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Languid tendrils of smoke unwind
The ashes of your affliction.
There is comfort in the sun's underbelly.
When you play half-lidded pool drenched in
Artificial lights, the night seems endless.
Once dusk falls, the world outside scatters
And settles together in close quarters
Like bunkers under air raid.

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I thought you would be my home
I thought you would build the
I thought you were the
I look at my mother and smell the smoke
See the soot on her skin and the burned soul
Mother never told me
"Carve pieces out of yourself
And build your own home
Do not, I repeat,
Do not
Carve pieces out of other people
They'll want them back
They'll leave your house
They will take the foundations
From your house
And you will reach into your pocket
Find the matches I gave you
That you always swore you wouldn't have to use
And you will

Never carves pieces out of someone
To build your own paradise
They can only provide
Temporary shelter"

#love   #shelter  

I, too, was once a man
in search of guiding light.
Hopeless, lost, alone
and ready to give up the fight.

When a helping hand reached out,
unencumbered by my weight
and took it upon themselves
to pull me from Hell's gate.

Self sacrifice; a virtue
that I would someday know
to be the shelter that I found
beneath the cape of my hero.

Confide in me, my darling;
I'll be your great escape.
It was written in the starlight
that I would don the cape.

#sacrifice   #hero   #destiny   #shelter   #cape  

I’m small enough to cry for those with frozen teardrops
who can’t get up off the side of the road to die in peace
So I'll abide in this polar freezing cold silent deliverance
where a  hollow warmth  hides the tears that  aren't for
cryin’ alone

There’s a bitter arctic wind blows right through the tree trunks
there’s no shelter leaning on the dream of the leeward other side
This winter isolation grasps on impatient pieces of frayed light
like hope a mustard sized seed of shine may move venerable
mountain peaks

Who ever knows how long salvation lasts ? They said he died
sleeping on a cardboard  comforter and blue  plastic duvet;
a holey old coat stained with all what went wrong in life …
And .., I feel a sickening guilt of a warming fire's thickening

The chimney’s icicles drip an angel’s frozen teardrops
But .., I can’t find no heaven in this big ol’ world ...

                                           wild is the wind ... January 4th, 2017

Could you cover me,
From the blinding lies
The deafening silence
And swallowing darkness?

Will you hold me
So I won't fall,
Break into pieces
And shatter my already fragile heart?

Lastly can you promise me,
Say you won't promise me these lies again,
So I won't fall for another heart break,
And the risk is just too much to take
because you've had
Too many
Second chances

He's not worth it this time, I know that much now.
#love   #trust   #lies   #promises   #broken   #words   #hurt   #needs   #shelter   #secondchances  
Diána Bósa
Diána Bósa
Dec 29, 2016

Passing through the jade
green understory of yours,
discovering your

forest-like body;
betwixt and between at last
I found my abditory.

#home   #woods   #green   #body   #choka   #forest   #shelter   #understory   #abditory  
Dec 21, 2016

People with broken hearts wander aimlessly,
they try hard to find some shelter and
cover from this world which sometimes burns very bright and it becomes very difficult for them to bear and survive .

#broken   #heart   #burns   #hard   #survival   #tried   #wandering   #broke   #shelter   #aimlessly  
Shalu Suresh
Shalu Suresh
Dec 12, 2016

I want you to be the roots of my tree,
planted a year ago
And I want you to provide shelter
for the bird once left this tree
Hoping you do so, now let my existence be unknown...

Notes (option
#tree   #bird   #shelter   #root  

Age is telling on me so I am losing my sight
But when I think about youth life was bright
Still I can go along with patience ,gratefulness
Still I can bow and ask for a bundle of bless
Man is weak God is all  kind and all powerful
Man is an ungrateful entity  and not an angel
Still love prevails on all paths to take more care
With the passage of time I lost all zest and flair
Let us not to be a fool to pay to Him all gratitude
Let us wash all sins by weeping bitterly in solitude
Oh God take me in shelter be my Lord and Guide
So that my survival becomes easy just far and wide

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#me   #shelter   #lord  
Sep 10, 2016

For my soul, you make it feel whole.
For my heart, you're a shelter.

#love   #heart   #soul   #you   #soulmate   #shelter  
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