Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
4 hours ago

take me to the shore
where seagulls cry among rocks
taste the salty air

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Lady Bird
Lady Bird
2 days ago

sunshine lingers land
over receding tides
seashells on the sand
carring the ocean within
with a warm gentle touch
there silent whispers unfold
held to my ear I listen
as a beautiful story is told

#sunshine   #ocean   #warm   #touch   #sand   #tides   #land   #lingers   #receding  
4 days ago

I take the route
of no resistance,
oceanic embrace

turns here and there,
baby don't fear
I live above and

Though if love is a rock
I will go around,
to find truth
in wholeness

to the ocean I go,
water I am

Flow with the current of life, to the destination of wholeness.
#home   #ocean   #warmth   #flow   #tide   #mountain   #stream   #beach   #sand   #salty  
Feb 13

the sun and the moon and all of the dust between the height of your wings, they used to be full of flight but now I can touch the ice of orange rays and the red of dented craters beneath the pads of my ever fumbling fingers and it gives off a smoke in my stomach that even bullet exit wounds don't leave behind. i'm craving fizzy drinks again to numb out the stars in my eyes that won't stop constellating the white hope in your burning palms, have you been climbing blue fences again? the night doesn't tire often but the last comet that flew by last January the 7th looked exhausted and it had something to do with the way you blinked away fire from the moments you forgot to count

#sun   #moon   #summer   #constellations   #smoke   #solar   #system   #moments   #sand   #exit  

So swell….

“Swell!” she yelled, as he undulated himself...
..onto her, under comets & stars in shallow waters.
She mewed, with her cheek pressed upon cracked conch & sand,
as her other.. was spread... clenched-by his grip-
apart from the first, forming a base for her leg, which extended
straight into the air, resting upon his chest, in-between extensions & stretches, & sets.

He rode her thigh, straddling ..hard,
as the rest of her body & limbs, too, went...
She convulsed; she bit her lip ..under comets & stars
in shallow waters ..atop a beach-on another planet-possibly Venus or Mars, as her toes mimicked her moaning & outstretched, ech-
O-ing-g-g-g hard...

through a magical shell, which bottles each..
of her oceanic screams that crashed upon the shores
....of her soaked, swollen beach.

#rain   #water   #venus   #beach   #sand   #swollen   #echo   #mars   #swell   #straddling  

A man once told me that to move a grain of sand was to change the world.

So I went to the shore and procured my grain

A truly tiny thing
Yet packed with promise
Clutching it tightly to my breast

I sped,
In search of

and her companion

Fully exploring the depths

Those dark nights attempted
To set my will
A wither


I would look upon my tiny grain
Its edges rounded
Recording the
miles long forgotten

Then, with determination
Like a grain
Of sand
I set out anew.

Lured by a promise of arriving
On some distant shore
And laying my grain to rest
Where the sun sets


#hope   #adventure   #change   #promise   #sand  
Jan 27

My life is a moovie who told me to get boogey wonderland with the bogey of the wilderness in the palm of my hand I write with sand dripping from the times of Persia which ooze conversion from the depths of perversion.....

#time   #wonder   #sand   #land   #perversion  

She moved about as the sea
And I the shore she'd visit every so often.
Each grain moist with infatuation.
I wish she'd stay a bit longer.
Kissing above her eye.
A paradise unfolded between our every caress.
Filling the gaps of when I missed her most.
Splashing against the shore.
Finding endless bliss in the current of the wind.
Taking a piece of me whenever she'd leave
Until next time

#love   #infatuation   #longing   #ocean   #sand   #shore   #nexttime  
Megan Kay
Megan Kay
Jan 19

The rolling waters, the dripping sea
Of all the places, I wish for you with me.
Miles away, winding hills beside
If only you'd come along for the ride.
My toes submerged into sand,
At times I hope I can avoid being so bland.
A bird dives into the water
If only I could go just a bit further.
A towel lay spread across the ground
How I wish I could share the relaxation i've found.
The rolling waters, the dripping sea
Over everything i've found content over you with out me.

#content   #you   #me   #waters   #beach   #sand   #rolling   #clean   #playa   #limpia  
Jan 12

I stand on sandy shores,
Looking out on the great blue,
Wishing I was away from me,
Or rather farther from you,

White sailboats,
Are just beyond my grasp,
And in blue paint,
On the side,
It claims happiness.

My toes curl,
In the damp sand,
Watching people run into the water,
While I'm stuck on land,
And I would swim as well,
But I'm afraid of sharks,
Or really anything,
That prefers the dark,

I know how to swim,
In the back of my mind,
Have I just forgotten then,
Or lost it with passing,

It's now midnight,
On my sandy beach,
And I'm praying for the water,
To just reach my feet.

#love   #broken   #life   #depressed   #lost   #happiness   #insanity   #insane   #beach   #sand  
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