That passes too fast
Around me.
Sometimes I feel the sun
Its warmth pricking
Against my skin
Reminding me
To breathe spring in.
93 · Aug 16
Elle Aug 16
Morning mildew
Soaks my toes
          cloaks the fields
We smile
Giddy on memories
From the night before.
Please help me think of a title!
93 · Jul 9
Swollen Air
Elle Jul 9
You seem to ignore
The swollen air
That floods my lungs tonight
There's a heavy barrier -
An ocean reef -
That I pick at with my fingers
My tongue trips
On uneasy words to say
Hold me here
And we will pretend
That we are all okay
79 · Jul 18
The Second Dance
Elle Jul 18
The clock beats
In a slow dance
The sound, reverberating,
In my ears
The world's in slow-motion
Circling and revolving
Around me.
Without me.
The ticking,
Drumming at my skull,
Reminds me to move.
I start to shuffle.
79 · Jul 11
Building Tunnels
Elle Jul 11
Digging in dirt
The stick breaks
Under Atlas's weight.
The tunnel
         To the opposite
                      End of the earth.
Breath on pause
Pupils dilate
A 2 inch hole
Overgrown; Canopied
With muddied roots
Solitarty prison lines
Never stop
          Swinging axes
green shoots
Childish dreams
Of breaking free
Halted only
By me
69 · Jun 27
2 Haikus make a Right
Elle Jun 27
Anxious metal chains
Are pulsating at my hands
I wash them again

Lungs pressing my throat
I'm goaded unwelcomly
To normality
62 · Aug 1
Elle Aug 1
Freshness hovers
From the afterglow of rain
I breathe in the crisp dew
Toes touching the damp grass
Time to dance
I am free;
I am wild.
57 · Aug 15
Elle Aug 15
Wind chills
Wet cheeks
I watch them fly
Watch them flock
In murmuration.
Agrophobia clutches
At my dress
As I trace their outlines.
I hold the handrail
I am, tethered.
Sideways glance
Sideways steps
A fly trapped
In a bell jar.
Biting tongue
Tongue tied
Whispers shouting
"Stay where you are!"
Heavy throat
Heavy heart
Watch them soar
Stare in envy
The murmuration.
48 · Aug 5
Elle Aug 5
This songbird's quiet
Hoarse throat
From the same old tune.
Let them sing. And fly.
Stifle my whistle
Calling in envy
A blue face. Red chest.
This songbird's silent
And the world carried on.
35 · Jul 17
Wake Me
Elle Jul 17
Splash water on my face
To feel more awake
Alert to the murmur of bees
Humming across the flower stems
A gentle breeze
Wrapping my cold cold skin.
Search for energy;
The dance of spring
Calm the ripples in the water
- Gurgled anxiety, lapping at the shore
Splash water on my face -
Wait to feel alive.
29 · Aug 6
Elle Aug 6
I missed the world turn
On its axis today
I was busy
Painting sandcastles
Dancing in single file
Humming with my eyes closed.
27 · Aug 16
Elle Aug 16
The birds and the trees
The hum of fields
Heat lines on corn
They're never enough.

Thick paint on paper
Strumming guitar strings
Dances at dusk
They're never enough

Toes on sand
Stares at the horizon
Floating in the abyss

Humdrum routines
With boundary lines
Leaning at the edge
The voices in my head
Whisper "it's just not enough"
Just casually contemplating the meaning of life early on a sunday morning...
26 · Jul 17
The Dance
Elle Jul 17
Come - Brave this slow dance
Shuffle slowly to the beat
Long are the days
Of high powered jazz
Smiles and trumpet bands
Of tiptoe dancing
Over the concrete rooftops
You make your own music now
Listen to yourself
Try to dance in time
Try hard not to fall
23 · Jul 2
Are you reading this?
Elle Jul 2
Perverted eyes undoing my words
******* my thoughts
Unravelling my meaning.
Provocitively I dance on the page
Searching for your validation
What did you find?
20 · Jul 14
Elle Jul 14
Without a compass
The starling flew
To a renewed lease of life
Dragging wounded memories
Convoluted through time
Really struggled with this one. To end the poem or not to end the poem...
14 · 2d
Clock Hands
Elle 2d
If the clock hands could talk
About the speed of time
They'd mention the blue swing
And the laughter
And how quickly it broke
The clock hands would whisper
About homework gathering dust
Windows sliding open
And sneaking to the park
When the clock hands flew by
In a drunken haze
I woke coldly on the floor
And they slowed to a stop
The hands struck loudly then

If the clock hands were honest
About the seconds they skipped
Then days, even years
Fell away without notice
As the clock hands now gaze
At a face that grows lines
They shudder
Then slowly flick back
Resting somewhere between 12 and 1

— The End —