Jan 10

Blooms of hair, shimmers and starlight,
Face of dream, gathers in lighted loom,
Wakes of morn, spotty forest fawn, child
To magi moon, maid of golden orchards,
Of faraway seas, world opened vastness,
Temptress of foreign fruits and the giving
Sun, where blue, blood oranges old, ripen,
The dark vines grape of ancient olive, red
Lamb and wine.

What enchanted lands are you made of?
Where the diving seas of dolphin, sponge
And whirlpool weave, wherein Gods must
Have loved and making you, left this earth
In beauty and peace, burnished with dream.

Fand (pronounced: fawnd) is an early Irish sea goddess.  Her name is translated as "Pearl of Beauty".  She is seen as the most beautiful of goddesses.
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Stars gleam -night/snakes run their races,
Rain always seems/to find our faces,
Drowning deep abyss/those dark and evil places,
Wanna' die, release/trapped time, a Beast,
....come end this stasis,
....come end this stasis,

I wanna' die,
I wanna' die,

We have eyes/still won’t see it,
Hearing without hearing, ears won’t believe it,
Argo, course, pivot/never touch, feel, regret,
Hunger boils feel/pain, life, hurts, reveal;

I wanna' die,
I wanna die,

I wanna' dine at the table of Kro-nos!

Grinded, gnashed, sliced, eaten/devoured as a Cretan,
Die, soul to fly/meet in the sky,

I wanna' die in the cosmos,

I wanna die,
I wanna die,

Trapped mill machine/they eat, they gleam,
Meet for the feast/Almighty beast, Almighty Kronos!

I wanna dine,
It a crime?
Swallowed by time,
In the cosmos,
I wanna die,
I wanna dine,

I wanna dine cosmos/retch my body, I transpose,

I wanna dine at the table of Kro-nos!

I wanna die,
I wanna die,

Motion, 'side-by-side,' -taste.
Tiny ridges, odd projections, scales
over a hunken-frame, -slide.

Two Dead Bears; Red Eyes!
Two Dead Bears; Red Eyes!
Betwixt two bears; it lies.

Cranial portholes, back out, newt,
shimmery black tongues array, -kiss.
Tail around the head; constrict.

Two Dead Bears; Red Eyes!
Two Dead Bears; Red Eyes!
Betwixt two bears; it lies.

Celestial space, taste the air,
Now slither wrap the eyelashes...
twist, pull apart, open, -see!

Two Dead Bears; Red Eyes!
Two Did Bear; Red Eyes!
Betwixt two bears; they lied.

Three rows of teeth exposed,
to suck out the eye!
A Dragon consumes a Hero.

It is not a myth.

The Sun having descended into the underworld has bested the Dragon!


sickening apostasy


Dec 30, 2016

The hunter runs after his prey, and then
It leaps forth into the stary night, which
Swallows it up to be part of it when
The hunter finds their chase to be unhitched
Around the entire globe, we find
That we all have some commonalities
We all have something in the human mind
That reflects our common realities
We chased our prey, only to find that it
Had taken off for the celestial
With our knack for storytelling and wit
We had made star pictures and festivals
It oddly speaks to our human nature
That our stories can become much greater

Based on this article: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/scientists-trace-society-rsquo-s-myths-to-primordial-origins/
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CK Marrow
Dec 29, 2016

her leafy words
like vines that twine
her thoughts together
and sound divine

words that flutter
never empty or bare
into her eyes,
one can never stare

for while her words
entice all men
the call of the Siren
brings their untimely end

so listen not
to what you hear
ignore her words
clog your ear

for nothing good
comes from those words
that weave together
like nests of birds

heed caution
when you go on past
her rock of murder
for dreams will shatter like glass

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Bethany G Blicq
Dec 24, 2016

What is an angel?

Not a person.

Not a name.

Not an occupation.

Not a hobby.

Not a self-given title.

Not like having tenure.

Not a real thing; or is it?

I might never find out

that answer.

I am real, or as real

as real is to me.

So maybe all I should do

is pretend to live like an angel,

the way I think an angel would be

if angels are real.

They would use their love and light;

they would share it all,

and teach people to appreciate

peace and beauty and truth and Love.

If I can do that, then anyone can.

Pretend, I mean.

It is so sweet to be called an angel,

so loving and kind and generous.

I might seem otherwise,

the truth is, I am just a person.

A sinner, like everyone else.

We all are, I hope you know.

To pretend to be an angel is sweet and kind and generous too.

I might never know what an angel is like;

I might not mind.

Have you ever wondered why we all are prone to sin?

Innocence is left behind so early in life.

Maybe an angel must first experience sin,

and make the choice between a life of battling sin

or of succumbing to or even relishing a life devoted to sin.

Maybe the angels have always been free of sin.

It is a fancy to wonder if anyone has ever met an angel.

Written in 2016.
Bethany G. Blicq

Work in progress... :)
"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud."
                                - Dr. Maya Angelou
#love   #sin   #truth   #peace   #mystery   #angels   #unite   #myth  
David John Mowers
David John Mowers
Dec 24, 2016

Is a life of torment,
nothing seems quite right
nothing is quite wrong
Everything is inbetween,
a purpose or
a song.

Playing Cards
Hard Chuckle

Playing Cards
Hard Chuckle


The laughing God of tricks
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David John Mowers
David John Mowers
Dec 24, 2016

Is she an ancient chaos serpent of death?
    Is she the prototype of the witch?
        Is she just a myth or,

Has she been created?


Wo­uld you call my band, "evil," if I named it Satan?
Might you expect your government to name a division of itself after Lucifer? Can this be a, "Christian," nation when it runs a Devil-game?

David John Mowers
David John Mowers
Dec 24, 2016

A simple fact is,
if I so choose,
I do not have to believe anything,
unless I wish to,
so climate change,
as far as I am concerned,
climate is caused by God.

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