Megan Kay
Megan Kay
2 days ago

The rolling waters, the dripping sea
Of all the places, I wish for you with me.
Miles away, winding hills beside
If only you'd come along for the ride.
My toes submerged into sand,
At times I hope I can avoid being so bland.
A bird dives into the water
If only I could go just a bit further.
A towel lay spread across the ground
How I wish I could share the relaxation i've found.
The rolling waters, the dripping sea
Over everything i've found content over you with out me.

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Jan 12

I stand on sandy shores,
Looking out on the great blue,
Wishing I was away from me,
Or rather farther from you,

White sailboats,
Are just beyond my grasp,
And in blue paint,
On the side,
It claims happiness.

My toes curl,
In the damp sand,
Watching people run into the water,
While I'm stuck on land,
And I would swim as well,
But I'm afraid of sharks,
Or really anything,
That prefers the dark,

I know how to swim,
In the back of my mind,
Have I just forgotten then,
Or lost it with passing,

It's now midnight,
On my sandy beach,
And I'm praying for the water,
To just reach my feet.

#love   #broken   #life   #depressed   #lost   #happiness   #insanity   #insane   #beach   #sand  

Time changes all things;
seashells of the past become
the sand of today.

#haiku   #time   #perspective   #sand  
Jan 6

Humans clothed in their own skin,
Bare for all to see,
Chasing plastic bags,
Turning towels to face the beams,
Like soft sun dials,
Who leap in the waves
And share salty kisses
As the foam breaks against
Their cooked leg meat;
Then return to dry in the grit
And the dust of the beach.
The eternal sand,
Found weeks, months, years
After the beach is forgotten,
In creases at the bottom of bags,
Dug out by finger nails searching
For some miscellaneous crap.

We must go back to the beach

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i remember the soft sand
that never burnt my feet
because you were with me.

i remember the calm ocean
when the waves were soft
on the shore we got lost.

i remember the salt smell
that had felt so cleansing
you were my best friend
the ocean, you, the sand.

i remember the sun’s reflection
that rippled with the water
and your eyes were never brighter.

i remember the shells we found
waist deep in water or just wandering
with you i had never felt calmer.

but the night was cold
while our hands were warm
as we floated in the starry water.

the wolf and the ocean's love story - innocence (part two)
#sun   #water   #ocean   #salt   #bestfriend   #sand   #seashells  
Andrew T
Andrew T
Dec 31, 2016

Jules why did we come here? We're walking across wet sand and hugging onto boulders, that are boomerang shaped. You hold an electric lantern and glow with light, as you walk along the shore. The stars shine brilliantly and I am sad because you don't look at me look the way you look at that lion-shaped rock.

I chew on gum and try to forget about the fact that you're puffing on a Marlboro light. My Uncle died of cancer two months ago, and this is why I now chew on dentine ice. You tell me to stop smacking my lips. I want to push you in your chest, grab your cigarette, and burn a hole in your cardigan. But I bought that cardigan for you last Christmas. It cost a whole paycheck.

I need a better job. But you got me that job. So at the same time, I'm grateful to work at a country club, sweeping the tennis courts with a broom, as I watch young people swing and miss with their racquets. The clouds begin to darken and cluster above the beach. My knee shakes violently and I know it's about to thunder and boom with hard rain.

I open my mouth and try to put my arm around you, pulling you in closer. But you start to climb a rock, crawling on its lopsided surface, and digging your heels into its cracks. You toss the Marlboro butt and brighten the intensity on the lantern. The light spreads across the rock and the beach, like glass shattering onto a tiled floor. You hold the bright lantern in front of your face.

I can no longer see your brown eyes, your black, curly hair, and your jagged nose. You look at me. But all I see is that bright and shining light covering and shrouding your silhouette. You turn right and stare affectionately at the lion shaped rock. I swallow my gum. I pick the cigarette pack from the sandy floor. I flick the lighter. My eyes close.

I miss you.

#miss   #sand   #lighter   #julia   #jules  
Cherie Nolan
Cherie Nolan
Dec 29, 2016

I remember the days,
of drawing hearts in soft warm shifting sands,

As it is running through my fingertips,
as slips through aging hands,

I see the vision once,
& it's all so very grand.

a tiny speck,
is a tiny piece of very lovely land,
& to sail away,
a ship can't sail all alone,
off to go,

And a castle without a prince,
was not quite what I'd planned,

I now realize it was all just,
an illusion,

Cherie Nolan © 2016

Ugh! Lol
#love   #poetry   #sand   #castles  
Alexander Butler
Alexander Butler
Dec 28, 2016

A dull breeze stirs the sea
Dragging it over coarse silt
To the gates of a high castle
Whose kings can't see
The sand on which their crowns are built

With none left willing to detract
They miss the dirt for walls of fact

In the rising of the tide
Seeds are sown in barren mud
The sliding spires seek to break
The grim embrace of earth and sky
And climb from final flood

But the sea, for lack of preference
drowned the court in it's indifference.

I have a hard time reconciling image and actions.
#water   #melancholy   #sea   #mud   #tide   #beach   #sand   #castle   #silt  

Sand slips through the cracks in my hands
As a struggle to keep it close.
It always finds a way to go,
No matter how tight I hold.
My grip must be weak,
Or maybe it’s betraying me.
Because a better part of me knows
The sand will always slip away.

#metaphors   #sand  

You told me that you will see me in the evening
The evening has come but you have not turned up
Why you keep me in agony what is this love string
Why don't take me seriously, keep me in back up

Please do not play with me either take me or leave
But this way of ignoring will bring distance for ever
You have taken me to the middle of the road I believe
If you have taken some one else then look back never

But my sentiments and emotions do require my love
That I should hold you ,embrace you and hand in hand
You have to tell me what should I do when ,where,how
If this all is not possible then why to make castles of sand

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#of   #sand   #castles  
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