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 Dec 2016 Anthem
don't say you love me,
when you don't even know me,

on tuesday,
I will be attacked by fake I missed you's
and uncomfortable, unnecessary hugs,
I can't miss strangers,
the same strangers that filled my living room this time last year,
the same strangers,
that give me things I dislike,
and have nothing to talk about with,
because they know nothing about me,
our conversation,
hangs in the constellations,
on the night you stopped by,
because no one looks hard enough to understand,
what they are,
you never,
care enough,
to understand who I am,

you repress your emotion,
like you clench nimble fingers,
white hot,
I see it,
it drips,
from our name,

you claim you love me,
but I am not a fool,
I don't understand the love you claim,
for you use it like a tool,
that seeing me,
once a year,
because of your,
of not knowing,
or caring,
about your little sister,
as a relationship.
happy holidays everyone.
 Sep 2016 Anthem
We rode the train across the country- just your hand in mine.
We drank coffee and fell asleep on shoulders- uncomfortably comfortable.
We watched the sunsets through glass windows huddled up together under blankets.
We read books and quietly fell in love with fictional characters who reminded us of better versions of us.
We smiled a lot and slept so little because for once our reality was better than our dreams.

"Through thick and thin." You said as we passed by the great Rocky Mountains.
"Forever and always." I said as we kissed at the station in New York.
 Jul 2016 Anthem
Megan Booysen
One Day you will want to ask me for forgiveness  but I would have long since vanished from your life and finding me again will be like chasing a ghost.

You'll find yourself mindlessly picking at the scabbing wound that a lack of closure slashed through your chest and you might feel a fire within.

Your heart is an incinerator filled with cinders and flames, angry temperatures feeding smoke to your brain to suffocate any thoughts of other red-associated emotions.

So One Day may be lifetimes away. Maybe One Day you'll come forth again, under new stars and the constellations will replace your heart of fire with a heart of earth. Maybe then you'll dig up old memories and among them I will be buried.

They say you reap what you sow and your garden is full of cruelty and weeds. Your sunflowers are dying and you finally remember that forgiveness is like fresh water. Fluid and clean, it flows from source and becomes source. Your mouth is dry from regret but you can't drink the blood that drips from your chest. Blood flows from source and takes source away.  

But alas, all hope is not yet lost. What if the ghost girl had forgiven you before she disappeared? What if the stars realign, and water replaces blood and sunflowers turn to face you as they do with the sun.

One Day you won't have to ask,
you were forgiven from Today
Free Verse
 Jul 2016 Anthem
 Jul 2016 Anthem
Today I woke up.
That's great right?
Then why do I feel like it was a mistake?
Today I didn't even want to get out of bed.
My 3 year old yelling at me for food,
all I could do was cry.
I woke up wanting to die.
I woke up hurting inside.
I woke up with tears in my eyes.
Today I slipped.
Its been four years
since the last time the blade sliced my skin
as easy as 1,2,3.
And today I threw it all away.
For what?

— The End —