Joshua Penrod
Joshua Penrod
14 hours ago

The Magic of a Miracle is
That a Miracle is no part Magic at all
For a Miracle of course could not be a Miracle
If Magic were ever involved

"Magic of a Miracle" -JP

6 days ago

White fences, blue skies,
and laughs.

So many laughs.

Popcorn, angels,
and Korean.

So much Korean.

They say living in the past can destroy you, that dwelling on what you've lost can shred your very being.

But what if it's a good past?

We learn from history so that it doesn't repeat itself.
But we also learn how to relive the good moments.

#friends   #past   #fun   #missing  

I can't live with you
and I can't be without you
I want to slam my pen now
right through this paper
to put my hand
on this pad
slam my pen right through
this paper
pin my down
light this table
plastic four-ways
on fire, fire
of the truth I tire
light this table
on fire, fire
laugh to the winds
outside my smoke fill window
laugh to the thick
outside blowing every
kind of wet
and anger
sweet swell
my alone abandon anger
come hold dear love my temper
I can't cry
I can't call
I cannot even

#love   #poetry   #pain   #fun  

Goa Goa Goa
a whisper on my lips

Goa Goa Goa
way she moves her hips

Here at this drab desk
On a drab drowned day

Goa Goa Goa
sings the wind in my hair

#fun   #journey   #travel   #goa  
Feb 7

Allowing our lungs to wane
Upon the school's rooftop
Watching these good times disappear
Like tears in the rain

#life   #tears   #rain   #past   #fun   #emotion   #gone   #school   #asunder  

So here goes.
Yesterday in the sun,
people were annoyed and unhappy.
Today in the rain,
people were energized and happy.
I don't know about you,
but the rain washes away all my sadness that was created during the sun.
Who says the rain won't bring fun?

#sad   #sun   #happy   #rain   #fun   #today  

Your the gentle breeze on a roadtrip to nowhere. The sweet smell of rain after a few sunny days.
That cold thrill that shoots through my spine, as I run wide armed into the ocean.
Your the mix of all my favorite songs that I sing super loud in the shower.
The first star I see at night while talking to the moon.
Your my first cappuccino in the mornings and the last chocolate brownie on a dessert platter.
Your the simple things in life that puts a smile on my face... effortlessly making me happy.

#love   #peace   #happy   #fun   #crush   #laugh   #simple  
Feb 6

A chicken was laying an egg
While perched on the side of a keg
The egg bounced on the floor
Then it rolled out the door
Where it cracked and out popped a leg

The egg stood up nice and tall
Recovering now from its fall
It walked round the yard
Trying to look really hard
Then it climbed up onto the wall

"That's where we sit"
Said the hens in a fit
"Well I was here first"
The little egg cursed
And that is the truth of it.

© Copyright SE February 2017

The old conundrum

Yay!! It is summer holiday,
But we don't know how to spend our day,
Maybe go for a swim,
Or try to become slim,
How bout reading a book?,
Or try and become a cook,
Or else go out for ice cream,
Or ride a roller coaster and a scream,
I think going to active will be fun,
Or maybe going to Antarctica will be cool,
Or just sit in front of the tv and get board,
Or go out to the park and ride a skateboard,
Maybe spending time with friends and playing board games,
Or reading the newspapers about hue Olympic games,
There are lots of things to so is holiday,
And we won't even know that,
We have enjoyed,
The whole summer holiday!

I wrote this when I was 14 as a school project and it lead to my start of writing poetry.. I can make lots of changes to improve it but it being my first I will never change anything
#fun   #summer   #kid  

We are all sycophantic suitors of death
Chasing that wasting rot and decay
In a roundabout sick sort of way
Suckling the toxic tit of excitement
Rushes and blushes demure and debasement
Faster and faster till haste becomes more than mere waste
Diligent drug users sucking up smoke laced with nicotine
Embracing and tasting various brands of caffeine
Red meat and carbs pretty woman and fast cars
Working to damn much and playing twice as hard
Climbing mountains, hunting new types of prey
Starting fights riding wild and rough waves
Too much sun or not enough UV rays
Waking up early and going to bed late
Silence and stillness is not the enemy of the state
But we are all just chasing the only thing that could be called fate
We all die to damn young but I’d like to check out late

#dying   #life   #living   #death   #fun   #health   #consumerism   #risk   #lifestyle  
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