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Some days are good
Some days are bad
Some days you just have to hang your head
Some days you laugh
Some days you cry
Some days you just want to be alone
Some days hard
Some days are rough
But always remember
Suddenly, you realize that grounding yourself, makes the center of gravity, less rocky…
Suddenly I’m transported into a garden full of beautiful, vibrant colors surrounding me. The aromas of the flowers, plants and wildlife encase my nose, tickling my senses. I’m walking, which feels like slow motion, scanning the garden and taking in the beauty of nature. I stumble upon a water fountain off the beaten path, there’s a bench, so of course I take a minute to sit and relax. Trying to figure out where I am and why I’m here, with no one around but I’m calm not scared. I feel the energy of someone appear like it’s rising from the fountain waters causing me to break out in tears.
I suddenly realize why I’m here….
My fingers dance from the beat of my heart
As my soul feels the passion as I write
How do you make a memory when the only memory you have is losing you…
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