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Abigail Fischer Aug 2018
He’s real?
You say this to me with faith,
Because faith has helped me so often in life,
When darkness devoured me it was faith,
No... it was a switch which ended my night,
It wasn’t faith that saved me from death,
It was a doctor pounding on my chest,
It wasn’t faith that helped my sadness retreat,
Nor end my long endured reality I’d end in defeat,
It wasn’t faith that brought me to stand where I am,
It was me- who pulled myself into safe land,
Faith didn’t save me when I was in high tide,
It was the will in my heart to make it out alive,
It wasn’t faith that made me understand it’s okay to fear,
It was every night alone facing too many lonely tears,

So don’t tell me he’s real through faith,
It’s a made up word by people who hate,
That for once they’re wrong.
No faith helped me when I was alone.
He’s not real and it’s okay truly,
So please take your “faith” and let me be.
Abigail Fischer Jun 2018
Hear the silence,  
It’s deafening to me,  

The wind isn’t blowing,  
Encaptured in its own insanity,  
The leaves aren’t rustling,  
For they dream to be free,  
The grass moves not,
Looking and longing at past memories,  

Hear the silence,  
It’s deafening to me,  

No child’s laughter,  
No warmth from the heart,  
Stands no other man,  
Ensnared at their start,  
No voice is from within,  
The silence has torn it apart,  

Lost the anger but also the guidance,  
Lost the enemies but also the alliance,  
Lost the will and show compliance,  
I have been consumed,  
Consumed by silence.
Abigail Fischer Jun 2018
I am a puppet with lowly strings,
The children they laugh hollow echos in my ears,
Make it disappear,
The demons they say,
They’re in my head,
Yet writing through my hands they blead,
How fast must one address these things in order to bring peace at night,
Alone in crazy’s might,
May I be persistent in my failures of sleep or can death just take tool...?
I think I’m going crazy.
Abigail Fischer Jun 2018
It's hot in the day,
Of weathering pain,
When they all be yellin'
And screamin' my name,
But I'll keep walkin',
Carryin' my chains,

The night is inviting,
Comes out the insane,
They all scream excited,
It's all in vain,
But I'll keep walkin',
Carryin' my chains,

They all be fallin,
They be droppin' slain,
I'm sure they'd be callin',
Sorrowful I abstain,
I'll keep walkin',
Carryin' my Chains,

Keep on walkin child,
Even when you afraid,
They all scream wild,
Keep your head down in your lane,
Keep on walkin',
Carryin' your chains...
Abigail Fischer May 2018
I don’t write right,
I don’t speak neat,
I write what I speak,
Leaving error for unique,
I don’t care to be fair,
And fair isn’t there,
In the battle of scare or be scared,
I fear the fears,
Fears that encapture slow,
Slow and arrogant,
To put on a snare and show,
Slow is nasty,
Nasty is the only thing I see,
In the world of winning,
I don’t write for you,
I don’t write to read,
Don’t tell me I write wrong,
These words are wrote to be freed,
Not for your benefit,
Yet you still convince my mind,
There is something wrong,
Wrong to be kind,
Wrong to be in need,
But I’m not listening,
Grab my pitchfork,
Grab moreso the pen,
Write from the hell,
Find it within and carve the shell,
Hide it within a sin,
And watch the world it’s emerged in.
Abigail Fischer May 2018
Deteriorating colors of unwanted faces,
They call outward into the damp and dark,
Father’s love is none to lonely,
And throw them outward to thirsty sharks,

Longated faces of lost youth,
Worn skin with less worn clothes,
Father’s love is none to lonely,
Innocence left as survival rose,

White isn’t the color of safety,
But truth becomes mixed in lost words,
Father’s love is none to lonely,
Vision begins to fade sleep disturbs,

Bruises internally bleed sorrow,
Calling outward from closed lips,
Father’s love is none to lonely,
Learn to close your mouth and open your hips,

Unwanted and unloved the gone innocence is,
As she stands on clouds high,
Father’s love is none to lonely,
So she jumps to see if she can fly.
Abigail Fischer May 2018
Can anyone take the memories?
They’re beconing me to a place I never should be,
They’re reminding me of mistakes sent free,
An eternity of sin and greed,

Can anyone take the memories?
I can’t erase the one time I accepted a fantasy,
Before losing the charity,
That now I no longer have within me,

Can anyone take the memories?
Because they’re haunting my sleep,
As I sit here and shake and weep,
Thinking of the disapearing creep,

He is hiding within my memories.
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