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20something Dec 2017
I've run through flames for you
knowing I'd be scarred for years to come
but I savored it
the lick of the blaze torching my skin
just as your palms
blistering and radiant
grab ahold of me when
we're engulfed in each other's heat
inferno around me rages wildly
smoke luring tears from my eyes
yet your warmth is almost igniting
we were taught not to play with fire
unless we want to get burned
but how else am I going to feel
except if anguish is endured
20something Dec 2017
is the curve of my chin in morning's light
the one you truly want to see?
am I who you want to be holding  
in the latest hours of the night
your eyes say someone else has stolen your dreams
you tell me that's not true
but can I really blame you?
when jagged edges have wounded you so many times
and their corners probably aren't as sharp as mine
I've wiped your kisses from my lips
and shook off your hand and grasping fingertips
you deserve someone who doesn't always
leave you in the dark so
no I'm not enough and
I can't be what you need but
I pray that in them you find
what it is that you can't get from me
20something Oct 2016
empty bottles litter the room
too many have passed your lips
lying bathed in darkness
eyes bloodshot with tomorrow's regrets
you hold my hand like an anchor
keeping you from drifting in this lonely sea
as 80 proof courses violently through your veins
I like to believe you chose me to be here with you anyways

silence surrounds us until you finally find peace  
desperate to remain afloat even if only in your dreams
my breaths ebb and flow to the rhythm of your heartbeats
my restless nights without you I'll spend
thinking of times like these
so if only for this moment
right now you need me
an antidote that will save you from yourself
then that is what I'll be
even if you’re the drug
from which I need relief
20something Oct 2016
you looked at me in my eyes,
and there was no fear
of what you'd find.

you saw the ruin left behind;
the damage, and destruction,
the brokenness I tried to hide.

And I waited for you to run;
away from my shadows,
and into the sun.

But then you told me,
there's a special beauty to the night;
because only then can you see stars
and in the darkness
they've created their own light
20something Jun 2016
I wanted to think that I was special to you;
that I was different than the rest.
fooled myself into somehow believing this,
and lived in a state of false happiness

But I was so used to being covered with your lies
that when it was over you left me bare
and my raw skin felt it all;
the pain, the sadness, and especially the fear

I've been searching for the truth ever since
hoping that I could finally find comfort there
but I don't even know what honesty looks like
because the face of sincerity has become so rare.
20something Mar 2016
if you asked me how I am I'd say "fine"
but here I am still thinking of you
and a part of me hopes
that you still think of me too.
20something Dec 2015
It's easier said than done;
to let someone go,
when all you want is to hold on.
Because the memories can't just be erased ,
of every moment between you.
And those feelings won't simply be replaced
by someone new.
But you know the only thing to do now,
is to leave behind what has fallen apart,
because the damage has gone way too far
to repair what's left of two broken hearts
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