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Eiliv Advena May 2015
There is a girl, a girl so fair
With silver eyes and moonlit hair

Her skin like snow is pale and white
She dances in the moonlit night

She's singing under the midnight moon
It truly is a beautiful tune

She is a beauty, she is my queen
The most beautiful girl I've ever seen
Eiliv Advena Jun 2015
What I can feel
I've never felt before
This burning desire
I just can't ignore

It must be a spell
Cast from hell
What else could this be
Who has taken hold of me

This evil temptation
I cannot resist
You must truly be
The most evil witch

Your enchanting eyes
And irresistible lips
That dark blonde hair
And those beautiful hips

But I have to resist
I have to be strong
Before I do something terribly wrong
Eiliv Advena Nov 2015
Get out of my thoughts
Get out of my mind
I have to forget you
And leave you behind

But every time I see your face
Every time you come close
I'm filled with this awful grace
I try to resist but have no choice

I love you, and I will always do
Although I know you're blind
I know I cannot forget about you
But please get out of my mind
Eiliv Advena Sep 2017
Help me, please!
Become a patron
Or I will most likely
never see the dawn
Eiliv Advena May 2015
I am stupid
No one smells ***
Anyone is boring
But perfect is me

I thinks he’s everything
Anyone thinks the same
To no one it’s nothing
To me it´s a game

But anyone is dead
And so am I
Me chopped of their heads
And so they died

But no one was not really killed by me
Though me let no one drown in no ones ***
It was never destined by any god to be
All this death was caused by me

Because me is a man who does what he please
And me can´t die by sword nor disease

You can send me to heaven, you can send me to hell
But soon me is back and all is well
Eiliv Advena Sep 2017
I'm back to writing poems
And I am here to stay
I'll write for all the readers
I'll write all night and day

But I'm a very poor man
Who's living on the line
But if you have some change
Maybe it could be mine?

Only a small donation
Is all I ask of you
A little cash can sure mean
More than you ever knew

If you would find it in your heart
to help me out a bit
I can keep on with my writing
And I'd never have to quit

I know I ask for money
I don't mean to be rude
I only need a little
So I can buy some food

Help me... Please...
Eiliv Advena Oct 2015
I see you everyday
And everyday it hurts
I don't know what to say
But everyday gets worse

This feeling in my heart
Is torturing my soul
And when we are apart
I feel so alone

If only you could know
What I feel for you
If only someone told me
What I have to do

What I have to do
To one day make you mine
Can it one day come true?
Can happiness be found?
Eiliv Advena May 2015
I want to go home
I want to be free
But here I am trapped
And will always be

I dream of a land
With mountains and trees
A beautiful land
With blue lakes and seas

Where I can be free
And do what I please
A land without death
And without disease

A land full of joy
A land full laughter
Where I can live happily ever after
Eiliv Advena Jun 2015
A place with elves
dwarves, hobbits and men
A place with tales
We hear again and again

A place with adventure
That will never die
A place to laugh
And a place to cry

A place with songs
Of ancient days
Sung by elves
Merry and gay

A place where you hear
The hobbits laughter
Where they live
Happily ever after

Where mountains are filled
With silver and gold
Where the dwarves mine
Mighty and bold

A place with men
In cities of stone
And their great king
Sits on a beautiful throne

A place with lore
To others unknown
A place that I love
A place that's my own

There I live
And there will I die
In middle earth
My heart will lie
Eiliv Advena May 2015
You think you are loved
You think all is fine
But all your blood
Will shall I drink like wine

I will never forgive
What was done by you
I won't let you live
No matter what you do

You will die by my hand
I will send you to hell
You will die where you stand
An then all will be well
Eiliv Advena May 2015
Ring of smoke you fly away
From the pipe you fly away
Perhaps we meet another day
But now you fly, you fly away

Above the mountains
Above the trees
Through the woods
And past the seas

Fly fly fly away
Perhaps we meet another day
Eiliv Advena Jun 2015
Many poems I read seem so sad
The poems fills your eyes with tears
This doesn't mean the poems are bad
But sometimes a poem should be filled with cheer

There is so much beauty to write about
Not just lost love, fears, screams and shouts

A poem can be about
Flowers or trees
A poem can be about
Crystal blue seas

A poem can be about
a ring of smoke
Or a beautiful girl
Or about the beauty
We find in this world
Eiliv Advena Jun 2015
The grass is green
And blue is the sky
The air is clean
And the clouds sail by

Far up in the Tallest tree
The birds sing Jolly and free

The children are running
In the meadows and play
It truly is a beautiful day

Our hearts are warm
And free from fear
That's how we know
Summer is here
Eiliv Advena Nov 2015
Now it starts, the game is on
The time is here, it has begun
The biggest game in both our lives
The greatest price if we both survive

The game may bring us happiness
The game may bring us tears
The game may bring us sadness
The game may bring us cheer

You and I we both can win
You and I may tie
Don't give up, give it a try
But if you loose you'll surely die
Eiliv Advena Sep 2017
I know everything
and even more,
all your knowledge
I will absorb.

I fooled the devil
and god as well.
I escaped from heaven
and the fires of hell.

On earth my heart will always be
Though why it's so I cannot see
Support me!
Eiliv Advena May 2015
Enjolras lead the students
He lead them in the fight
There upon the barricades
They fought to get their rights

There upon the barricades
They fought without much chance
There upon the barricades
They fought to save their France

There upon the barricades
They fought to soon be free
They fought for a freedom
They could only dream to see

But the frightened people
Soon left their side
And there upon the barricades
All the students died

There upon the barricades
With a red flag in his hand
There upon the barricades
He made his final stand
Eiliv Advena Jun 2015
Yavanna Kementari
The giver of fruits
The mother of trees
The mother of roots

Creator of Laurelin
and Telperions light
The light of the trees
Put an end to the night

She created the moon
She created the sun
With a flower, a fruit
And with light it was done

She is our lady, tall and green
She is our mother
Our beautiful queen

— The End —