Buckley Grace Dec 2017
Breathe in my smile
Smoke my voice like a cigar
Drink my laughter like poison soaked wine
My grapes soaked in tears
Inject my perfume
Into your yearning veins
Let me be your substance
Baby, stay addicted to my love
I’ll protect you from the pain
Buckley Grace Dec 2017
I Fear the night,
Not because there are monsters in my bed,
There are monsters in my head,
Some call them thoughts.

The thoughts are of you,
You are the monster.

How can one reply,
turn love to hate,
like a light switch,

I don’t want to turn the light on,
I don’t want to see,
My eye lids are my shields.
My pupils,
The wound.
Buckley Grace Dec 2017
I stay up till 2 am,
So my eyelids shut as quickly as possible,
So I don’t have to think.
My memories are the trigger,
My thoughts are the bullet,
My tears are the pain.
Buckley Grace Dec 2017
You ***** me.
And all your friends thought it was a joke.
You ***** me.
And I blamed myself for weeks.
You ***** me.
And I still do.
You ***** me.
And my parents called your parents to talk about it.
You ***** me.
And I’ve never felt so embarrassed in all my life.
You ***** me.
And a year later I saw you at Waffle House.
You ***** me.
And all I want to do is drink.
You ***** me.
And it did not leave physical bruises.
You ***** me.
And it left bruises on my soul.
You ***** me.
And I am still not broken.
You ***** me.
But you have not won.

— The End —