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Clarkia Apr 17
You count the days since I last messaged you
Waiting for my love to lapse
I count the days since I last messaged you
Like an addict hoping not to relapse
Clarkia Apr 9
I would do anything for you.
Which amounts to leaving you alone
And working on myself
Every day for the rest of my life.
Clarkia Apr 7
You manifested me
But then you cast away your manifestation
I know because
When I met you
I changed
Clarkia Apr 7
I tell myself I am done with you
I will force myself over you
Force myself to forget
But when I see a shooting star
I cast one more wish
Clarkia Apr 6
How can I love someone I don't even know
As if I dated him for years
As if all of my fantasies took place
As if I actually touched every line on his face
As if he ever gave love that could not be replaced
Clarkia Mar 23
I long to look
Into your beautiful f'ing eyes
Like staring into the earth
And the sun
I long to run
My fingers through your hair
Is it soft
Or wirey
I long to trace
Your jawline with my fingers
Already memorized every feature
You're beautiful
How lucky you are
Not to be chained to me
As I am to you
But then again
If you were
My dreams would come true
Clarkia Mar 17
Suzie, Suzie, Suzie
She stole my man
Even though she had him
Years before I knew he existed
Give it up
I am the one for him
Give her up
I am the one for you
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