Kathleen M
Kathleen M
1 day ago

I am the last grain of sand in the hour glass. I await the fall.

#fall   #waiting   #sand   #hourglass   #grain  
3 days ago

Running around on the beach
and wading into the blue sea
trying to wash away the coarse
sand clinging to her body.
My strawberry girl looks like
she is queen of the ocean.
When she is in the water,
the fish follow her every step
and when she is on the shore,
the crabs scurry between her feet.
She says it feels like she's floating
in space when she is in the water.
She says the sand feels like
velvet on her skin.
I never liked the sand,
but in the water I feel at home.
To her, they are one and the same.
I throw water in the air
and she grabs at it trying to
harvest the rainbows that form.
I make castles in the sand
and she decorates the walls
with pink and yellow shells.
I've never seen someone look
at me the way she does when I smile.
I look right back at her and
make a funny face.
Then she giggles and I smile harder.

#love   #poem   #girl   #water   #ocean   #beach   #sand   #queen   #rainbows  
Erin Suurkoivu
Erin Suurkoivu
3 days ago

what is sand
but the finest of glass?

and what are bones
but the finest of ash?

and you may try to crush
me down into the finest of elements,

reduce me to nothingness,
blow me to the wind.

but I have a talent
for rising again,

oh yes.
you cannot keep me down for long.

#crush   #bones   #down   #wind   #glass   #sand   #talent   #nothingness   #ash   #rising  
Timothy hill
6 days ago

For you war forged it's on held truths.

A man of honor who is he.

Brilliant and smart in the same instances.

With aim there quality was mint to seek blood.

Thirty solders clicks out in a hot desert breeze.

With sand dunce full of prechers.

Man of sin, and man of hate, leave this Earth yet you linger your scars of faith.

As you approach the valley of bullets.

The Earth was opened and a scary sight was then seen.

Green, colored beings where at the station of a machine, with arms made of anti matter construction.

Flee from this place, our machine will eat your city's and fall your lady.

So the men all perk, up even more ready for there conduction.

One of the beings taller than the rest came to there level of height.

Who here is the leader of your squad.

Me a beared man says!

The being hold out your left arm.

Do not be alarmed, for we are each from a far.

Life beyond earth desert sand dunce sun hot warm bright constrast
#life   #hot   #weather   #sand   #changed   #spin   #climate   #particle   #rotaion  

when Delores was young,
she lived in a town named Chanal
with a merry-go-round.
eternity bearing down.
everyone moving round and round
skirting around the edges of things
scared of getting off; they'd rather drown.

as Delores grew older
she became increasingly confused.
she wondered why everyone stays on
is there really that much to lose?

"Let me off, let me off!," she exclaimed.

"What is she doing?," screamed one little girl.

"She is deranged," yelled Clip who had 5 women attached to his hip. His wife is on Charlie, blue horse. They'd grown distant while riding the merry-go-round.

Delores lets go and she jumps. dizzy at first
her head spins and spins about
she's invisible in the pitch dark of a night
her burning feet on untouched sand feels just right
echoes of laughter from the merry-go-round sting her ears, penetrate through her
body; it musters fear
for she has stepped off and no one is near
she sits quietly on a park bench and watches the world go by.
she cheers.
she has made it off this torturous devise. she's now in control of her life.

#love   #poem   #poetry   #life   #lost   #ocean   #carnival   #travel   #sand   #risk  
Mar 9

you are like the desert.
you hide beauty beneath layers
and layers
and layers
of dullness.

you cower from the world.  
hot in the sun but cool at night.
you contain more life than one could ever imagine

your chest forms the sand dunes
your arms are carved from stone

i could get lost in you
my desert

where do i go from here? nowhere.
#love   #girl   #lost   #desert   #hot   #sand   #cool  
Mar 7

Do you ever wonder...

Are my words even heard?
Do they shoot silently in the night like a star...
Do they blast with multitudinous force into the festival sky like fireworks,
Crackling through your ear...

Do they matter?
Do they float past your mind,
as easily as a speck of sand swirls
Around the desert...
Do they land steady in your heart fibers,
Impacting your world as heavily as the breath that fills your lung?

Will you remember them tomorrow?
Do they disappear the way that a soft murmur melts into your shadow?
Do they tarry, like a chill running down your spine,
leaving behind imprints of my lips to remember them by?

I wonder...

#words   #breath   #shadow   #lips   #star   #sand   #fireworks  

take me to the shore
where seagulls cry among rocks
taste the salty air

#haiku   #on   #when   #still   #salt   #beach   #sand   #jack   #sands   #jenkins  
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Feb 21

sunshine lingers land
over receding tides
seashells on the sand
carring the ocean within
with a warm gentle touch
there silent whispers unfold
held to my ear I listen
as a beautiful story is told

#sunshine   #ocean   #warm   #touch   #sand   #tides   #land   #lingers   #receding  
Feb 19

I take the route
of no resistance,
oceanic embrace

turns here and there,
baby don't fear
I live above and

Though if love is a rock
I will go around,
to find truth
in wholeness

to the ocean I go,
water I am

Flow with the current of life, to the destination of wholeness.
#home   #ocean   #warmth   #flow   #tide   #mountain   #stream   #beach   #sand   #salty  
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