Ritika Dev
Ritika Dev
5 days ago

Sliced clean
The death of a being
The birth of me
Clean and bleak
Used and bold

White and fiber rich
A landscape
A face
Flowers free
What will it be?

A gloomy face
A glowing city
Infinite possibilities

Etching into me
Swirly, loopy, straight, and wavy
Magnificent lines
Leaping from white
A new power
Endless expression

Unleashed power roams free
Forever on me
I am but one
Piece of paper

Timothy hill
23 hours ago

You are white grace of holes.

Schools thank you for your texture.

Pen and pencil, of muse bring him to life what you right is his view.

Logic of word.
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Al Crowhill
1 day ago

My Senior English Research Paper Proposal:
I propose to talk about how society and school can affect the youth of America.
I propose to talk about how much we all don't want to talk about this.
How depression becomes common in teenagers and youth isn’t just an emotional problem- it’s societal one.
How we’re told to bury emotions, not to cry but to move on and play the game. But we only get so long before we realize it doesn’t mean anything.
Useless grades for a useless world.
Words that having no meaning besides the ones that we put behind them.
How we teach kids to be quick to laugh at the expense of others and take nothing serious because nothing matters- and how we do that without hesitation because everything matters.
How we bury everything so deep.
How that begins to hurt and overflow.
How we tell them it's all in their heads.
How they’ll outgrow it.
How we push kids to be older than they are.
How kids are shown limited paths in life when the world itself is limitless. It gives zero shits about how we live.
How kids out of fear and loneliness turn on each other.
How we are all so desperately looking for a connection in this world but draw closer in because people are dangerous and loneliness is safe.
How we are all selfish and eventually lose the ones we love.
How love is a concept and construct warped so far that we can’t perceive it any more.
How loneliness can kill.
How the depression and suicide rates of kids sky rocket in high school because puberty hits and chemicals go wild and you wake up and see that you don’t have anyone who cares about you for you,
how your heroes are nothing more than fuck ups like you,
and how there is no point to anything but work and death.
How the point was supposed to be communication and other people, but we washed that out of system.
Stay quiet in class rooms. No passing notes. Ignore your neighbor. Be afraid of everyone on the buses. Loners look cooler. No one really cares about you.
And how that can kill someone, those three simple words:
“No one cares.”
And how we laugh about things that are funny, how apathetic we become and how we try to pretend we’re okay with that because if we don’t we’ll look weak.
How we as a society have turned kindness and caring into weakness.
How fucked up we all are.
Let's talk about that.

I was writing an English proposal which turned into a rant, which sorta turned into poetry. I'm tempted to keep it.
6 days ago

The paper cut on my finger
Stings like the goodbye
That is permanent with ink
On the paper that you left me
Which cut me a second time

#love   #heart   #break   #paper   #cut   #sting  
Poetic T
Poetic T
6 days ago

What I am when I write,  
My mind is paper,
             My hand the pen,

The reader is my many reflections.

#writing   #paper   #pen   #reader  
Poetic T
Poetic T
6 days ago

Intertwined prisms of my reflections
                                        staining white,

                             I'm a kaleidoscope of images to be seen....

#paper   #pen   #reflection  
Jun 22, 2015

I was seduced by your tongue.
From the menu in it's ripe pink
bequeathed with syllables
of toxic waste pronounced;
production rivaling the healthiest liver
in this materialistic marketplace.

Still it is a delicate decadence
not for the faint-heart by recommendation
can only be served in it's virgin state
never preserved with age nor maturity
for it's zest for life can never be tainted
even when cooked
it still wags on and on....
churning more poison.

I placed my order
may the best man win,
I was not a coward.
Bon appetite.

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Delta Swingline
Delta Swingline
6 days ago

I don't need a poem written about me.

I mean, I could argue whether or not it's worth it to write about me. I am an original among billions of people but only so many people are going to get to know me. And fewer than that will want to talk about me or write about my life and how it affected theirs.

So really now, what is there to tell?

You can start with what event brought us together...
And end with how you think everything will work out.

I'm giving up my author status for a short time to let someone else tell this story.

Because right now, I need another opinion.

So I'll leave the paper here.
Write what you will.
And write with everything you've got.

I'll leave the blue pen with the paper so you can begin...
#you   #me   #journey   #paper   #notes   #opinions   #finish   #start   #bluepen   #writewhatyouwill  
Dreaming Liza
Dreaming Liza
7 days ago

My paper crown has burned.
My wings have been ripped away.
My faerie godmothers are not real,
Neither is the court of Fae.
So while I sit and wait
For a darling prince to come,
I may as well remember
That there isn't going to be one.

March 21, 2017.
#suicide   #tear   #prince   #paper   #burn   #wings   #crown   #rip   #faeries   #faerietales  

Fact: My sister is a wonderful human being.

After hearing about the tragedies happening around us, she decides to make paper stars. Lots and lots of stars.

She asks for empty bottles from the neighbours and her friends. She fills the bottles with these stars, folding away all her problems into glass bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes. After she fills the bottles and jars she hands them to her friends and family.

She gives one to me.

The paper stars in a rainbow pattern, they seem so full of wonder. Even if they are nothing more than paper encased in glass.

I take the glass jar and place it on the top shelf of my school locker. Reminding me that I can keep a piece of home and happiness close to me.

But it didn't last.

After I made some mistakes I didn't feel as though I wanted any happiness near me. I wanted to take every bit of hope and hide it away.

I took the jar of paper stars out of my locker 2 days ago.

Holding it close to my chest as I walked down the halls of my school.

My head hanging.
Eyes glued to the floor.

Walking away from everything.

But still sort of hopeful...
Wishing for a bit more optimism.

A shining star.

My sister will always be one of my biggest inspirations.
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