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Anthem May 2017
set sail with caution in the wind and i am paralyzed.
what else makes one wish that all this water could float?
i am sick of all these familiar polluted and broken hearts.
Anthem Apr 2017
There's heavy wine and laughter
and these late nights lead themselves
in a dull roar.

and we're all so many drugs
and the city's on fire
there's no driver at the wheel.

and if it was all that I had left
I'd gladly be done with all the rest.
Anthem Sep 2016
it's easier to hold the words
than try to explain them away
i should have told you i'd miss you
before you backed out the driveway
they told us they'd lied
that gods and dreams were one in the same
it helped more than the truth
we couldn't learn to bury blame
cause nothing is for free
and nothing lasts forever
my love will live on
it will find you wherever
i'll always remember
what you never said to me
and wonder how two people so connected
just couldn't let it be
Anthem Nov 2016
awakened to the moon
staring wide-eyed
hopelessly wild
i glance down
and find my hands covered in
red is the color of god
lights in the distance
voices beneath the glow
now red was their color
and they belong to me, too.
Anthem Jan 2017
Let these words
be a song for the dead
Let the rhythm
instill life in their bones
Let us put out love
and they'll feel loved
Let it be a chain reaction.
Anthem Oct 2016
you never really know the people you love
some things really are thicker than blood
just because you've managed to forget
doesn't mean it's happened for them yet
just because you've left it alone and far behind
doesn't mean it's not still running through their mind
sometimes, you come home to find they've changed the locks
and when you call their phone, it turns out your numbers been blocked
the light goes off, a chill runs down your spine
and you realize you've finally run out of time
Anthem Nov 2016
please hold these skeletal remains
you know i want to
but i was born to run away
i'd loved you once but then you changed
i wish that i still could
there's no point in trying to explained
the suns sinks below the waves
the blossoms bloomed
and withered the very same day
we're all on our own tonight
a clash of sparks
there's static on the radio
it weighs like a stone around my neck
it drags me down
and i don't recognize anything when i look back
so put my back against the wall
cover my mouth
stop me from cursing it all
just cause we kissed on lovers lips
and signed a pact with both our blood
we held hands and then we jumped
and halfway down i realized none of that means that this is love
Anthem Oct 2017
well, what do you think?
oh brother, if only you knew.
you'd tear them out, give them away.
cast aside, then cast away.
wouldn't come back til you'd learned to read the signs.
still killing yourself all the while.
Anthem Dec 2016
a momentary distraction
a brief respite from the pain
a decision to last a lifetime
and how it can never be the same

so drown the day in darkness
shut yourself inside the house
and when it comes to call on you
stay still, and quite as a mouse

because hope is a waking dream
and i'm too terrified to sleep
no matter how bright the old lights shine
they never give off any heat
Anthem Dec 2016
a wise man once wrote
"to be, or not to be
that is the question"
that line
running through my head
scared of both living
and of death
there must be a universe
where i took that last step
but it won't be this one
another chance
one last gift
on this, the holiest of nights.
Anthem Jan 2017
I hate the uneducated and the ignorant.
I hate the pompous and the phony.
I hate the jealous, the resentful.
The crabbed and mean and petty.
I hate all ordinary and dull little people
who  aren't ashamed of being dull and little.
I hate the New People
with their cars
and their money
and their T.V.s
and their stupid vulgarities
and their stupid crawling imitations.

I love honesty and freedom and giving.
I love making, I love doing.
I love being to the full.
I love everything that is not sitting
and watching
and copying
and dead at heart.
Anthem Feb 2017
while we wait for confirmation
in a garden with no ceiling
while we wait for something to happen
we both know this might well be over soon

i have a vision
but i am burdened by all that i carry
i feel feverish
and i am confronted by the silence

god is like the sea
cold and silent and angry
and when we're dragged down into the water
it's an honor to drown next to you

i am sick of being the second son
i am tired of falling behind
i am embedded in confusion

i just want to be mighty
i just want to be with you

taken by the left hand of darkness.
Anthem Nov 2016
i told you it was over
you said i didn't have a choice
you didn't have time for my "petty problems"
you tried to take away my voice

but i'd burn down everything i love
if i thought i could catch you in the flame
i'd drown all of my beliefs
if i thought it'd stop you from coming back again

you said my parents loved you
and my reservation was secondary
you said i'd be lost without you
that our entangled lives were necessary

but i'm sick of all this acting
i'm done with playing pretend
and like a fly that escaped a spider
i won't get caught up in your web again
Anthem Nov 2016
the sound of a disembodied voice
causes him to rise for the first time in days
shaken by the suddenness and
shocked by what he heard it say
the most difficult thing in life
it's not doubting what lies above
it's not forgetting what you lost
is not losing what you love
we all come close together
only to fall right back apart
our hopes are waking dreams
that we've lost before the start
everything is static
nothing is the same
leave faith to feed the wolves
drown the fear and shame
burn that hope of yours
tread heavy on its ash
push all that you find inside
but save yourself a match
because when all that's left
is your sad, pale frame
finish it off with one last breath
let the smoke pour out his name
Anthem Dec 2016
and i know you're tortured by the taste
and the thoughts of what you've left
you tried to impose order
but instead it's still a mess
we tend to follow feelings
instead of what we're told
i've never felt so alone
i've never felt so cold
maybe love and logic
are mutually exclusive
what room is there for logic
when we return to love abusive
as i turn for one last look
at that ****** place
how strange it is to see
in the middle of hell, an angels face
i stifle all the tears
and i am never come back
hopefully the next one
makes up for what i lack
Anthem Apr 2017
They loved me like I was their brother
They listened to me, and protected me.
But that don't mean they won't bury me.
Send me away from all the sunshine
and what makes me happy.

I called a friend.
She's an angel.
But she's out there with all the rest.
I know that she'd love to come help us.
She would electrocute us all.

We're all living in such nice dreams.
We do it to ourselves, we do.
That's what really hurts.
I can feel it.
Rustling in these bones.
Anthem Nov 2016
he has no faith but
he's familiar with hell
and there's no telling
how he made it out alive
but for all the friends he's lost
he'll sing a song of how they tried
he knows someday it'll be okay
he's got her so
he'll never be alone
Anthem Feb 2017
we're sick of liars and thieves and crooks. we're sick of shallow smiles and petty pleasantries. hypocrisy is rampant and the offended are everywhere. we want so many things. we want love. we want trust. we want a chance. we want to dig up hope from the hole it's hiding in and ****** it to the world. "if you can't do it for yourself, do it for them". the empyrean is real. i've seen it. it's right over the hill; but we can only get there together running hand in hand, as fast as we can. because we're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. we're ready and we're reaching. we want to live.

We are capable of so much more and we know it. Yet, we spend all our time fighting for a golden crown; as if that's all that ever made a king.
Anthem Nov 2016
she said
go with grief
whilst i pray for plagues
and wish for what once was

i said
don't believe anyone
who tells you
you deserved this
Anthem Oct 2016
and all i want is for you to recognize
all the love i wear behind my eyes
instead you question how 2+2=5
as if it dressed in some strange disguise
this light will wait for us
it will wait in dust
it will ignore the rust
until you've learned to temper your disgust
i'm sick of watching you
wander the streets alone
i'd burn alive
if i thought it'd bring you back home
and if you ever say you never loved me
i'll know you're still a liar
but if i say i never wondered
i deserve every inch of this terrible fire
Anthem Oct 2017
you said "someday it'll be okay",
but forgiveness is Gods business,
and I still don't know how to let you go.
Anthem Oct 2015
it's been hours since you've left
and my heads still a mess
as i bend down
wipe your blood from the ground
i can still hear you say
"maybe we're better off this way."
you took your pillow
it was the only thing you wanted to keep
i haven't yet noticed
tonight there'll be no solace in sleep
when you closed the door i screamed
"i hate you!"
and i wish you could believe
that what i really meant to say was
"i'm sorry!
i love you!
please, don't leave!"
nothing but time left for reflection
what else could i do?
why can't things ever work out the way they're supposed to?
it hit me with the first light at dawn
maybe they did
and that was the real problem all along.
Anthem Jan 2017
she constantly knew more
than she was willing to say
her eyes always gave her away

i reached for her
as she stared out
into the distance

she asked me
"if you knew now
what you'll know then
would you still do it all again?"

i held her hand and said
"no matter what the future brings
i'll always choose the very same thing."

she smiled like she understood
and we embraced.
i don't think she truly believed me
and it's been years since i've seen her face.
Anthem Nov 2016
i wore the mask so long
it became my face
now the mirror reflects
a stranger in my place
Anthem Apr 2016
Hear the sirens call. They say, “this ship was built to wreck, but you don’t have to drown with the rest of them.” Haunted by fleeting glimpses of angelic silhouettes; such brief bursts of light blind by hope, not fear. They sing not for the final outcome, but for how they tried. They wipe the sweat from your brow, take the load from your shoulder, and offer you a steady hand. They speak of things like distance and meaning, but all you hear is the empty spaces their words are leaving. The water has already overtaken the dam. The fire is burning out of control. They’ve cried wolf so many times before, can you really trust it anymore? Overtaken by words bent on breaking, right as the waterline recedes, forget everything you want, give everything they need.
Anthem Oct 2014
and i've been staying up too late
i'm too preoccupied to rest
i heard you want to try again
but i know there's nothing left
i've been picking at the scabs
of what was once my heart
i should of listened when you told me
it easiest to stop what you never start
the darkness gets beaten back
when your call lights up my phone
you want me to come out and talk
i just want to stay inside alone
and i hope i am strong enough to tell you on my own
that i'm sick of selfish games
all the ******* that you play
the promises you'll break tomorrow
of the lies you'll tell today
and sometimes i can still feel her
crawling beneath my skin
oh lord grant me the strength
please don't let her win.
Anthem Nov 2016
slice off my hands
carve out my eyes
cut me open and count
the rings you find inside
Anthem Feb 2017
high noon and the world spins on a dry desert wind.
faith has abandoned me.
i have that feeling that i never wanted to feel again.
so yes, you're right.
always right.
i can feel the eyes watching me.
watching, but not listening.
why did they bother talking if they never really want to say anything?
i've always wondered that.
some days it's one way, some days it's another.
so here, take my hand and know that i'll never let it go
...and away we go.
Anthem Oct 2016
quit separating who you "are" and who you "claim to be". believe that the way you are is the way you're meant to be. focus on blinding the world with what, until now, have been but glimpses of angelic silhouettes and stop tripping over old mistakes and regrets. sometimes, you make it harder on yourself, but that's what it's means to live with a heart wide open; yes, there's pain, but you're learning and it's lovely. keep smiling. stay sweet and continue adding color to this black hole we call life.
Anthem Nov 2016
everything is static
nothing is forever
i'm not who i was back then
and i wonder
why i should want to be?
Anthem Jan 2017
you're selfish
a coward
always with that
worst foot forward
disregarding others
blank stares
afraid to reach for anything
hoping not to find
any sunlight in me
Anthem Oct 2016
and when you said you wanted to stay static forever
i was mad because, in my mind, static did everything but stay together
staring out the window with eyes closed
letting insecurity and immaturity show
we went back to work and
i did everything to show you how much i was hurt
i built a wall, hoping you'd break it down
i pushed you away, hoping you'd tell me you wanted to stick around
you asked what was wrong, i said everyone leaves eventually
so you left and took every part that meant something to me.
Anthem Oct 2016
i sit and i listen while you tell me
that everything is "awful, just awful" whenever i'm around
tried a million different compromises
and you don't hesitate to shoot them all down
two different species
like the canary and the crow
can they ever learn to love one another?
"no one really knows"
i sit and i listen while you try to explain
how one's known for heart, the other for brains
inevitably, the crow will overwhelm the canary
and you didn't spend all this time to learn to live secondary
you want to learn to fly
you want to spread your wings
you want to chase imaginary
impossible things
all i know is a brain without a heart
is a failed thing right from the start
i guess it could learn to live that way
but why would it want to, anyway?
Anthem Dec 2016
they're the same stars
just seen from different places
if we learn to live like this
maybe we can learn to love again
Anthem Dec 2016
i'll never be a famous writer
you'll probably be the only
one who'll ever read these
i'll never be quoted, revered
or even remotely successful
i will forever know the struggle
of a life lived within mediocrity
but i've accepted that
it's okay
i love it just the same.
Anthem Nov 2016
those tears
are an acceptable
expression of guilt
Anthem Jul 2016
bled myself dry
waiting for an answer
reaching for relief
a respite from this disaster
at war without a life-line
burning down a thousand shrines
foaming at the mouth
remembering to breathe
biting through my tongue
chipping yellowed teeth
call it 'the heat of the moment'
tearing it apart
leave behind what's broken
rub it in the dirt
why are you sleeping outside
when they swear they're on your side
easy advice, like
"keep trying to keep it together
eventually it'll get better"
words not worth the weight on the heart
Anthem Apr 2017
and eventually, everyone just learned to live with it; it became the new normal. that black cloud... always following...and it rained all day. there just wasn't enough boats. they just couldn't come fast enough.
and so they learned to live with it. to live became to mourn; it was inevitable. it became the standard. the new normal. you know. life!
Anthem Dec 2016
I sing of "Beautiful you"
and it makes me want to choke
i avoid the eyes of the angel, lest i be ******
i fill a diary
with all the ways i'm doomed
i want to fight
i want to join a club
i am haunted
by these invisible monsters
while they sing their lullabies
i try to make something up
rendered a pygmy
always ranting, raving
***** out all the candles
the truth is stranger than fiction
i am a survivor
this is nothing but a tell-all
Anthem Sep 2016
wade in the water, wade
let the flood swell
thank the storm for her tears
the faithful say its beautiful
it's god's will
but the fool knows what the prophets have seen
no salvation's impending
the faithful say its beautiful
it's god's will
let the flood swell
and the bodies that break
will just float down the river
stay tame, soft river, while we weigh our faith
stay sweet, run softly, sweet river
the fool who wades in doubt will float like concrete
come and fill your lungs. come and fill your lungs
let the flood swell
Anthem Oct 2014
when it comes to the pain
you disassociate
the pleasure and the pain
never seperate
you're increasingly painting things in grey.
stop with all the anxious color!
bad memories of good times
you always said that you'd be fine
but when i came home that day
to find everything packed and put away
i begged you for closure
but you just brushed off your shoulder
and said that sometimes life works out that way
when i reached down
to wipe your blood from the ground
never thought i'd hear you say
maybe we're better off this way
(it's alright! it's okay! you'll be just fine!
just hold on, sit down, give it some time)
Please, remember my anger,
and how it lost me all i've ever wanted
Anthem Oct 2014
i'm sick of broken mirrors
i'm sick of ****** noses
i'm sick of repeating myself
over and over and over
i'm sick of screaming myself hoarse
everything you think, we've already thought
everything you are, we've already bought
Anthem Jan 2017
i don't know why but
you keep offering it everyday
i don't know why but
it tasted so much better before
candlelight or forest fire
these people will never understand
don't you ever get sick of waiting your turn?
don't you ever get sick of wasting your turn?
sink or swim
go away
Anthem Aug 2016
such standards, impossible
handfuls of flowers withered and decayed
a heart held high above your own
a divergent path that leads the way
born of dark victory
maintained by madness
these war-like conditions
sustained by sadness
not killed but scarred
and i still love you
just the way you are
Anthem Mar 2018
and it can't be justice for all if you only make amends with the things you think you love. for the rest, it's uphill both ways. good luck, goodbye, and good riddance.
you smug sonofabitch. i'll have you know my father died right along with the rest of them! wide-eyed and wild the day he was born! i think i've earned the right!
you're not righteous, or enlightened. nothing you love is original. you're a cynic, a parasite, a bore. a festering wound that should have long been a scar by now. you're only happy when you're miserable.
it's easy to draw them in, you know. even hold them for awhile.
eventually, the rot sets in. then it's as it ever was.
the flower may wither, my child, but the roots stay strong and deep. we'll be back. as it ever was.
Anthem Mar 2018
it's okay to have feelings, but it's not okay to keep them all to yourself. stop viewing those tears as weakness; start appreciating them for what they really are: progress! forget all the ******* you've been through. remember that you're more worthwhile than ever. we love you, we're proud of you, and we appreciate you. and yes we will wait for you, no matter how long it takes.
Anthem Nov 2016
there is no weight in the words you use
i wish i could forget you and it makes me sick
i know that someday i'll be alright
i'm just so tired of all this wasted time

what am i still doing here?
i've already said too much
the rain falls on my shoulders
loosens the fragile grip i have

and as it all comes crumbling down
it brings a smile to my face
save me from what's average
bury me with purpose
Anthem Dec 2016
i want to live in a world
where days don't start
with an alarm clock
and end with
the glow of the television screen
Anthem Jan 2016
A solitary light, in a solitary window, illuminating a solitary life. His stomach hurt just thinking about it. 'We've all heard stories,' he says to himself, 'of people who die in their homes and lay undiscovered for weeks, months, years. Some wonder how such a thing could happen. Surely someone notices they've gone missing? We like to think that would never happen to us. We like to think that someone would notice our absence, and would take the time to come by and check that everything's okay. Yeah, we all like to think so.'
     All he really knew is that he'd been inside for a little over three weeks now. His job was surely forfeit; he'd never really know, because his phone had been splintered weeks ago, smashed against the wall and shattered into a million little pieces. There were two weeks worth of mail crammed into his mailbox; after that, the postman had given up, tacked a note to the door, informing him the rest could be found downtown and he could retrieve it himself at his earliest convenience, if he'd be so kind. In order to read the note though, he would have to open the door. It would remain unread.
     The food was almost gone. He hadn't smoked in days. He couldn't remember the last time he'd showered, or shaved, or even brushed his teeth.
     His dog lay in the corner, too weak to move; for days now the only sound had been the poor creatures weak and stuttered breath. The room smelled of **** and ****; the floor was covered in it. The poor thing had held it as long as it could, but eventually gave in. It had to go somewhere. That problem, at least, had been temporary. It'd been so long since it'd eaten that its body was starting to digest itself; that process seemed to be wholly efficient, for it created no waste.
     If he felt bad about the suffering his neglect had bestowed upon the beast he had voluntarily charged to ward, it never showed. Soon, the dogs pain would subside. Today, tomorrow, who could tell? Though when that beautiful moment finally came, he knew he'd be ready; he would soon follow. He had no hope for a change, but he knew it couldn't be any worse, and that was enough.
Anthem May 2016
Don't have anything else to say
I know I let you down again
Sorry just isn't enough sometimes
Another unaccepted offering
Put it away
Pray it'll be accepted another day
Only roused by feelings of regret lately
Increasingly painting things in grey
Nothing seems to change
Today I feel like I've really learned
Everything you've been trying to get through to me
Don't give up just yet.
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