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Dreamfall121 May 2015
I don't know why..
I either hate, or love
I'm either happy, or sad
I'm either excited, or bored
I'm either thin, or fat
I'm either sick, or healthy
I'm either strong, or weak
They say we all are teenagers, its just a phase
Passion swings both ways
The mood changes like the wind
We all come from the same place
But I feel like I am from outer space
I wonder If those feelings will ever vanish
Or forever stays.
Dreamfall121 Apr 2015
Leaving a love message
After the machine's beep
Delivery failed
I am in Pixel Maze's
Escape garden
With green grass
On Genesis walls
Flashlights are switching
On and off
Walking by ethnic purple demons
Their gold hands
Over their several heads
Static at the summit
They freeze
In prolonged pauses
They don't even exist
But our eyes still torches
Music is thundering down now
From the heavens
With electro nodes
Am I that out of it?
And I never really left
That haunted warehouse
Watching evil trees
Awake now
By the nightfall
They are dancing
By father's campfire
Slicking my hair
I am jumping
On polish mushrooms
We don't even like him
I hear him Tolling
Church's bells
Resurrecting guilt
On immature Sunday
But I don't want to listen
He is reading again
Those antique diaries
Hours fly by
Won't listen
Uneasy by his discomfort
I find that magic carpet
And i elude
Dreamfall121 Apr 2015
I am on the highway
To hell's bells
And I'm pregnant
With devil's anger child
Taking a walk in solipsism park
Smoking some remedy
Breathing from asylum air
And where is he?
He is looking straight through me
And his soul is revealing
Its the cold fire
That is misleading
He is fighting in his sleep again
Hugging his skeletons again
Helpless child
Going for a rage war
Walking towards the kitchen
On this toes
Taking out all the knives
Counting them
And i know he likes numbers
He looks towards the sky
And the clouds confuses him
He pours out his blood
Drawing the letter A
Not even obsessively
Justified in his judgement
Him and his vanity
In an alternate reality
Out of proportion
Full of distortion
This ******
And his bluejackets
Anchored me with his diaries
Walking on embers now
In a state of trance now
Makes me wonder
Are monsters born or created?
Mortem predestination
He keeps giving me this psychic vibe
From a foreign tribe
I can't just put a lid on it
I can't just turn my back on it
Run, everybody begged me
But with the beast clothed in human skin tonight
Outside the television Screen
We are wired the same tonight
Dancing to Electro Swing by his side
Tying his tie
And I like it
He reaches out for his wooden telegraph
Can't help but listen
To Maria
And all her chants
Makes him gaze into the same tall building
From that retro piano bench
He gets up
With his hands covered in blood
Summons me by the edge
Two A's drawn on a sketch
Standing by the line
The choice is all mine
Dreamfall121 Jul 2013
Under a purple sky
Under a higher sun
Arabic memories
Some faceless statuses
Some lose dogs
Evil spirits
From the back of my mind
My condolences, woman
You just lost some blood
On a Turkish playground
From an old war
That you had chosen to precede
That illusion of safety
Between the desire
Of destruction
When it is most heated
And a new destiny
Where battles only leads to victory
A promise to conquer the enemies
With lack of skills
The Creators
Of the holy kingdom
The original family
The abandoned cult
The father from outer space

This unconditional love of yours
Is not making any sense
A bunch in the face
Every time we turn the pages
An old video game from the 90's
Where colorless drawings
Went through the process of birth
The delusion of a solid land
Abusers, I said
I haunt them down during the daylight
With an intense craving
To hurt
And if you want to know who I am
Please rise both hands of yours
Place them in a blurry motion

This ****** revolution that I awakened
Through the innocent age
Of unconsciousness
Is only for you
You are the original demon
Of the first Generation
The everlasting love  
Through the nightfall in the forest
Will you enfold me
When jumping between nightmares
Will you take my hand
Learn me to walk
Into the daylight
Cause i have died a thousand times
while trying to breathe

Those eyes of yours
Murdered me

— The End —