Rubi Sandoval
Rubi Sandoval
3 hours ago

We could move away together, and be happy. Fall asleep with the stars, crack open a bottle of wine and gaze at each other for fun, this could be it. You and I, together against time, for the rest of our lives.


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Reality and uncle Neville
always seem to disagree.
I guess he can't see the
tree for the tree.

To him,Truth's a transparency
that he cannot see beyond.
He must stay faultlessly opaque.
To the material certainty,
of which he's so fond.

Reality and uncle Neville
always seem to disagree.
I guess he can't see the
you for the he.

The only things that
are real to him,
are those that can be held,
but not felt.
Each alternative truth
is a tree to be felled.

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A boy of such wonder,
you've ripped me from my dreams
my chest, it feels of thunder
with a hint of lightning beams.
Your image appears so strong,
Though I wish there was more to see
your are the tune to my favourite song
you leave me wild, young and free.

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not hessa
not hessa
4 days ago

windowpanes move with every step he takes
but i've got both feet hammered to the ground
a fly flies by, barely grazing the tip of my nose
and i cry a small but helpless "thank you"
they come around every five months or so
shave the kids hair right off
it looks like a cut but it's really a peck, ma
can you stop worrying over what goes up my nose?
he is, he was, and he will forever be
the eternal gem of his trailer trash town
where girls wear blue eyeshadow and low rise jeans
and boys drive pickup trucks
he left, he left the dried up town years ago
yet he still speaks to me with a bittersweet twang
hospice- he is warm and just
he plucks a plum off a cherry tree
a prickled plum, just ripe, for me

this is inspired by my 100% british friend trying to be a cowboy in class.
#girl   #memories   #fun   #boy   #friendship   #america   #nostalgia   #imagery   #south   #england  
Rachel Dyer
Rachel Dyer
5 days ago

I fell in love today.
With a man I'd never met.
He had a power over me, what can I say?
Oh, he's a hero, don't you fret.
He is tall, and witty, and debonaire.
He saved me from the bandits with his flashing swordplay.
All the while the sun glinting on his hair.
Then he took me back to his castle on page 109.
When he crowned me there was so much applause the walls shook!
I cannot wait to see what happens on the next line,
because my lover and I are one on the pages of this book.
One of the many realities I have escaped to in my time.
Reading, a pleasant distraction that cultivates ones mind.
It is so deliciously good, pleasure at its prime.
The characters I've met have taught me how to love and hate, how to be cruel and to be kind.
I have won battles, and lost friends.
I have made love with Vikings, and danced with mermaids.
And it almost always makes me weep when a book ends.
Then it's back to the bookstore on one of my story raids.
I can't wait to slip between the pages.
The ink to my mind like silk to my skin.
There I will meet heroines, criminals, and sages.
Between each set of covers a new life will begin.
Flip the pages and inhale the drug.
the fine biblichor that sends my head spinning.
A fine way at the end of the day to unplug.
A new book, the best way to get me grinning.

Jan 14

I understand you're doing what's best for me
but you have to let me be

I feel like i have no freedom. I can't even leave my house while it flurries on a saturday night.
#freedom   #sad   #home   #depressed   #fun   #mom   #annoying   #bored   #house   #parents  

The spark of fire
in your eyes
a series of
in mine

#poetry   #fire   #fun   #thoughts   #sign   #friday   #random   #fireworks   #spontaneous  
Jan 10

Polished and serene;
your vocal tones,
they soothe my stereocilia.

#love   #haiku   #fun   #you   #voice   #sound   #ears   #tone  

You know
when you walk past a piano
and you stick your fingers on the keys
and you play a tune
with no prior knowledge
of how to play
and the tune sounds nice
like something you had planned

that’s what it’s like
running into you

#love   #hope   #happy   #fun   #joy   #lighthearted   #luck   #chance  

some blue
nail paint
matching my
blue soul
A bold hue
my feelings
deep down.
it kind of
looks fun
up front
but You and I
both now
this celestial
blue is
the colour
of  deep dark

I bought blue nail polish today.
#poem   #dark   #fun   #thoughts   #sorrow   #blue   #soul   #mood   #little   #hue  
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